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  • Use Self Storage When Visiting Chicago
    By jeff on March 25, 2011 | 3 Comments3 Comments  Comments

    Elgin self storage places are not too far from Chicago, Illinois.  Chicago is one of those places you must see in your lifetime.  It is one of the biggest cities in the world and big buildings exist in the downtown area.  The Sears Tower is here and was once considered to be the tallest building in the world until another very tall building far away in another country took the title.  Chicago complained because they said the Sears tower was actually taller if you did not measure the antenna sticking out of both buildings.  The antenna was taller than the Sears Tower antenna, thus Sears loosing the title of world’s tallest building.   Oh well, Chicago has been in second place a whole lot.  New York called Chicago the second city, New York being number one.  There is still a great rivalry between the two cities and it is a lot of fun.  In sports, the Chicago teams do not like the New York teams and Michael Jordan had some epic battles with the New York teams in Madison Square Garden.  Jordan always played good in the Garden, and Knick fans did not like loosing all the time.  In hockey, the Rangers and Black Hawks have been battling too, for many years.  Baseball has the hated Yankees and the Mets, Chicago has the Cubs and White Sox.  Chicago never had a Babe Ruth, but a Walter Payton and Dick Butkus.

    Elgin self storage places are also close to many other sites and places to be in Chicago.  Navy Pier is a hot spot in Chicago, Illinois.  A few years back it was the tenth most visited place in the United States of America.  It is a long pier that jets out in Lake Michigan.  As you walk the long pier you see great things on it.  There are places to eat including Forest Gump’s.  They serve shrimp, as you might be able to guess and a whole lot of other things too.  Oh Yeah, the movies is played on TV sets around the place all the time.  The pier has Jazz clubs and a theatre, and even a carnival like area.  It has a great big and tall Ferris wheel that gives one great views of the Chicago skyline.  Chicago has a great one.  At night, the lights from the city are very beautiful and the pier is packed with tourists and visitors alike.  Many downtown residents come too, as the boats speed off the pier and into Lake Michigan.

    Elgin self storage places in Illinois are not too far from these great places to visit in Chicago.  The children’s museum is at Navy pier too.  It is a highly rated place to take the kids for a look.  Than you can eat shrimp and even watch fireworks over the lake.  Lake Michigan is so big it looks like an ocean.  It is vast and deep and you can not see to the other side.  The speedboats leave the pier almost every twenty minutes and the people thrill to the boat’s roar.  A stained glass window exhibit is here too and it is very interesting to walk through.  We never miss it when we go and it is free.  Parking is not free though, and Chicago is a hard city to park in sometimes.

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  • Memories Handed Down By Generation with Storage Units
    By jeff on March 18, 2011 | No Comments  Comments

    Pompano Beach storage units are located in sunny Florida.  Our family went to this storage place just last week and it was a trip that became very much fun, as we found something we did not want to find at the moment.  It was a yearbook.  It was yours truly yearbook from a long time ago.  Soon our kids were finding other yearbooks from all the boxes in our storage unit.  It was too late for us to stop them now and the wife and yours truly had to just let it go.  We grew up in the nineteen seventies and it shows.  We looked good though as our kids laughed at the costumes we wore back than.  We loved bell-bottom pants and long hair on men and guitars and rock in roll and look at the shirt, we laughed as the kids turned the pages of the yearbook.  Well, whatever they mess up, they can put back together.  The yearbook was pretty cool as we remembered students and friends and teachers too.  The wife and yours truly went to the same schools together as kids; you could say we were child sweethearts from a very early age.  That we can still put up with each other is a miracle in itself.  Now we have kids who sometimes act just like us so it will be another miracle that we all come out of this with our sanity.  Many families do, and we will make it too we hope, or we will have to sell our kids on E-bay.  We do not expect a whole lot of money from them because they cost so much money to take care of.  One wants fifty-dollar video games all the time, and the other one wants the cool one hundred dollar jeans at the mall.  In addition, remember, one hundred dollar jeans can be on sale and be a bargain at that one hundred dollar price.  WE do not see it and the yearbook proves that we did not spend one hundred dollars on bell-bottom jeans or those ugly tie dye jeans.

    Pompano Beach storage units in sunny Florida have a few yearbooks in their storage units.  We keep these things for moments like this when your kids see a young you.  We had a great childhood, the wife and yours truly, so it is fun to go back and take a look at our old selves again.  We feel the same except the old back acts up a little and we eat too much and our knees hut too sometimes.  We feel out of breath more and the kids will just have to understand we can not chase anymore.  We can not chase anything else anymore.  If the dog gets out, well the dog just got out.  We can not run after it.  We can not chase anything anymore.

