Use Storage to Enjoy What Winter Has to Offer

  • With Merriam being in the Midwest, they get a variety of different types of weather. The people in this area get tornadoes, hot summers and very brittle winters. When the harsh winters some schools are closed downs and the highways are closed down and everyone is forced inside. It makes it virtually impossible for people to get to their Merriam storage units when they need to.  The Merriam storage units can only do so much when it comes to helping out their storing community.

    With the winters being not so friendly, many people find alternatives to keeping their selves entertained. Not everyone is fond of being stuck inside when they are so used to being outside and thriving.  It is like trying to cage up an animal that has been so used to being outside and free. Either the animal is going to go crazy and try anything to get out, or they are going to adapt and chill out.

    For people like Jim and Susie, they hate being stuck in their home. They are the type of people that like to get out and take a walk to enjoy nature.  It is exciting for the family to do and something for the family to enjoy together. With the snow on the ground now Jim and Susie are not too sure what they want to do with their selves and their family. They put a lot of the things that they would usually do inside during the winter time in their Merriam storage units. They can’t get to their Merriam storage units to get the things out that they wanted to use to entertain them.

    As creative as they were, they could not think of a lot of things they could do inside.  All they could really think of doing was going outside all bundled up and sliding down the hill that is by their home. Their kids really don’t like the cold as much as they really like the summer. Unfortunately summer is not every month of the year. So they will just have to figure out what to do the rest of the year. So the kids finally just went outside with their parents even though they did not want to slide down the hill. They saw how much fun it could actually be and just enjoyed the time together. They didn’t complain anymore they just held on for dear life and took the expedient sled down the steep hill.  Naturally it is very hard to control a sled and Jim and Susie went crashing right into the gate that was surrounding their Merriam storage units. They never realized how close their Merriam storage unit was until right now. They were actually pretty shocked by that fact. They looked at the gate and realized that their storage facility has been this close the whole time. They might not have been able to drive to the facility, but they could walk to their facility. The hill they just went down was adjacent to the storage facility. They were just that close to their facility. They could just go around to the front through the gate and get their stuff out to have fun with. They all looked at each other and then climbed back up the hill to do it all again.

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    Disclamer: This entry is intended to promote our partner StorageMart and some or all participants received compensation.