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    I got an email from Teri Lanza the other day. Teri is the editor-in-chief of the Inside Self Storage magazine. I write a monthly column for Teri that deals with selling. I’ve had had some fun with it and I get some great feed back from readers on occasion. Teri likes to put interesting and thoughtful quotes on the bottom of her email signature. This is the one she is using now…

    “We don’t see things as they are. We see them as we are.”
    ~Anais Nin

    This is very true isn’t it? It is even true in our business life. We often decide what prospects are going to do before they even know what they are going to do. We often look at employees without thinking about who they are or how they are. We sometimes even look at our performance figures and inject our own meaning into them without having any real-world reason for doing so.

    As an example, I have a friend who is a history buff. He likes reading about the American Revolution and American Civil War periods. I told him I read a good novel by former president Jimmy Carter called “The Hornet’s Nest”, and told him I thought he would enjoy it.

    He told me that The Hornet’s Nest referred to a Civil War Battle that he had read about a few years ago and that I must be mistaken about the name of the book. I told him I was unfamiliar with a Hornet’s Net battle in the civil war, but had no doubt one happened, since he told me it did. Since I had just finished the book, I was pretty sure I remembered the title. It seemed likely that there were two different things of the same name. He refused to accept this. Months later, he came to me and said he looked “it” up and I was right.

    How many times do you hear your prospects, customers and co-workers say something and paste your own ideas over what they said? Try taking things as they are and withholding your own interpretation. You may find you write more rentals, keep current tenants longer and see your co-workers become more successful


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