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  • Climate Controlled Units Repel Vermin
    By jeff on March 24, 2011 | 137 Comments137 Comments  Comments

    Olmos storage units are located in the great State of Texas.  Texas is such a big place, that it is hard to figure out where places are inside of it.  Texas has thousands of small towns and suburbs and one would be hard pressed to know where most of them are.  Our family has lived in Texas before and yours truly went to collage in Texas.  It is funny how life works though, because when going to collage as a marketing student this author never thought he would be a teacher later in his career.  We have traveled a lot though, and have lived in a lot of places, so if one thinks this is a good life, than we have had a good life.  We enjoyed being in Texas, and we also enjoyed our time as self storage managers.  Texas is hot and the storage units were very hot too.  A non-climate self storage space or unit in Texas could hit one hundred and ten degrees inside them.  When a hundred customers move out all within a short span of about three days at the end of a month, and the manager must get out there and clean all those units, it is a very hot experience.  We also managed self storage places in Florida, and sometimes we had to take two or three showers a day just to cool off and look presentable to our customers.  We had a medium sized fan in our bedroom of our trailer in Key West where we would go to just to breathe in the fan air once in a while.  These States pose different problems for managers that cold weather States.  Bugs can be a battle in Texas and Florida but we think Key West beats them all.  Key West has a whole lot of ants.  It was so bad we had to wear gloves sometimes just to pick up things off the ground.  We never saw so many ants so it did freak us out for a while.  Key West is very low, inches above sea level.  Flooding happens, water rises up in the storage units, and this is a bad thing.

    Olmos storage units are located in the great State of Texas.  They too have their share of bugs in Texas.  It is always a revelation when one first moves to Texas and sees their first cockroach.  Texans call them roaches and they are very ugly bugs that multiply very fast and can make your life miserable very fast.  There is a saying in Texas that if you see one roach there are thousands.  Kind of creepy is it not?  Bugs can be a problem for self storage managers because sometimes customers bring roaches with them to the storage unit, and guess what?  You have a bug problem.  Most self storage places of course spray and try to keep all bugs away but when a customer has a box with twenty roaches in it and brings it on your self storage property, well, that is very hard to stop.

    Olmos storage units in the great State of Texas has to fight bugs too.  Everybody in Texas fights bugs.  It rains heavy in Texas too.  Big raindrops hit your window on your car and almost cover the entire windshield.

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  • Energy Efficient Climate Controlled Self Storage
    By admin on May 11, 2009 | 24 Comments24 Comments  Comments

    In the last few years, climate controlled self storage systems have been gaining rapid popularity. There are plenty of reasons why these facilities have become such a favorite choice with consumers. These storerooms are often built in metal or steel buildings. However, if you are into this business, it is very important for you to keep in mind that adding the weather control feature to your units can increase the overall cost by about dollar 1 to dollar 1.5 per square feet. The good thing is that these units are also rented at a much higher rate, as compared to the regular units. In fact, you should consider the increased cost as a wise investment because adding climate controlled self storage to your facility will actually attract more customers. So, your overall income will actually only increase.

    Most of the things that people store these days are sensitive to weather conditions. That is the reason why people do not mind paying a little more to rent such units. For the extra amount that they pay, they get an ultimate peace of mind because they know that their stuff is stored in a completely safe and secure manner and there is no fear from extreme hot or extreme cold conditions. Following are some of the important factors that you should consider while building your warehouses equipped with facilities for climate controlled self storage .

    Insulation Factor

    The storing units with weather control features must have actual insulation in order to prevent condensation and moisture from getting into the units and affecting the goods stored in the same. The regular buildings however do not need advanced insulation system just the use of a 2inch vapor barrier can be enough. It is very important for you to understand that if there is no proper insulation system in operation, it will substantially increase the cost of energy bill. In general, companies usually prefer to install 3 to 4 inches of insulation in the walls and six inches in the roof. However, the standard recommended by the American Steel Buildings is six inches for both walls as well as roof. This way, you will get the 1516 R value.

