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  • Sports Fans Can Keep Memorabilia Safe in Storage Units
    By jeff on March 22, 2011 | 15 Comments15 Comments  Comments

    Elmhurst storage units in Illinois are very close to the great big city of Chicago.  Chicago is a city with millions of people in it, and a lot of them are sports fans.  We know about the Bears and Cubs and others.  We grew up as White Sox fans so the Cubs could not be talked about in our home.  This is a true statement and people who are from Chicago, Illinois too, know what we are talking about.  People on the Southside generally are White Sox fans, while people on the North side are Cub fans.  Even though the two places they play at are kind of close to each other, miles wise, they are real far away from each other mindset wise.  It makes it a lot fun especially when the baseball league decided to have American League teams play national League teams once or twice in the summer.  We mean once or twice not as one or two games, but one or two series.  A series can be a three game or four game series depending on how the league did it.  The Sox and Cubs play two three game series twice, once in each of the ballparks.  One is Cellular field and the other one is the famous Wrigley field.  Experts say that the home of the Chicago Cubs might be the best place in all of the United States of America to watch a baseball game.  The seats are very close and you can actually hear sometimes the baseball players talking to each other.  If you sit in certain seats, you can actually see the baseball curve when the pitcher throws it.  Now that is baseball.  Some places we have been to are not so good for baseball.  The seats are too far away and that takes away the details of the game.  The place where the Cubs play for all baseball fans is a Mecca for the fans.  The food is not the best, the field is old, the seats are not comfortable, but the beer flows and the Cubs play.

    Elmhurst has probably more Cub fans than White Sox fans but we are all Bear fans together.  The Bears have pretty good teams most of the time, and Bear fans are all around us in any place you go to in Chicago or the suburbs like Elmhurst.  We also like ice hockey and basketball and Michael Jordan was king for many years here in Chicago Illinois.  We won six trophies in the age of Michael, but there was also a lot of other players on that team that were very good too.  One man can not win any team sport.  The best baseball pitcher in the world still needs people to catch the ball when it is hit.  Football too is the same way.  If nobody can block or tackle, you can not win a football game.  Football is always a very fun game to play in the backyard too, on cold icy days.  Bundle up.

    Elmhurst storage units have a few footballs in them.  Elmhurst is in Chicago, Illinois.  Chicago is Bears country for sure.  Football has become the most popular sport on TV in the United States of America.  We like it too although we watch less of it now.

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  • Stay in Touch with a Storage Unit
    By jeff on March 14, 2011 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    For as long as he can remember Peter, and his little brother John, have not gotten along. In fact they had such a hard problem getting along that they could not even live on the same floor of their house. Their parents had to split them up constantly and even threatened to send them to boarding school. So the brothers at times just tolerated each other just so they wouldn’t get sent off. That was easier said than done. Their parents really didn’t know what to do with their boys when they were younger. It took a lot of effort in order to make their parents happy.

    The good thing is that when the brothers got older they started to get closer. There was no real reason that they grew closer, since they were still years apart. The brothers just started to respect one another and the things they brought to each other’s lives. They began to hang out with each other and talk to one another. They eventually started to interact as real brothers should and have each other’s backs. When one was down, the other tried his best to pick them up. When someone tried to bother one brother, they bothered both brothers. For this reason, they got into many fights but at least these fights were because they were fighting together.

    There were many things that that Peter and John did together as they got older. They were basically inseparable. The good thing about being the younger brother is that Peter actually got to see the mistakes that John made, so he didn’t make the same mistakes. That went for so many things in their lives such as relationships and also trying to move away from Olathe. Because of John, Peter did not make a mistake on where to store. Peter has Olathe storage units as well as his brother John.  John actually told Peter about the great service that he received from the Olathe storage units.