    Pompano Beach storage units in sunny Florida have our high school yearbook.  We wish they could have shown it to us another time though, because we are now stuck in our storage unit for a while.  We will hang in there for a while longer or take the yearbooks back to our house and laugh at mommy and daddy at home.  We will laugh too of course, and also be happy too.

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  • Keep Christmas Stuff in a Storage Unit
    By jeff on March 18, 2011 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    Miramar storage units are located in sunny Florida.  These storage units just lately have given our family a lot of laughs.  It is always like this for a lot of families who rent storage units.  We often go to look for one thing than find another thing that keeps our interest for a while.  Now when you are in a hurry this does not always work in your favor.  Some times you rush to your storage space to get something you need right now.  Like Christmas stuff for the house.  Our kids countdown the days to when all the Christmas stuff comes out and fills our home with the red and green.  Why is that such a hurry to start, we understand, but we guess the fun of getting it all out is too much to wait for if you are eight years old.  We had great Christmas stuff ourselves and we have no idea where are grandparents kept all theirs when it was not Christmas.  They had more Christmas stuff than you could imagine, and it was really great fun to visit their house.  They must have had thirty to forty little Santa Claus dolls all over the house.  They were on windowsills, on TV stands, and on tables and even a chair once.  They were all different sizes and shapes and we enjoyed looking at all of them when we were kids.  Now our own kids are running around the house placing our Christmas stuff all over the rooms and tables and yes, even a chair.  We had to take Santa off the chair.  We do not want to ever sit on Santa or vice a versa.

    Miramar storage units are full of Christmas stuff too.  This is a good place to put your Christmas stuff in-a self-storage unit.  We have done it for years now, because there is no good place to put the stuff in our house.  We have too much stuff like most families who live in the United States of America.  We are consumers and consumers we shall be.  The great products out there though in the free marketplace are a joy to have though.  The toys are great to behold, and those video games are just out of sight these days.  We are not too good at them though, because we are not that young anymore.  We like shooting stuff though, we do like shooting zombies together and we guess it is all just good clean fun.  We had toy guns as kids too and we feel fine.  Well, we could loose a little weight, but other than that, we feel fine.

    Miramar storage units in sunny Florida have a lot of great memories in them. We find them all the time but sometimes you have to let them go.  We have a lot of stuff in our storage unit we could just let go of we could find the power to do it.  It is not easy you know to let go.  We love all the stuff we have ever bought, even broken and run down stuff or things missing parts so they end up in our self storage unit in sunny Florida.  We all do it, go ahead and admit it.  You do too.

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  • Strumming Up Savings with a Storage Unit
    By jeff on March 16, 2011 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    Athens storage units in sunny Georgia have a lot of guitars in their place.  We can safely say this because this lovely town in the Peach state has a great live music scene second only to Austin, Texas, which is known as the live music capital of the world.  It is also the capital of Texas.  No, it is not Dallas or Houston, but Austin.  We will talk about Texas in another blog about self storage places at another time and place.  Well, maybe not another place, because yours truly spends most of the time we have blogging on a computer near the TV so we may still watch our favorite shows.  We also have a few guitars in our basement and try to play them every once in a while.  Pawnshops also have a lot of guitars and we bet this city has a lot of pawn shops with a lot of guitars in them.  We bought some guitars before from a pawnshop near our house.  We also live in a collage town, so the pawnshops in a collage town are always full of interesting items to shop around for.  We also bought a bass guitar once in a pawnshop many moons ago when this person was a younger man than he is now.  Oh, well, we get old and stop playing guitar and off it goes into a storage space, where it is sad because no one is playing that guitar anymore.  Do not put your guitars in a storage place to rot and go away.  A guitar can play and sound better and better if you play it often enough.  This is true; we do not know all the reasons why, but the human soul that goes into playing the guitar changes the guitar too.  The action on the neck gets better as the strings sound better too.

    Athens storage units in sunny Georgia have seen their share of lonely guitars.  There have been a lot of great guitar players who have come through this town and Mike Buck is surly one of those.  He plays with the most famous band from Athens, Georgia, REM.  REM has had many hits on the radio as they are loved by many fans.  Boys and girls alike like them as well as older people like me.  Their songs sound like no one else so you really know right away it is an REM song you are hearing.  We have their greatest hits or some of their favorite songs all on one CD at our house.  We listen to it quite often, as the songs are all good to listen to from the record.  REM has a lot of fans, millions everywhere around the world.  They also gave a lot of money to Athens, their hometown, to use to fix their downtown area.

