Why Storage Rates May Vary

  • And How To Decide What Is Best For You

    Believe it or not, when you are shopping around to find somewhere to store your belongings, different facilities in the same town and sometimes on the same street may have different self storage rates . The great thing is that from week to week or month to month, the space you were looking for will be a different price than when you called to get the initial price. With the economy the way it is plus the competition that is in the area, the prices fluctuates.

    There are many factors that go into why the self storage rates are different from facility to facility and space to space. The different reason the prices might be different are convenience of location, amenities that benefit the customer, and of course the size of the space. Many facilities try to sell you on their facility and want you to come down to see them. Sometimes it might be in your best interest.

    A great location can dramatically increase the self storage rates of that facility. For the store owner, the great location may mean higher land and building costs, which result in higher rent. Besides that point, people pay for convenience and the demand is higher. Being able to stop by your store room during your daily routine and not waste precious time in your busy day, let alone the cost of saving gas is what creates higher rent. Finding a facility that is on the way to everywhere you go is great. Sometimes you think about something you have in the store room that you need to get out. You will pay more to get in and out of facility that does not disrupt your everyday life.

    If you have ever called around looking for somewhere to store your belongings, you have come across one or two facilities that actually do more than just give out their self storage rates . You will find that there are some facilities that believe they can convince a caller to come down and rent with them if they are told how their facility can benefit them. That is an interesting concept. The manager wants to discover your true need for storing and find the best solution for you.

    It has been proven that customers are looking for more than just price. It is a common misconception that all people care about is just how much it will cost them a month. If the sales person on the phone takes one or two minutes to explain that they have some benefits that will improve your storing experience, you are likely to choose them. These things could be a computerized gate, security cameras, door alarms on every unit and maybe a conference room that anyone can use. But those are just a few of the things that may cause the prices of the self storage rates to go hirer.

    When looking for the best self storage rates , you have to know what you are putting into the store room. How are you going to get the best value on a space if you are unsure on what you are putting in there? Different sizes are given a different price and of course the bigger you get the more expensive it is. Whether it is a 5×5 space or a 10×10 space, you have to know what you want to store and the manager at the site can assist you with the correct space for your needs. Sometimes you might luck out and get a bigger size for the same price as a smaller unit due to the availability of the space in question.

    When you are calling around looking for the best self storage rates in your area, you have many things to consider. No matter what you need to be sure on what you are wanting to store and what you can live without in terms of amenities. With the competitive market today, so many people are offering you a free month, half off a couple of months of storing or to move in for only a dollar. You can spend days and sometimes months trying to figure out where to put your belongings. That final decision is yours.

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