    Peter now looks back at the time in which he and his brother did not speak and he now laughs at it. At the time it was not funny but now he sees it as not a big deal. Many people tell of tales of their brother not getting along with another brother. So why should it be a big of a deal because they did not get along. Now you will find the two brothers going into their Olathe storage units together when they both need something. Going to the Olathe storage units was one of the first things that they did as a duo. I bet that they would have never realized that getting a self storing unit would bring them closer together.

    Their Olathe storage units were located very close to many of the places that Peter and John go to hang out. It is very close to the mall and to places that they can get all they need from one local store.  They sometimes go to the local golf course and spend time together trying to see who can get the lowest score. Naturally they both found that they were highly competitive.  Of course Peter, the younger of the two was way better sports than his older brother. John was no match for him. But at least he still tried to win.

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  • Hints to Help You Find Your First Storage Unit
    By jeff on November 3, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    Often when people first think about getting self storage they are unsure of what questions they need to ask and where the best place to get a self storage unit is. Here are a few helpful hints when looking to become a first time renter of a self storage unit.

    • Find the storage facilities in your area and look at their location. Which ones are convenient for you to access? Which are near your home or work that would not be an inconvenience to get to if you need to take something out of storage, or add something to be stored.
    • Look closely at the amenities at each location. Do they offer security? Is there security cameras or a security gate? You want to see which location that offers you convenience also has the safety and security that you need to keep your stuff secure.
    • After you have looked at location and amenities you can look at the price of the storage units that you need. If they have similar locations and amenities then the price may help you narrow down your list of possible self storage locations further. While many people think that price is the most important factor remember that you are getting what you pay for. If you find a deal that seems too good to be true it probably is. If a location offers lower prices than any one else they may not have the security that you need. Price can be a factor of your decision but it should not be the only factor considered.
    • Once you have found the self storage facility that you have chosen as your storage solution you can consider what you have to store to decide on what size of storage unit you need. Do you just need an extra closet size space or do you need a larger room sized unit. If you are unsure of how much space you will need then call and ask what size unit is recommended for what you have to store.
    • Make sure that when packing up your storage items that you wrap up any breakables or fragile things so they do not get broken on their way to be stored. It can also be helpful if you label the boxes so that you can find things easier. You can label it by content or by room that it goes in.
    • Things like paintings and leather furniture are often better preserved if they are stored in a climate controlled unit. If you have these types of special storage needs then you need to make sure that any storage facility that you choose has the options available that you need.

    First time self storage does not have to be a stressful experience. Look for storage facilities in your area and then narrow down your list by removing the locations that don’t have what you need. Visit the locations so you can see each property for yourself. You want to make sure that your stuff is safe and secure while in storage. If you choose the right location then they will be able to answer any further questions that you have about being a first time self storage renter.

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  • Find Self Storage That Caters To You
    By admin on April 7, 2009 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    You must know how to find self storage space that is the most suitable for your specific needs. There is a wide array of factors that you need to take into your careful consideration in this regard. If you take care of a couple of things, you would not find it a very traumatic experience. Here is a brief rundown on how to make the right selection.

    The Length Of Time You Need The Service For  

    Many things, such as the amenities you need at the storing facility and the contract rates and terms will depend upon the duration of time for which you need to rent the place of safekeeping unit. Therefore, the first thing that you have to decide is that how long you need to store your stuff.

    Essential Features 

    If you want to find self storing that could accommodate all your specific needs, your objective should not be to choose the one that offers a wide array of advanced features. The best storing facility for you is the one that offers you all the features that you need. You should review everything keeping in mind your specific needs and requirements. For example, some of the things that you may like to consider include location, hours of operation, and other such things.

    Normal Rate Vs Move-In Special Rate
    The next thing that is important for you to find out is whether the rate offered to you is a regular rate or a move-in special rate. Almost every cargo space facility offers a special move-in rate. You will be glad to know that this rate can be as little as just  1 dollar move-in. The objective is to attract new customers – to hook them into renting with them instead of somewhere else. However, these special rates are often offered for a very small period of time. Therefore, make it very clear in the very beginning how long the special rates are going to last and what are the normal rates that you will be charged afterwards.

