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  • The Storage at Night is Secure and Bright…Deep in the Heart of Texas
    By jeff on March 25, 2011 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    Wells Branch storage units are located in the great sunny State of Texas.  Texas is a place that is so big it is hard to plan for, if you only have a week or two to spend there.  Some folks have never seen the ocean so they should go to ocean either in Galveston or Corpus Christi or of course Padre Island.  It is hard though because Texas is so big to see Houston or El Paso, than try to make it all the way down to the border of Mexico or Brownsville.  Planning is needed for this State and whatever your interests are; you can probably see it here.  Now, if you have woman and girls in the family, a trip to the beach is where you should go.  A lot of people do not like the beaches in Galveston because they are perceived to be dirty, but one can see Dallas and Fort Worth, drive four hours to Houston and see Houston and Galveston.  From there, one can go to Austin and San Antonio than Corpus Christi.  That would be a great trip and let us see all the things to do on that trip.  Forth Worth has the famous Stockyards with an old cowboy feeling to it, with old time bars and old time drug stores.  There is a steam train to ride on, and good barbecue too.  In Dallas you can see a baseball game in the summer, but do not count on a football game.  The Dallas Cowboys sell out every game.  There is also a six flags here and some really cool racing theme parks where one can drive an actual dragster, or what we used to call them, a rail.  That was a lot fun.  The go carts are there too, and the cool thing about this park in Dallas is that they have all different go carts.  Some are for kids only and some can go real fast.  The dragster even tells you how fast you went.  It is hard to shift them perfectly though, so few folks driving them ever even hit one hundred miles an hour.  After a few times we hit around eighty, which is pretty cool.  Dallas also has a whole bunch of lakes everywhere if you like fishing and swimming.

    Wells Branch storage units in the great sunny State of Texas stay busy all year round.  We will be there too for a very short while.  We will continue our trip and things to do in Houston and Galveston now.  We prefer the beach, so our time in Houston was short.  One of our favorite things about these beaches is there are way fewer rules than other beaches like the ones in Florida.  At night, we let our dogs run free and that was a blast.  You can also go on the beach late at night, whereas in Florida, there are curfews and closing times.  Galveston also has great places to eat and an IMAX, and other fun things to do too.  Deep sea fishing is a favorite too, but we like getting into the ocean and playing on the beach.  The sand castle building contests are great fun too.  Boy, are they good!

    Wells Branch storage units are located in the great sunny State of Texas.  Go there.  You will love it.

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  • Protecting Your Storage Unit
    By jeff on March 21, 2011 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    Westchester storage units in sunny Florida have a lot of stories to tell.  We have one particular story to tell too about a friend of ours who has worked in the self storage industry for almost thirty years.  He is the guy that if anything breaks, he fixes it.  He fixes gates and doors and code boxes.  He fixes walls and floors and even has put a few lamps and lights in too.  Everyone seems to know him too, because of how long he has been in the storage industry.  He probably does not even know how many things he has fixed over the time he had been in the industry.  When we were managers, we had to call him up a few times too to fix our gate.  Most self storage places have two gates, one to get in, and one to get out.  Almost all of these have a code box connected to the gate and to the computer inside.  When a customer pushes in the four digits, he or she chose when he or she rented the unit and the number of the unit itself too.  For example, if your storage unit number is three three three or three hundred and thirty three and the code you picked is seven two seven two than you might punch all those numbers in the code box to get into your unit.  This is to protect yourself and the storage place from people just coming in off the streets.  Sometimes this code box gets a little whacky and our friend comes to fix it.  We can do a little fixing ourselves if it is just a burnt out light or something else like that.  Than the manager just replaces the broke part, and resets the whole system, with a secret code that does all that.

    Westchester storage units in sunny Florida also probably use a code box too.  We used to advice the customer never to pick too easy of a code to protect everybody, not just them.  Do not pick codes like six six six or one one one and all that other unsafe numbers.  Even on your pass codes and pass words for accounts should not be as easy as numbers like that.  This is the age of identity theft so being very careful even in the storage place you store your stuff in.  Do not let the bad guys in so easy.  Do not let bad guys in your bank accounts so easy too.  These code boxes can also deny a code if you do not pay your rent.  This brings in the customer who has not paid and we get to talk to him or her in person about the bill.