    Athens storage units in sunny Georgia have a few guitars in their place.  We hope one day they will be played again by a whole new generation of guitar players.  It is one of the hardest instruments to play the experts claim.  One must develop a strong hand and strong fingers to make it all work out the right way.  So go get your guitar from storage and jam on and make some great music.

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  • Clean Up After Your Kids with a Storage Unit
    By jeff on March 16, 2011 | 283 Comments283 Comments  Comments

    Most parents will do anything for their children to a point. They want to be sure that their family is provided for and that they have all they need. It is quite easy sometimes to find out what kids want, most kids simply tell their parents. The hard thing for most parents is to distinguish the difference between what their kids want and what they need. Often parents will get many things for their kids that they want instead of getting the things that they really need. In some rare cases because the parents got their kids what they wanted instead of what they needed, they do not have enough money to get the things they actually need for their child. Parents are put in very hard positions.

    Whenever Cindy and her family go to their thrifty fast food restaurant with a place for kids to play, the kids ask for a toy to play with. They have toys that go along with the meal that her kids always seem to remember is there.  When Cindy tries to get something more economical for her family she is combated by her kids and there is an instant argument. Cindy finds it every difficult to tell her kids no especially when she wants to give it to them. The problem now was that if Cindy kept this pace up she could fill up small Villa Park storage units.

    When Cindy goes to the local store, the store does such a great job putting the toys in a great place so the kid sees it all the time. The kids beg and plead to their mom so they can play with the toys soon. Cindy knew at that point she had to tell her kids no because she had to get the things that were on her grocery list. Naturally she was not made out of money and had to choose toys or getting food for her family. She had to decide what was more important for them at this time. She also realized that her boys had too many toys in their room. There were many toys that they haven’t played with in years. Maybe if they did not have so many toys in their room she might consider getting the boys some more toys. So she decided to look into a Villa Park storage units facility to put all the toys until she could find a permanent home for them. She did not want to throw them out like trash.

    The Villa Park storage units facility was more than happy to find them a very small space that would accommodate the needs that Cindy had. She did not want to use Villa Park storage units for this but she did not want to have wasted her money.  She decided that she either needed to have a garage sale or to go ahead and donate them to charity. The Villa Park storage units facility allowed her to say for a month until she could figure out what to do with the toys. The storage facility of course rents space month to month unless you need to have it for longer. They gave her a great move in special and she had enough time to figure out what she wanted to do with the extra toys.

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  • Hard Decisions Can Be Made Easier with Storage
    By jeff on March 15, 2011 | 29 Comments29 Comments  Comments

    We are all faced with tough decisions daily. The fact of the matter is that we have to make decision daily that could affect our tomorrow. Not many people really feel as though that is reality but it is. The decision you make now will shape your future. The change may not be major but it is still significant enough to make a difference. Some of the decisions that we make we are not able to take back, we will have to live with those decisions. Sometimes we wish we could have the opportunity to consult another person or change the previous decision.

    Julia is sitting at her Johnson County storage units facility office because she is trying to figure out what to do. She had to determine what the best solution was for her and her grandmother. She had to put her grandmother in a nursing home because it was too difficult for Julia to take care of her. Of course it was for the best.  Julia just at this point does not know what size she would need at the Johnson County storage units facility. It was a good decision to go back to her grandmother’s home to see what kind of things would need to go in there. The storage facility would need to know that in order to help her out.

    Julia hoped that her local facility would be the place she would store. Of course it was hard for Julia to deal with having to put all of the belongings of her grandmother in the Johnson County storage units. She wants to keep all of the belongings in the home that his grandmother has called home for longer than Julia has been alive. It is so stressful to have the idea that everything in the house that Julia was headed to will be shoved into Johnson County storage units until it is time to find another place for it. No one in the family wanted to argue about who gets what since most of them wanted the same thing.  Julia quickly got back to the house since it was not too far from the Johnson County storage units facility which was great for her. She did not want to take too much time trying to figure this out.  She wore a track in the floor pacing back and forth trying to figure out what to do.

    It looked like Julia was going to have to all of this on her own. She did not want to be the one that was going to end up with all the responsibility. She had a job and a family just like everyone else, but it would seem as she had more passion for her grandmother’s belongings than anyone else. Some of her family members just said give it all to charity, but Julia could not do that. These were her grandmother’s belongings. She secretly hoped that her grandmother would get better again and be able to have all of her belongings again. That was a farfetched idea since her grandmother was in her 90s and you could not know how long she would be still alive. Julia went ahead and put the belongings into storage and decided to give herself a month or so to figure out what to do. She thought hopefully by then some of her family will come through.