    Provisions For Late Payment

    While you are shopping around to find self storage - something that is the most affordable for you, you should also keep in mind that most storing space facilities will charge a penalty for late payment. However¸ the actual amount of the penalty varies from one facility to another. Therefore, be aware of the consequences of making late payments when you try to find self storage for your needs. In most cases, you get a grace period of a couple of days to make the payment. However, the grace period also varies. In order to avoid the possibilities of penalties, you must be aware of all these provisions.

    Security Deposit     

    Most facilities will also require you to make a refundable security deposit. You can get this amount back when you are moving out. You also need to be aware of the terms for moving out. For example, a place of safekeeping facility may require you to give a 30-day notice if you are moving out. If you do not give this notice, you may not get your security deposit back.

    Last, but not the least, while you are trying to find self storage , you also need to decide about the kind of storing and safekeeping related supplies and amenities that you will need to ensure safety and security of your belongings. Some of the basic amenities include climate control, special padlocks, on-site management, extended hours or 24-hour access, security systems, fences and gates.

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  • Self Storage Industry News
    By admin on November 7, 2006 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    PhoneSmart News for November 7, 2006

    Top Stories:
    ** You can now get your Voicemail Messages at your PC Desktop
    ** PhoneSmart rolls out the Storage Concierge Internet Lead Distribution Club

    PhoneSmart now offers voicemail to email service. Tell us to get your store switched over and your store’s PhoneSmart voicemails will be sent to your email inbox immediately after the call hangs up. You then listen to and manage those messages right from your PC. This is very smooth and efficient. You only need one of the popular media player software systems, speakers and enough band width to open small sound files.

    This means:
    * No more calling in for messages…a great time saver.
    *immediate notification of messages…for quicker response to customer issues.
    Your staff and your customers will love it. Email us now to get your stores switched over.

    The Storage Concierge Internet Lead Distribution Club is a cost effective and efficient way to rent more units to people searching the internet for self storage. Using leads PhoneSmart creates from its network of lead sources and your own proprietary leads, PhoneSmart researches each lead, rejecting unworkable ones and then follows up with prospects to turn them into Hot Leads and Reservations for your stores.

    *We take the hassle out of researching and chasing internet leads
    *We only send you qualified leads and reservations
    *Your cost of acquisition is less than if you worked the leads yourself
    This is a terrific win-win-win situation. Email us to enroll today.

    We want to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and your encouragement. You are one of the many people who have helped make 2006 a great year for us at PhoneSmart. Thank you very much. You are really appreciated.

    We wish you and yours a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving!
    Tron Jordheim

    Your local self storage unit provider in 2021 Griffin Rd. Dania Beach FL. 33312

    Total Quality Assurance Services has quality control testing.

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  • Who Is Our Customer?
    By admin on September 14, 2006 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments
    Who is our customer??? Is it the store manager who is out of his office and can’t take the call, or is it the person looking for storage? I really believe it is the store manager. We work for them to help reserve units when they can’t be in their office to do so. But when the customer calls and says the manager told them to come in but they got there a little late due to traffic, but still during open office hours, but it is a Friday before a holiday weekend and the manager wants to leave early and he doesn’t want to rent to them…then who becomes our customer? The person on the phone!
    How do we help when the store manager won’t rent to them? I was as upset as the caller was and had to tell them there is not much I could do. But in order for them to get something tonight they are going to have to go elsewhere. They still wanted to make a complaint so at least I could do that knowing it wasn’t going to do much good. And I surely wasn’t going to be able to get them into a storage unit. But I took the information and sent as a trouble ticket (a trouble ticket goes to our admin department with the complaint then they will forward it over to the store or hopefully the regional manager or the owner). I think they should know the storage business they lost and the customer service that was given. We do everything that we can to help the store have their sales increases. We apply our best sales techniques, partnered with customer service.
    But the worst part of this whole thing is that I still have to take reservation for this location knowing how the manager had treated that customer. But I work for the store manager. (Right??)

