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  • How Long Will They Store
    By Joel on May 25, 2012 | 238 Comments238 Comments  Comments

    Does the caller always know how long they will need storage? Are people really that organized when it comes to self storage? I believe that most customers start out knowing how long they will need storage, but then end up staying later or leaving early based on their situation. Most customers want to only store for the minimum time they are able to store because they do not want to come out of pocket for more than they need to. Also, the customer feels that whatever the reason they need storage for will be taken care of or come eventually so they feel they will move out. For some that is not the case.

    They say that the average storage customer stores at least eight months. If the manager of the facility told the customer that most would laugh in their faces. The funny thing is that the people that laugh or the people that are still there for years. There of course are people that only store for a month and there are people that end up storing for ten years. With all the people coming and going in the self storage industry, the average seems to be right around eight months for someone to want to store. Why do they store so long? Good question.

    Not many people would raise their hand and say they love to move. In fact many detest the idea that they have to move at all. Life events happen and they eventually have to move. When they put their belongings into self storage, they do intent on getting their belongings out eventually, but they are not always sure. If they have a plan to get it out something else might come up and then their belongings get left in the storage unit. Then it comes time to pay the monthly fee again then they are faced with the same scenario each month, to pay the fee to store my belongings there another month or go ahead and find a way to get your belongings out. Many people end up just paying the monthly fee, if they can afford it and then try to get their belongings out when they can. The customer could end up waiting several months in order to get their belongings out of storage.

    Managers sometimes do their part to get the customers to stay in their storage units because they do not want vacancies. Sometimes the customer wants to leave their storage space but the manager lets the customer know that if they stay they can lower their monthly payments by so much. Other times the customer will say that they just cannot afford their storage space and need to move and the manager does the same sort of deal where everyone is happy and the customer stays. Some people have stored so long that they forgot even what they have in storage, but they still do not want to get rid of it. That is very interesting. So there is never a certainty on how long the customer will decide to store. As a storage manager, just go with what they say and when it comes time to move, thank them for storing with you.


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  • What Size Do You Need
    By Joel on November 21, 2011 | 26 Comments26 Comments  Comments

    What size storage unit do you need?  This question gets asked everyday.  There are people that will just call into a self storage facility or call center that ask what is the price on a self storage unit. Well this question is very hard to answer especially when the self storage manager you are talking to has a list of spaces in front of them with many different prices. They ware going to have to ask you to narrow it down for you.  Now you just have to work with that person in order to find the right size for you.

    There are a few things that go into the size you might not have thought about.  First you need to determine what you are putting into the space.  If you only have boxes, you can go with a smaller unit.  Also, do you need to get in and out of the unit on a regular basis?  If you will need to go through boxes, you want to make sure to get a unit large enough to accommodate.  There is nothing wrong with getting a larger space than you need if you need to rifle through boxes and have some room. Just check with your self storage manager to see what the next size up will cost you.

    Finally, consider how long you need it.  If you may need it long term, you might also go bigger in case you want to add things later. Sometimes if you know you will need the space for a long time, you can get a long term deal from the property manager. Since most storage facilities will have a lease that goes month to month, you might be able to find a space that you need at a price that can make you smile. The first step is to tell the manager what you are storing and have them recommend a size that can work for you.


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  • Short Term Storage
    By Joel on August 27, 2011 | No Comments  Comments

    Moving into a new home is a great thing. People tend to get the Christmas feeling because of the simple fact that no matter what, you have something new to buy. Not matter how many things you bring with you from the old home, the new homes requires some new purchases whether needed or simply wanted in order to christening  the new home. It is a very happy time especially for those people who love to go shopping.

    A caller of mine yesterday called in to inquire about a self storage space in her local area. Naturally she called the right place and we chatted about their new home. It was a great time because the customer was still on high about getting their new home so they were completely ok with everything that we were discussing. We got them set up with a self storage unit only for a small amount of time since they will be fully moved within a month.

    Many people come in to self storage with the idea that they want to store short term. Unfortunately other circumstances do not allow them to move their things out of their storage unit. The good thing is that the facility typically does allow you to store your belongings month to month. So in the case of this customer, they were able to store only for one month until they got everything else done and placed where they wanted. They did not need to deal with all their belongings being in the way.

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  • Think About Your Pet
    By Joel on June 22, 2011 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    Most people do not think about their pets often when moving.  However, just like with everyone else, pets have to make changes too.  Most pets can accommodate very well if given a little time to adjust.  It has been found that if you think about what to do with your pet first, the move goes easier.  Many people typically think about what they have to move and how they will get it to their storage space. If they love their pet as much as they say, then they have to figure out how to make them comfortable in their new space.


    When people add a pet to their family, some would say they are adding another member of the family while others would say they are just adding a good friend. Pets comfort their owners and others protect. It would depend on the home and the person on how their pet will affect their household. Moving can be a difficult time for your pet. They are used to their surroundings and the smell of where they live.


    When moving, not everything will go into their new home. Some things will go into storage. Many people store their pets until they can get everything moved into their new home. When everything is moved, they will then bring their pets into their new home and let them get acquainted. If everything goes according to plan, their pet will act like nothing has changed and all will be well.


    Don’t move with your pet running around. Get everything moved and then bring them to your home. No matter how good your pets are, they can get in the way. When moving day is here, it is not a place for pets. See if a friend or your local shelter can hold them for a while until moved. Even though they can not tell you, they will appreciate you thinking about them during your move.


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