Which side of the dog are you on?

  • Written by Tron Jordheim, director and go-getter of PhoneSmart.
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    Now that we are a few months into the busy storage season, I wonder which side of the dog you are on. I used to spend a lot of time on my dog training hobby/sport and as in many hobbies and sports the people involved can be very competitive and sometimes a bit combative with each other. There are a few rude but funny things you can say about other dog trainers if you don’t think they are on top of their game. You could say, “He doesn’t know which end of the leash to hold.”
    There are many other good “put-downs”, but my favorite is “He doesn’t know which side of the dog he is on.”
    The good dog trainers knew you had to be at the dog’s head and neck, so you could be in charge of the situation and communicate effectively with the dog. If you suggested that someone was at the tail of their dog, they were following the dog’s lead and were distracted by the tail wagging and never knew what was going on. They could not communicate with the dog or get in charge of the situation.
    This is how it is in the storage business, too. If you are trying to think ahead, make plans and set up situations to make yourself successful down the road, you are at the head of your dog. You don’t need a five year plan, but you do have to be thinking about next week, next month, next season and next year.
    If you are just reacting to the day to day demands of customers and the day to day business challenges, then you have your face in your dog’s tail. From there, you don’t have a very good view and it often doesn’t smell very good either.
    I know many of us are said that the “build it and we can fill it” days are done for the most part. Storage has become a business that requires strategy, planning and intentional action.
    So get in front of your dog and take the correct end of the leash. You may get your hands slobbery and might even trip over yourself a few times, but I am sure you will prefer it to the tail end.

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