URGENT: Follow Up Calling!!!

  • Wendy Lane, Phone Smart call center evening supervisor stresses the importance of the follow-up call.

    Welcome to the Phone Smart call center blog, and insider diary of the self-storage industry.

    As I sit at my desk and anticipate the next call I will receive, I wonder will it be what we call a manager call? What is a manager call? It is a call that we take from an existing customer and I am unable to help the customer. Why I say that I may receive a manager call is that the busy season is upon us and a lot of our managers are out of the office assisting customers on site or on their own phone lines. So that means more calls for us. That’s what we do!
    A lot of the calls PhoneSmart receives are people that have already reserved a unit but are not quite sure if someone is going to be in the office when they need to finalize everything. They are just calling to get reassurance that they are not making a useless trip in these times of high gas prices. Or maybe they have already been to the facility and no one was there even though the posted hours say they should have been. Now the managers are very busy at this time of year and often times they are out of the office for various reasons. One way to remedy upsetting the customer is to do a follow up call. They have already made a reservation so we know they mean business but it can be upsetting to go to finalize and no one is in the office. With a follow up call you can relieve any undue stress on the customers part by getting more specific than we can on when they may be into the store. Almost like making another reservation only with a specific time the customer will be in. That way you know when to expect a customer who is going to need to come in and finalize their unit. This is also a great way to promote what good customer service you have and leave a lasting impression on your new customer.

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