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  • Be Prepared With Self Storage
    By Joel on December 30, 2011 | 9 Comments9 Comments  Comments

    If you think that you may need to get a storage space sometime in the near future, you may just want to make sure that you are prepared. Since you know a storage space will be in your near future, you should do some research now and do some leg work. Now of course managers will not be happy that you do not need storage right now, but they still will try to take care of you. They do not want to not give you service now in hopes that you will come to them in the future when you need storage. Make sure when you are calling around or checking about storage that you do not just go with the facility with the cheapest prices. There are other things to consider. With just a few tips, you should be able to find a good space at a good price.

    You should try to find a location that is close to you. No one really wants to drive way out of their way for their storage belongings. So what more people end up doing is on the drive to their favorite destinations see if there is a self storage location on the way. This way, the customer knows that they could have their belongings be conveniently on their normal, daily path. If you end up choosing a self storage facility that is way out of your way, you could spend unnecessary time driving. So you have to decide if the price you are getting on storage worth the drive you have to make to get there?

    Also, make sure that the site is secure. You are paying someone to treat your belongings like it is their own. You do not want to know that your belongings have the possibility of being stolen or damaged. A facility that has a gate that is surrounding the facility is a start. A facility that has door alarms on your unit that will sound if someone besides you tries to open the door is better. A facility that has surveillance cameras that keep an eye on your belongings when you can’t is even better. There are more bells and whistles that make a facility secure, so make sure you check out what they have to offer.  Security should be your most important thing to look for.

    Access hours should fit your schedule, as well. Access hours are going to be different than office hours for the most part. The office is going to typically be open a shorter time than you have access to your storage facility. If you need to talk to the property manager about something or need something in the office then you need to see when the office is open. If you just need something out of your unit, then the access hours is what you need to look into. Some facilities offer 24 hour access so you can access your belongings when you need to. Depending on the company they could give you some pretty lengthy gate hours to access your belongings. Some facilities consider it a security option in where they only allow you access when the office is open. This way they can see everyone that comes into the facility. Whatever the access hours, make sure that it fits what you need.


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  • Look For Security
    By Joel on July 29, 2011 | 641 Comments641 Comments  Comments

    Here are some things to look for security wise in self storage:  As long as the facility has a few of these features, they will be more or less secured. Of course not every facility is going to have all of the things we will discus below but they will have some of them. Then you have to choose which security measures are important to you.

    Many facilities have video cameras in which they can see things that the manager can not see. Some facilities have the cameras going all the time where other facilities have the cameras on whenever the facility is open. Always know the difference between the two options. If someone breaks into the facility or a current tenant that tries to take something that is not theirs, the camera will capture it.

    A fenced property is a great security feature for those who are renting. When facility is fenced then we know that not just anyone can walk right up to our unit. Now you will find that some fences are locked with a chain and lock where other facilities have a gate code that you enter to open the fence. Usually you have longer access to your belongings when the facility has a gate that has a gate code.

    Having a facility that well lit is always a plus. This is good because no matter what time of night you come to the facility, you will always feel safe that you can see all around you. You will be able to access your unit safely and then go about your night. You do not have to feel that someone is lurking in the shadows. The facility will be so well lit that there will not be many places that are dark.

    Door alarms are a good feature because when someone tries to lift the door to your unit, an alarm will sound. Typically you will find that the gate code is associated with your door alarm. So this way the only person that can enter the unit without an alarm sounding is the renter of that space. That should make a fair amount of people happy.

    Some facilities will have a resident manager that lives on site and will ensure all is running smoothly. It would make sense for them to know what is going on since the facility is literally their backyard in some cases. Other cases the manager will live close so they can get to the facility if there are any issues or emergencies.

    When the facility is in a good part of town, everyone take s a sigh of relief. They know that as a customer they will not be bothered as they are entering or departing their unit. Now of course it is not completely unreasonable to think that just because your storage facility is in a good area that it cannot be in danger of being robbed. Understand what your facility has to offer and also what you feel is important to you when storing.


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