Why Self Storage Managers Ask So Many Questions

  • Hello! My name is (blank) How can I help you today?

    Self storage management agrees that this simple way of answering the phone is the most common. It is important for consumers to listen for the enthusiastic tone of the managers voice because this will show that the manager is happy and ready to help you despite the fact that they have never met you. This is a great quality in a manager because it shows that they do not let anything that may be bothering them affect how they handle business at the store. This phrase starts the call off on a good or bad note depending upon how the manager answers and their tone of voice and how the consumer perceives them. If the manager answers in a great way then the door of communication between self storage management and consumer will be open. The first impression has been established and the manager will then be at the ready to determine what it is you may need help with.

    Let me ask you some questions to save you time and money.

    Self storage management may use this statement in order to determine a number of things about the consumers needs. Making sure that you are calling a location that is the most convenient is the first qualifier. It is important to save time and gas when traveling to the facility. The second concern addressed by this statement is size. Ensuring that you are getting the right size appropriate for you is the second qualifier and the most important. Since size is linked directly to price, a good manager makes sure that you are not paying for a unit that is simply bigger than what you actually need. These statements are used to qualify your needs in order to save time during the call and site visit, and to save money through location and sizing. The manager is then at the ready to talk more in depth about the facility so that you understand its features and their benefits.

    When you store with us, we provide.

    Self storage management is good at giving the main highlights of their facility because they know what sets them apart from the rest. Some offer great security, great access hours, a different quality of units, and specials that closely rival their competitors. In largely populated areas with many facilities specializing in customers needing to store, these aspects can be determining factors for many customers. Some require a climate controlled atmosphere for their belongings. Others need a wide range of access hours and security to back up those hours. Many are just looking for a clean, secure, convenient, and easy to use place to store for a little while. Regardless of the type unit the consumers need, it is up to the manager to build value in the assets of the facility. Self storage management gives the very first visual of the facility to you so that when you come in to see the site, you are more prepared to look for those benefits.

    We have a gated perimeter so that only tenants may enter.

    The ultimate goal of self storage management is to get an agreement about certain features and expectations between the self storage management and consumer. This aspect is fundamental because you must know what to expect from the facility and you should understand how you will directly benefit from the features offered. As mentioned before, access hours, the use of elevators versus stairs only, the level of security provided, and move in information are all aspects that you should understand before jumping in the car for a site visit. Once the manager has gotten an agreement from you about your need for storing and your desire to do so at their facility, it is common for management to invite you in for a site visit or to offer to reserve the unit until you can come in. These two options show that the facility cares about your needs and are willing to help you as best they can.

    As a consumer who may be calling around, you can now appreciate the simple statements of a manager. They may seem small and unimportant. However, they open the door to truly saving you time and money. Listen to the next manager you call when inquiring about storing. Are they happy to be there? Do they determine your needs or just give you some prices? Do they help to build value in their facility through explaining the features and benefits you will enjoy with them? A good, caring manager will attend to all of your needs as best as they can, even if it is by telephone. In closing, self storage management has a lot of responsibilities. Despite this, they are never too busy to help an inquiring consumer.

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