Time to re-group.

  • Welcome to the self storage blog, where self storage insiders come to read about self storage trends. Today’s self storage blog is from Ann, who is one of our great sales people.

    January/February is a rather slow time in the storage industry. Families are thinking about moving in a few months, college students are thinking about summer vacation, homemakers are thinking about spring-cleaning, etc. And it is the perfect time for PhoneSmart to be thinking about how to improve upon what we already do well!

    Here are just a few examples:

     We have hired several new phone reps. They are all English/Spanish speakers, expanding the services PhoneSmart can provide. Now is a great time to teach them the ropes so they will feel very comfortable helping customers and renting storage units during the upcoming rush.

     We are having a re-training program for the veteran employees. Now is a great time for everyone to get back to the basics; break any bad habits that might have crept up during the past year. It is also when we experiment with new ways of saying the same old thing. For example, Tron is running a contest for different ways to say the catch-phrase, “How may I help you?”

     Admin is busy updating store information. Now is a great time to make sure the store screens are correct and easy to read. Cleaning up computer screens and making sure everything is accurate makes things easier for phone reps and store managers alike!

    And how can our clients help PhoneSmart during our winter makeover? Please take a minute to look at your store screen and let us know if everything is accurate…
     Are your prices and specials correct?
     Is the number of your vacancies right?
     Has anything changed, like the manager name, office hours, truck stipulations, etc.?
     Do you have any suggestions on how PhoneSmart can assist you in renting more units, or ideas on how to facilitate the process?

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    Disclamer: This entry is intended to promote our partner StorageMart and some or all participants received compensation.