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  • Re-Model Your Home with the Help of Self Storage
    By jeff on March 14, 2011 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    For everyone that knew Leroy he was a very competitive person. He did not like to lose, nor would he except losing. He was a very active person that wanted to ensure that he did not take a day off from fitness or from any activity he was doing. He was always busy with his activities and rarely had time for friends and family. They understood because he was very determined to make it professionally in something that he put his mind to. Leroy wanted to participate more into contact sports that he could really get out some aggression. His parents did not particularly appreciate that idea, but they supported him nonetheless. They just closed their eyes a lot.

    With the summer approaching, Leroy overhead some of his closest friends talking about going to summer camp. He was so excited, but he had to ask his parents for permission before going. They agreed that summer camp would be a good thing for him to do for the summer and signed the permission sheet. It would be first time that Leroy was leaving Leawood in a while. He was very excited but scared at the same time. His parents thought while he was gone that they would surprise him and remodel his room. For this they would need a Leawood storage units facility.

    Leroy has been in the same room for as long since he was a baby. It was time for him to have his space updated so he could act more of his age. As soon as Leroy left for summer camp, his parents went to work finding good Leawood storage units facility in order to move his room out until they were done renovating. Leroy was going to be away at camp for two months so that gave his parents two months to get everything together and find a Leawood storage units facility that could help them out for that short term. They were very pleased to find a facility that was close to them and had the size that they needed. Leroy did not have that much in his room in order to store so his parents believed that they only needed a small space. The Leawood storage units facility nearby seemed to be the best option for them and they had exactly was need plus they did month to month storage.

    They went to work on the room that they believed would be a great surprise for their son when he got home. The tore down some walls, changed the carpet, added some closet space and they added a sports like theme to the room. This room looked like a room that anyone at the age of Leroy would enjoy. Also they wouldn’t have to do much in the future to it. They really put their time and effort into this room and they were at ease knowing that the Leawood storage units facility would be keeping the things from this room safe. It is very important for the facility to make a customer feel that way.

    Leroy comes home to find this special project that they have done for him. He was so amazed at what his parents have done, that he almost forgot about how much fun he had while he was away. So him and his parents sat down and talked about the fun they had all had during this great summer.

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  • Home Running Low on Space? Try Renting a Storage Unit
    By jeff on January 27, 2011 | 131 Comments131 Comments  Comments

    Karen loved her new house in Merriam. There was room for her family to play and her children no longer had to share a room so hopefully there was going to be less fighting too. They had more personal space now, and the spaces that were for family togetherness like the kitchen and the living room were bigger. The back yard was fenced in and there was plenty of room for her children to run and play. The only drawback to the house was the lack of storage space that there was in the garage. It was a negative for the house, but in the end it was not a deal breaker for them to decide on purchasing the home.

    In her old home Karen had a closet under the stairs in the garage that she stored all of her seasonal items like her Christmas decorations and boxes that she had of clothes that she was determined to fit into once again. The new house with all of its perks had one negative in that the garage had no closet for storage. There were a few shelves on one side of the garage but they were only deep enough to hold tools or paint cans. They were not deep enough to hold boxes.

    A few days after they had moved in the kids spent the day with their grandparents and Karen and her husband were heading out for a lunch date. On the way to eat Karen noticed a Merriam, Kansas storage unit that she had seen before but never really paid attention to before. It made her think of those boxes sitting in the corner of the home office space that she had no idea what to do with yet. She felt that the unpacking was not going to be done until she could find someplace to get everything put away.

    With no storage space in the garage she began to think how great it would be to have a Merriam storage space that she could use to place those boxes in and anything else that needed a storage space while her family continued to grow. She explained her ideas to her husband and he listened to her list all the ways that having a Merriam storage unit could help them get unpacked and give them room to grow.

    After lunch they stopped by the Merriam storage unit and talked to the manager about what kinds of amenities their location had to offer its renters, and what size storage unit would work best for them to rent. They liked not only the convenient location of the facility but the affordable pricing. They were also satisfied with the safety and security measures that the location offers so that they know that what they put into their self storage unit will be kept safe.

    So with one lunch outing with her husband she now had a space in which to finish unpacking and giving everything a place in which to be put away. By the end of the week the seasonal items were moved into the Merriam storage unit as well as a few boxes of clothes and an end table that they could find no where to put in their house. Karen was happy to be unpacked and completely moved into their new home.

