Use Self Storage When Living in a Big City

  • Hillcrest storage has a small place in my heart because this is the first place I was in when I came to New York for the very first time.  I was alone with just a small truck fresh from graduating collage and ready for my next adventure.  I remember looking over my balcony while living in the dorms wondering where I would go next and who would hire me to do anything they wanted.  I have a marketing degree, and that means moving to a big city and where is there a bigger city than New York?

    It was daunting of course; I drove all the way from Texas to New York with a few possessions.  I had a TV and a chair, a stereo and things of that nature.  Of course, I had clothes, but I was mostly poor in school, I did not have the luxury of a family with money or anything else for that matter.  That is okay though, my aspirations of being rich were not there.  I just wanted a job, an apartment, peace of mind, and New York!

    At Hillcrest storage, I thought of all the great places to see and do in New York.  I could act like a hipster and go to a jazz club or go punk at CGBG’s.  I could see a Broadway play and drink coffee at four in the morning.  I could visit Soho.  I could go to Grenwich Village and be cool.  I could just walk around and slide into bookstores with glorious books all over the walls up and down shelves.  I could act smart at coffee shops and talk art, music, and politics.

    First, I need a job though.  I am equipped with a degree in business.  I know something.  I learned how to balance things, market things, introduce new products, think of things.  I became a salesperson.  It seems after all these interviews and questions and answers and dressing up in suits and polishing shoes and, well, I ended up in sales.  I was a salesperson in New York.  Maybe I should be excited and not disappointed.  I get a paycheck every week and sell a good product.  It is a start.

    I am surviving in New York.  I live in a tiny flat under a street.  I see feet, shoes, and legs from my window.  My TV works too.  I have a few channels but I walk a lot instead.  You got to walk a lot in New York.  Get with the people, and get with the streets.  This street looks like the Midnight Cowboy Street.  The cowboy from Texas walking down the street asking for directions, remember?  I am not a cowboy though, or in a movie.  I started at a Hillcrest storage place and moved up from there.  I am in New York for the first time.  That is how I felt at the time anyway.  I am older now.  I still have storage too.  It is filled with bikes and toys and lawn mowers, one does not work.  I keep it though, I do not know why.  I should go to my storage and clean it out sometimes.  Maybe after the football game.  Maybe after a sandwich and a beer.  I should have thrown that lawnmower away.

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