    Westchester storage units in sunny Florida have a code box too.  These code boxes have been a good tool for all the storage places to use as it deters crime in those particular places.  You can not stop every bad guy in the world, but if you never try they win.  Make it hard for them OK?  The stuff you pay to store in a self storage place must be important to you or you would have never stored it in the first place.  So use good codes and we will talk about my friend at a later date.

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  • Finding the Storage Solution That Works Best For You
    By jeff on February 2, 2011 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    So the time has come for you to get a St. Charles self storage unit. It happens to everybody eventually. Up until not, the only thing you may know about storage is from what you have seen driving by facilities on your way to work. There is a lot to it. It seems pretty simple, just a building to put your things in. You should do a little research to find out what makes one St. Charles self storage location a better option than another. It may be helpful to look at the bad things that have happened in Maryland to people who have stored their things.

    The worst thing that could happen is theft of your items. This can happen. You should take the time to research two things to find a safe facility to store at. First, you will want to find a location that is close to home and in a safe area, the safer the area, the better. Then you should take the time to visit the facility so you can get a feel for the level of security at the site. You should feel safe there and there are a couple of things to keep an eye out for. All of the units should have locks on them. That is just a basic level of security. The best locks are disc locks so try to get one of those if you can. Most St. Charles self storage properties sell them right there at the facility. Some people do not want to spend fifteen dollars for the lock when they come in. They go for the five dollar cheaper little padlock. It is worth the extra ten dollars for the better lock. Think of it as an investment. You will get to take the lock with you that you can use at pretty much any St. Charles self storage facility in the future. It is really not that expensive if you look at it like that.

    You should also look for a pin access gate with good fencing around the property. Sites in Maryland that do not have these two features will not be able to keep people off the property that do not belong there. Also, you should look for video cameras and even door alarms.

    The St. Charles self storage facility that you store at should have quality units to put your things in. The fact is that units can leak if they are not built correctly or are made out of cheaper materials. You do not want to return to find that your unit is flooded with molds and mildews everywhere. Your stuff would be ruined. That would just be a big waste of money. The site is not going to be responsible for covering the cost for the damage, either. This is one reason why you should not just go with the cheapest unit out there. Pest control is a must as well. I think you can figure out why this is important without going into too much detail or using any horror stories as example. Visit the site so you can meet face to face with employees to see if you will get good customer service. That will pay dividends later when you are a renter and need to get something done.

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  • Tips for Renting Your First Storage Unit
    By jeff on January 31, 2011 | 78 Comments78 Comments  Comments

    If you are looking for the best Lake Charles self storage location, do not make the mistake of thinking that price is truly what matters. If you were shopping for a certain type of car of computer, you could compare prices because you are getting the same product either way. In the Lake Charles self storage industry, there is a big difference form on site to the next.

    Most sites in Louisiana have good security. There are just a few basic features that you will need to keep an eye out for. You could ask the manager about the history of break-ins at the site. This could give you a good idea of the level of security that they have. You should be careful, though, because many Lake Charles self storage sites will not tell you if they have had break-ins or not. They will just tell you want you want you want to hear. You can decide for yourself if they are being honest with you or not. The site should have a gate, fence, video cameras, and door alarms. The quality of the features is what will matter. The better the quality of the features, the more secure the site should be. If you are impressed with the Lake Charles self storage after the initial phone call, then your next step would be to visit the site so you can get a good idea of what they have to offer.

    The location can make a big difference in overall security. Some storage sites in Louisiana are in bad neighborhoods. This will make it very difficult to keep the site secure no matter what the security features are. Your stuff could get stolen very easily and you will not feel comfortable when you need to get to your unit after dark. Familiarize yourself with the area so you know which Lake Charles self storage sites to stay away from. Once again, an office visit may help you determine if you like the area or not.

    Location is also important because you do not want to get a space at a site that is too far away from where you live or work. You will need to get to your space from time to time so make sure to get one close to home. In fact, renters list the proximity to their home as the main thing that made them choose one site over another.

    Customer service is the next thing that you should look at. You are going to need assistance at some point so you want to talk with someone that is competent, able, and willing to help you out in those times. They should be friendly and helpful if you are going to pay them money each month. You do not deserve to store at a location that does not care about the customers. In fact, this may be the number one thing to look at because it shows that the site is run by a company that cares about the customers. They probably will have good security and quality units if they have good customer service. They would not overlook the other aspects while excelling at customer service. Sometimes the first phone call can tell you everything that you need to know about how their company is run.