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  • Finding Memories in Your Storage Unit
    By jeff on January 26, 2011 | 3 Comments3 Comments  Comments

    Every time I go to my Jamaica storage unit, I think about Jamaica.  Not this Jamaica in New York, but the other one in the ocean.

    My wife wanted me to go to storage today to pick up a roaster or something like that.  I know which one it is because I have done this before for her.  I really do not mind going because our Jamaica storage unit is not far away and little fresh air is always nice.  I open the car windows, grab a Coke, start the old car up, and head to the storage.

    I see the welcome sign to Jamaica New York and here they come, the memories from when my wife and I went to Jamaica (the Caribbean island that is).  We took a cruise to a few other places in the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea.  I remembered the code to get into the storage facility and drove up to a spot near the door to the hallway where my little storage unit is located.  It is about halfway down a climate-controlled hallway in a smart looking building.  We keep Christmas stuff there, some tools, and kitchen gadgets.  The wife loves her kitchen gadgets and I love my guitars and tools.  We have had this Jamaica storage unit for about three years now.  That sounds like a long time, but it goes by so fast.

    I climbed up a famous waterfall on the island of Jamaica a long time ago, but I still remember it vividly.  I also remember a lot of people asking me to buy things.  The food was great though, I love jerk chicken and still prefer it today.  The roads were narrow and scary.  One false move and the car we were in would go over the cliffs that were on the driver’s side of the car.  We passed golf courses and the ocean could be seen at times.  We also saw poor people living in shacks along the road right on the beach.

    Here it is, the thing I was looking for.  Picking up this roaster is a common occurrence, so I always leave it near the front of the unit.  All the Christmas stuff is way in the back.  I obviously need that stuff less often.  It is funny how words can affect you and bring up so many memories.  Every time I come here, I think of the waterfall and the ocean and it was the only cruise we ever took.  We need another one I think but there is too much world to see and not enough time to see it.  If I were rich though, I would travel all the time.  I do not need a big house but homes here are smaller than in other places we have lived.  We have a good life though.  Hey, I have been looking for this tool for a long time.  I can not even remember when I bought it but I need it.  Maybe I will stay awhile and look around.  Rearrange things and just look around a bit.  Wait a minute; my wife might need this thing now instead of later.  No time to goof off I guess.

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  • Getting the Most Out of Your Storage Unit
    By jeff on January 26, 2011 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    Is cleaning and organizing your Frankfort, Kentucky storage unit on your spring cleaning to do list? Many people find that after a while of having their self storage unit and looking through boxes and moving them to get to items that you need or looking for an item that you lost that their self storage unit becomes cluttered, unorganized, and a complete and utter mess. If you are afraid to open your self storage unit door for fear of an avalanche of stuff falling upon you then perhaps these tips can help you get your self storage unit organized and cleaned up once again. Even if your storage unit is not quite that bad having a plan to get your self storage unit more organized can help you when you do need to get something out of storage to know right where it is and not have to search for it.

    • When packing up or repacking the stuff that is already in your Frankfort storage unit using the same size boxes can help you stack the boxes up easier than if they were all different shapes and sizes. While some items like paintings and mirrors need flat space boxes most everything else can be packed in normal boxes. Finding the biggest boxes to pack stuff in is not a great way to go about packing. The boxes will be impossible to move, and it can be impossible to get to the stuff at the bottom of the box. Unless you need to store one huge item in a box you are better off going with standard size boxes to store you belongings.
    • Make sure that you mark the boxes that are fragile so that they do not get stacked at the bottom of the pile. Even though your breakables and glass should be wrapped up and secured with packing filler and bubble wrap you still don’t want the box that holds your great grandmothers oil lamp to be on the bottom of a stack of five or six boxes. It can also help you to get your boxes organized if you mark which boxes are heavy. These boxes that contain your heavier items are best suited for the bottom of the stack if they are items that you don’t need to access on a regular basis. Use colored tape to make the boxes unique or use different colored markers so that it stands out more.
    • Any item or box that you may need to get to on a regular basis should go in your Frankfort storage unit near the door so that you can have easy access and you don’t have to move stuff around to get to it. If you place them in the back you will regret that decision the first time you need those items. Make storage easier and keep these items near the front.
    • Seasonal items or items that are go together but end up in different boxes should be stored in the same area of the storage unit. For example every St. Patricks day that comes along you don’t want to have to search for the two boxes of green decorations that you have in your storage unit. They should be stored together so that no leprechaun gets left behind in your Frankfort storage unit.

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