    The Position Of The Air Conditioning Units

    When it comes to developing units for climate controlled storing, many storeroom owners have misconceptions. For example, many people think that they will need an air conditioning unit at every fifteen feet in their facility, which is not true. The standard way to determine the same is to install one ton of air conditioning to every seven hundred sq ft. If yours is a steel building that is thirty feet by hundred feet in size, only one unit of five ton air conditioner will be sufficient. However, if you have a larger building, you are strongly recommended to install one unit of air conditioning at every end of the building. By using the right number of air conditioning units, you can save a lot of money on energy bills without compromising with the quality of the services. 

    Controlling temperature is also an essential feature of climate controlled self storage . However, you do not need to spend too much on this aspect. Customers usually do not store such belongings that are too much sensitive to temperature. Therefore, instead of unnecessarily investing on it, a nice idea is to use systems that keep the temperature at a reasonable level.

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  • The True Value Of Climate Controlled Self Storage
    By admin on February 21, 2009 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    There is a lot of talk about the necessity of climate controlled self storage on the one hand, and the perceived frivolity of internal temperature regulation on the other hand in the circles that weave throughout the storing industry. Some proponents say that it is the wave of the future, and that every unit will one day come standard with the ability to regulate the internal temperature of the air so as to further protect what is stored inside. Others say that we have done just fine throughout the years without the need for internal temperature control and that most circumstances do not warrant the service, so the expense remains unjustifiably high. Truth be told, climate controlled self storage is indeed a wonderful addition to the family, as far as storing facilities go. It has enabled hundreds of companies nationwide to increase their prices and raise their bottom line, and it has saved a large amount of money in damaged goods and articles and has revamped the way that old facilities are revamped and new facilities are planned and constructed.
    Yes, climate controlled self storage is a great way to offer even more safety and peace of mind to customers who are hesitant to store their precious family mementos in just any damp, dark room. The ability to substantially decrease the levels of humidity that are allowed to accumulate within an enclosed unit is perhaps one of the greatest reasons to provide the safety net that is climate controlled self storage . Climate control is especially necessary in areas where the outdoor temperature is inconsistent and extreme, undetected humidity could spoil the contents of units and would enable the growth of mold and mildew to spread like quiet wildfire over the tops and undersides of boxes, furniture, books, documents and other belongings. Because of temperature control, when the door is opened and there is no mess, another customer will understand the value of off site storing because their belongings have been safe. The cost of installing climate control is far outweighed by the satisfaction and service customers will learn to appreciate as they rent from you when their photo albums, antiques, furniture and items are all the same as they were at last sight.
    Stories of happy temperature controlled space common and real estate rentals are happy to see satisfied customers. To prevent the ongoing possibility of damage caused by humidity and moisture within a unit, the numbers of facilities that are providing standard temperature control are growing at a rapid pace. Going to the expense of making climate controlled self storage available to customers may seem a little premature for some facility owners, but for others, there is simply no other way to run a business. It helps to have a healthy mix of services. Not everyone will require or request temperature regulation. For those who do request it, if a facility is unable to deliver, the facility loses a client. It is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it, as the old saying goes. Customers are becoming more and more aware of the potential for damage caused by the rising and falling external temperature, and having the option to regulate the internal temperature is truly a step forward when it comes to keeping safe the belongings of customers and clients.

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  • Climate Controlled Self Storage Uses
    By admin on January 26, 2009 | 4 Comments4 Comments  Comments

    Climate controlled self storage is used for storing items that are damaged by extreme climatic conditions, such as high or low temperature and humidity. These real estate storehouses are specially maintained at temperatures ranging between fifty five to seventy degrees regardless of the environmental temperature. The storehouses are specifically used to store items that are sensitive to temperature changes and perish in extreme cold or hot temperature conditions. People keep such items in chambers that maintain moderate temperatures and preserve them in a good condition.