    Written by Dana Shields, supervisor and dedicated PhoneSmart call center representative.
    Thank you for visiting the PhoneSmart call center blog an insider diary of the self storage industry.

    Great Storage Location in Columbia, MO– on Route B (Paris Road), next to Sonic. All units are drive up, call 573-474-5412 for information.

    Quality Assurance Coaching available at Total Quality Assurance Services

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  • Getting the Info
    By admin on August 1, 2006 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    Ronald Smith PhoneSmart call center representative gives hints on getting customer information.

    Welcome to the PhoneSmart self storage blog, a diary of self storage industry.

    There are a lot of different reasons that people call the call center. The primary reasons are to inquire about storage or to inquire about their account. In both cases, it is important to get correct information to get their question to the managers or to get a hot lead.
    There are several ways that you can get a hot lead. The one sales technique that I like to use is the order blank close. The order blank close gets right to the point and asks them for their information. I perfected that type of close in telemarketing. In that job we went through the script and starting asking them their information. I had to work on that technique when got this job. With this job you go for the order blank close. For example, when a caller calls you go through the basic script. Sometimes you can ask for their name at the beginning or you can wait until you get through the agreements. I found that working through the agreements and then asking for the information works best for me. After getting agreement on price, I ask for their name and phone number. If the customer is not interested in purchasing a unit, then I tell them that I will get their information for my notes. The order blank close is a get way of getting them to get in the habit of saying “yes” and watching your sales increase.

    Self Storage in New Jersey Great Facility in West New York, NJ. Call Rowland Brown (201)869-2330 for all your storage needs and moving supplies.

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  • Put on a Smile
    By admin on May 25, 2006 | 11 Comments11 Comments  Comments

    Our PhoneSmart newbie, Mary knows how to treat a customer.
    Welcome to the PhoneSmart call center blog, and insider view of the self-storage industry.

    Customers love to be treated like royalty, after all they are always right. People who call about self-storage are usually on a mission. They know what they want, or think they know what they want and they want the best deal. Sometimes, they don’t care about anything else but to get to the price. They want to get right down to business. Does that sound familiar? Sometimes people are nervous because they’ve never rented before. They don’t know what to ask, or they have a bunch of questions. Some people are calm and easy going. Irate people are usually current tenants and are unhappy about something.
    Smiling while you are on the phone can give you a cheerful, pleasant impression to the caller. Your smile can do so much for you and you might not realize it. It can slow down that rapid, hard to sell, on the mission type, or make a nervous one feel comfortable, or an easy going person just feel at home. A smile can even defuse the upset customer who would seem to be the most unlikely to make happy.
    So you see, smiling can help a variety of people and I will warn you, it can be contagious even though a caller may not “see” it.

    PhoneSmart Your Offsite Sales Solution
    Secret Shopping Blog Your inside peek
    Self Storage Search Engine Self Storage in Utah

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  • You want me to do what?
    By admin on December 12, 2005 | No Comments  Comments

    Sometimes you get some very oddball calls. The other day one of our reps had a call from one of our client stores and the caller said, “I don’t want to store at your store. I want to store at your competitor down the street. I don’t have their phone number. Can you give it to me?”

    Now that takes some nerve. Was this a real caller? Was it our client seeing if we would take the bait?

    Our Rep Wendy was polite about it and tried to sell the amenities at our client’s store to see if the person might be a real caller and say, “Oh okay, I’ll try you guys”

    He persisted in asking for the competitor’s phone number. She wanted to say, “What do you think this is 411? You can dial 411 too you know. Get off my phone!”

    She instead told him that he really couldn’t expect her to give him the competitor’s number and that there was another call coming in that she needed to take. She then said goodbye and waited for the next call.

    What would possess a person do make such a call? Do they think that the store staff has so little pride in its own facility that they would just give out the competitor’s number like this?

    People are something else, aren’t they?

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