Traffic Is a Bit Unpredictable at the Moment

  • We have had a very good middle of May in the PhoneSmart call center. The phones are very busy with self storage callers. We are well ahead of the call volume wave with staffing and are experiencing some of the highest answer rates we have ever hit in our call center. This is good, because next week the faucet is going to turn on and we will see a 20% up-tick in day to day self storage call volume that will last well into the beginning of September. That is, if this year is like the last six.

    We have had a few unusual days, though. It is hard to tell if these unusual days are signs of something or just anomalies. Last Thursday was very busy for a Thursday with a lot of reservation activity. Then Friday turned quiet. We had expected last weekend to be busy as many people did not do their moving and storing on Mother’s Day weekend and next weekend is Memorial Day. Many people try to play on Memorial Day weekend, although many will be renting storage units, too. Saturday was actually rather slow this weekend, although several reps had very good luck getting reservations. Then Sunday was as busy as a normal Saturday. The weekend days flip flopped on us. We thought it was pretty odd to see the storage activity act like this. I am not sure it means anything, though. I’ll let you know if something changes in our forecasts. But Monday was about what we expected: busy with storage tenant calls and busy with good storage reservation calls. We will see what the rest of the week brings.

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