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  • Businesses Protect Important Files with Storage Units
    By jeff on January 28, 2011 | 3 Comments3 Comments  Comments

    Life in Wyandotte County, Kansas was great for Kayla. She worked as a personal assistant for the president of a major company that was growing and expanding. She was helping her boss organize and structure the move of their office space into a brand new building. The office was getting cramped and personal work space was getting limited as the company continued to grow and expand and hire new employees to handle the work load but the building continued to stay the same.

    One of the jobs that Kayla was responsible for was helping the office transition run smoothly. She has so many to do lists running she felt like she needed a personal assistant to handle it all but she knew that the craziness was just a temporary problem. Soon the office would be completely moved and the business would return to a normal pace once again.

    Today Kayla was working on labeling the filing cabinets with a number that corresponded with a room in the new office space. They were being moved over today and if the cabinets could make it all into the correct room it would be one less hassle that she would have to oversee. As she was labeling the cabinets with the correct corresponding number she quickly realized that many of the filing cabinets contained files that they could not get rid of but that they did not need on a daily basis or on any type of regular basis. A few of them were old customer files that they kept to reference and the majority of the cabinets were old employee files that had to be kept for a certain number of years. They took up a considerable amount of office space and it would be great if they could find a place to store them off site.

    Kayla began to research Wyandotte County, Kansas storage options and found that located just a few miles form their new office building was a self storage location. Further research of the Wyandotte County storage facility and she was able to see that they had great rates, safety and security measures in place to insure that their customers belongings were safe.

    Kayla made a small presentation up about how the Wyandotte County storage would benefit their company by allowing them to have off site storage for the files that they had to hold on to but did not need to keep and how by storing them in a self storage unit they would have more office space for the employees and be able to open up more spaces for the companies continued success. She pitched her presentation to her boss and he loved the idea.

    When the office relocation was finally over and everyone was settled into their spaces life in the office returned to normal. Kayla went back to her normal duties and was happy to throw away all of her scratched out to do lists. Her boss was so happy with how she had handled all of the responsibilities that he had given her during the move and even going above and beyond to find them a storage solution for their files that he was adding a bonus to her next check as a way to say thank you. Kayla already had great plans for that extra money including this great pair of shoes that she had been eyeing in the shoe store window.

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  • Respecting the Past with Self Storage
    By jeff on January 27, 2011 | 186 Comments186 Comments  Comments

    Grace had no idea what to do with the boxes of antiques and family heirlooms that she got when her grandmother passed away. She had them stored in her garage for the past ten years and had once again stumbled upon the boxes as she was working on cleaning out the clutter and stuff that had so taken over her garage she could no longer park in there.

    The boxes contained so many memories of spending summers at her grandmother’s house and sitting on her grandmother’s lap and hearing her favorite story about Jack and the Beanstalk. There was no way that she could get rid of the stuff that was in these boxes, but they did not really match her decorating style and with her kids running around she was sure that one or more of them would be destroyed if she did put one of them up in her house.

    Her goal in cleaning out the garage was to find a place for everything that was being stored in there to go besides her drafty garage. If the stuff could not go into her house, and she needed her garage space back then there had to be a third option available for her. Taking a break for lunch Grace got online and did a quick search of Johnson County, Kansas self storage facilities. Having a self storage unit would solve her problems of needing a place to store no only her boxes of family heirlooms but the rest of the clutter that was currently overtaking her garage space.

    Further research of Johnson County storage units and Grace was able to find a good location that was not too far away. The price of a unit that would fit her stuff was budget friendly and they had good security so she knew that her stuff was going to be safe while it was in storage. She called and placed a reservation on a unit and went back to cleaning out her garage.

    As she tacked cleaning out the space she decided to make piles like you see on those television shows. She made one pile of things that she found that she wanted to get rid of and was going to take to a donation center. She dragged in the trash cans and began to fill them up with things that she found that were trash. The third pile she made was of boxes and things that she was going to be taking down to her new Johnson County storage unit when she was done going through all of the boxes and stuff that was currently cluttering up the space.

