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  • A Courtesy To You
    By Joel on August 8, 2011 | 102 Comments102 Comments  Comments

    In today’s economy, more and more people are finding it hard to keep a credit or debit cards.  For the last several years, storage facilities across the United States have used cards as a way of reserving a unit.  While some do charge the card initially, many do the holds free of charge.  However, with many people no longer using credit or debit cards, facilities are trying something new.  Some storage companies are now holding units using a courtesy hold.

    The courtesy hold only requires some general information, and still reserves the unit for the caller. Many storage facilities found that it was not fair for the customers who did not have credit cards to not be able to reserve or put a space on hold over the phone. Not everyone was in a position to come down to the store and go ahead and rent the space. The courtesy hold seemed to be the next great idea to help those who did not have a credit card.

    Customers could now breathe a sigh of relief knowing that they had a space reserved. Sometimes when a self storage facility told them that they could not reserve a space over the phone, they were very upset. The customer knew they needed the space but they simply did not have a credit card they could use to hold it. Now with the courtesy hold, the customer knows that they still have a space, they can move on to the next item on their to do list and get ready for the move.

    Now one thing that is slightly different about the courtesy hold than the credit card reservation is the hold time. With a credit card, typically the storage facility would hold the space longer, if needed, than with a courtesy hold. Storage facilities still feel that customers who have put down a credit card are still more likely to come down to rent. So with that said, customers who reserve a space with a courtesy hold are asked to come down to the facility within a week or less to rent the space. There are facilities that will hold a space up to two months if the customer uses their credit card to reserve.


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