    When the decluttering was complete Grace was once again able to get her car into her garage. She had taken a few boxes of clothes and stuff that she no longer needed over to the donation center on her way to work today, and yesterday she took over the boxes of stuff to her Johnson County storage unit. The trash was sitting at the curb waiting for trash day to come. It was nice now that it was beginning to get colder that she didn’t have to wait for the morning frost to come off of her car before work. It was nice to get into her car and go, and she was thankful that she got her garage cleared out before the first snow came.

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  • Keep Valuable Tools in a Secure Storage Unit
    By jeff on January 26, 2011 | 172 Comments172 Comments  Comments

    Whenever I go to a Hollis storage facility, it reminds me of Florida.  It sounds weird but there are many New Yorkers in Florida and I lived there for a few years.  I had a lot of friends from New York in Florida and they were all great friends of mine and fun to be with.  There are a lot of people from New York in Florida for a lot of different reasons.  It seems to be the choice of people from New York to retire or go to Florida.  All my friends were young and left New York to get away or get out.  The nice weather, beaches, and girls in bikinis all appealed to the New Yorkers I knew.  I did not stay in Florida too long and left.  Being young, I found it fun to move to different areas of the United States and I did.

    I am at the Hollis storage facility right now thinking and texting and talking to people on my cell while I go through my stuff.  I have lots of stuff now but when I was young, I traveled lightly.  I had a guitar I still play today and clothes and a few picks.  I could fit everything I had at that time in my car with room to spare.  Now I visit all my stuff once in awhile because apartments are small in New York and I need things.  There is no place for tools and I like tools.  I like drilling holes in wood and making things.  I do it at my storage space.  I can make noise here and no one cares.  My walls are paper-thin in my apartment so every word next door I can hear if I want to.  Most of the time I do not want to hear what they are saying if you get my drift.  They argue about money, and where were you and than I take a walk.

    It is peaceful here in Hollis storage, in my peaceful storage with my favorite things.  Storage lets you keep your peaceful things that are full of memories from your past of near past.  I remember buying this drill a long time ago.  It still works fine.  Tools last a long time.  I work outside most of the time on a workbench I have in storage too.  The rules say not to do it, but if no one is around including the storage facility manager, well, I drag it out and work on it.  I can not make big things, because of my small apartment.  I have to make small things here in my Hollis storage space.  I have had it for a long time.  I imagine I could have bought all new tools for the price of this storage, but I do not.  I guess a lot of people do the same thing I do.  Most of the storage lockers and spaces here have locks on them so a lot of people are storing things too.  In New York, you usually have more things than room to put them in.  Maybe I will move someday again.  I like beaches too.  I like warm weather and girls in bikinis too.  I could grow to like L.A.  There are beaches there too.

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  • Self Storage Protects Your Most Prized Possessions
    By jeff on December 29, 2010 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    Since she was five years old and learned how to read Tina loved books. She loved how she could imagine being the characters, or how she could transport herself to far away places or even to places that don’t exist. Her child hood home life was not the best environment to grow up in so she would use her books to help her escape and hide in her room with her books. In her books she could find the life that she wished she had or the parents that she wished her parents could be.

    Everyone knew her as the book girl in school, and she didn’t really mind it. Her friends would make fun of her because she never went anywhere without having a book in her purse or backpack. Every year for her birthday and Christmas her family would get her books from her list or gift cards to her favorite book stores. She never got tired of reading and learning and exploring the literary world.

    After graduating from high school Tina registered for college and was set to move into a dorm room on campus. Her dorm room left her with little personal space and she was having a hard time deciding what books to take with her and which boxes of books she was going to have to leave behind. Plus there was no way that she was going to be able to avoid buying more books while she spent the next five years in school. Tina was having a hard time thinking of how she was going to live without her books.

    Her favorite aunt had been helping her with her college preparations and helped her find the solution she needed when she found an Odenton, Maryland storage unit that had a great self storage unit for Tina to use while she was in school. She could store her books there and any other personal stuff that she couldn’t fit into her dorm room. Tina was excited about having the Odenton self storage unit because she would not have to leave her books behind and could keep them all with her.

    The weekend before Tina was moving off to college she started packing up her books. She got some boxes and began to place her books in horizontally so that there would be less damage to the pages and the covers. She labeled all of the boxes that were heading for her Odenton storage unit with a bight pink sticker on the top and also labeled the boxes with a number. Tina made a mastery list by genera of the box number and what books were in each box so that she could find any book that she wanted easily when it was stored in her Odenton storage unit.

    With her books nearby in storage and making new friends in college Tina was having a great first year away at college. Her college studies left her with less time than she had in high school for her books but she still managed to fit some personal reading time in after she finished her homework for school. Tina was looking forward to her first winter break at school and getting to spend the majority of her time reading because she wanted to and not because she had to read for an assignment.

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  • Peace Of Mind With Secure Self Storage
    By admin on January 17, 2009 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    A secure self storage is something that every tenant wishes for. Many storehouse operators put in their best efforts to provide security to the items stored in their rental property storehouses. They take a lot of measures, such as using computerized electronic gadgetry and closed circuit television systems. One of the major ways for providing security is to have an efficient computerized access control mechanism. Access control can be implemented in two ways, namely, by using hardware and software systems.

    This computerized access control system can be installed on any computer. It does not require one to specially install any hardware or software features. The access controlling system does not require the computer to be kept on all the time. The controller will work even if the computer is switched off. A secure self storage control system uses all the features of the Windows operating system. It enables taking of easy backups. Access control is implemented through different levels of login which are set by the system administrators. The management determines the security levels and controls the degree of access of each person who is associated with the storehouse, either as a tenant or a staff member. The software applications are designed in a user friendly manner so that the users of the system can use it efficiently and conveniently.

    The software applications are linked with many storehouses management programs and the operators need not waste their time feeding information that can be easily obtained through these links. The secure self storage computerized application is generally fed with information about the different types of storehouses that are available for hiring. A list of the storehouses along with their sizes and their features are stored in an online database. The prospective tenants access these databases for selecting storehouses that cater to their requirements. The computerized database system is potentially capable of handling thousands of clients. The access control system also allows a user to have multiple access codes so that he can give access to other people to the storehouses. It also allows the tenants to link more than one storehouse to a single access code.

    The secure self storage computerized access control system allows one to set flexible timings for accessing the gates of the storehouses. It allows one to set timings for weekdays, weekends and for any special holidays. On a daily basis, the computerized system can be used for accessing the gate for around twenty four hours. It can be used for setting specific access rights to some tenants and also the hours of access for such tenants. The software application can be used for providing delinquent lockout and tagging tenants as managerial security measures.

    As a part of heightened security measures the software is programmed for processing a variety of identification codes from different sources before accepting them. They are built with a user friendly interface for interacting with the tenants and for generation of reports. The secure self storage controller systems are designed to be active even when the computers that they are connected to are switched off. The control systems can handle a large number and variety of security equipment. They can control lighting devices, alarm monitors and any other intrusion monitoring equipment. The controlling system can be programmed to control the security equipment separately or in a combined manner.


    Self Storage Space

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  • Have It Your Way- Self Storage Style
    By admin on December 19, 2006 | 12 Comments12 Comments  Comments
    The self storage industry is full of choices now. As we move towards the retail atmosphere, customers have the choice of several facilities. I would compare these choices to the fast food industry. In fast food, we have choices from chicken, sub sandwiches, hamburgers, Mexican food, etc. There are a variety of choices for everyone.
    The same is true in self storage. Customers have a variety of choices to choose from. For example, you can go to facility that has just the security gate or increased security. You have the option of having a secure storage unit with door alarms and video surveillance. Some storage facilities go as far as to add the state of the art security you see in the movies. You can also have your unit at a constant temperature with climate control. I always tell people that you can get something cheaper or more expensive but you do get what you pay for. Jack Welch said, “Your challenge is not just to improve. It is to break the service expectations in your industry or market so that customers aren’t just satisfied; they’re so shocked that they tell strangers on the street how good you are.” That couldn’t be truer in the self storage industry.
    Written by Ronald Smith, PhoneSmart call center reservations specialist.
    Thank you for visiting our blog. We offer an insider view of the self storage industry
    We are PhoneSmart your off site sales force call center in Columbia, Missouri.

    Your local self storage unit provider in 11510 N. Main, Kansas City, MO. 64155

    Total Quality Assurance Services Quality Assurance Testing

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