    Wooden items like guitars and pianos are good examples of items that are damaged in extremely hot or cold weather conditions. Even electronic items such as computers are best stored in climate controlled self storage as they might be damaged in extremely high or low temperatures. Wooden furniture and antiques are also generally stored in chambers that are environmentally regulated. There are a lot of firms offering environmentally regulated chambers for storing items that deteriorate under extreme temperature and humidity. Though environmentally regulated chambers are available everywhere, they are commonly found in places with high temperature and humidity. Many of these environmentally regulated chambers are found indoors. Storehouses may be vulnerable to pests and rodents, especially if food items are stored in them. This is the reason food items are not allowed to be stored in ordinary storehouses. In a climate controlled self storage the pests and insects remain within control. Growth of harmful bacteria and virus in the surrounding air is also controlled by environmental regulation.

    A storehouse should be cleaned before shifting the items into it. Any item that attracts vermin and insects should be cleaned off. The storehouses should be well illuminated. This will greatly help in preventing insects from infesting the rooms and also keep the storehouses secure. Special sprays for killing rodents and insecticides should be used within the rooms. There are different types of environmentally regulated rooms. Some of them have temperatures regulated while some of them have humidity regulated. In some others both the features are combined into one.

    The climate controlled self storage rooms are maintained at a relative humidity of fifty five or lesser to inhibit the growth of mildew. The items that are generally kept in humidity regulated chambers are paper products that are attacked by mold and mildew. Even metallic objects made of iron are sensitive to high humidity as they will rust. High humidity is detrimental for parts of the computer and electronic goods. Refrigerators, carpets and other similar items are sensitive to high humidity.

    The price of the environmentally regulated chambers varies according to its size. The larger ones are costlier than the smaller ones. Generally the hiring charges differ from those of ordinary storehouses by about fifteen to twenty dollars. The climate controlled self storage rooms are costlier than the other rooms because special equipment has to be operated to make the feature work. A lot of electrical energy is consumed in running the equipment. These storerooms are in great demand in areas that have extremely hot or cold weathers. The places with moderate temperatures do not require this feature at all.

    The constructors of environmentally regulated chambers should consider the weather conditions of the area in which these chambers are to be located. If the area has moderate weather conditions there is no necessity to build any environmentally regulated chambers there.

    Local Self Storage

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  • July Won’t Fly By
    By admin on July 14, 2006 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    Kay Johnson PhoneSmart call center blog editor tries to keep it cool during the hot days of summer.

    Welcome to the PhoneSmart self storage blog, a diary of the self storage industry.

    July can be a very uncomfortable month in the mid west. The pleasantly warm days of May and June give way to heat and humidity. The pavement scorches, grass and plants wilt down a bit and even the mildest mannered soul begins to get edgy. Our callers are often feeling the effects of extreme weather in their area as well. It can be difficult at times to keep our sense of humor dealing with people who are as hot and stressed as we are.
    To make matters more stressful many facilities are nearly sold out and not all sizes are open for rental. Managers have pulled specials and coupon offers that might have been mentioned to the caller if they sought information in May. Sometimes they realize that they should have taken advantage of the special after their first call but often they are angry that the special they anticipated has been withdrawn. Since we are the ones who are breaking the bad news to them we are the ones who get the brunt of their disappointment and stress.
    We have the benefit of an excellent training program to help us cope with testy callers and how to resolve the upset without losing the potential customer. This training helps us to keep the situation in perspective and soothe the bristling caller.
    My mother always taught me that a kind word could turn away wrath. Well, sometimes it takes more than one kind word, but I try to have at least one to spare.

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    Storage Concierge Self Storage in Kansas

    Storage Concierge Self Storage in Missouri

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  • Sound Like Anyone You Know?
    By admin on May 24, 2006 | No Comments  Comments

    Chris Hires, PhoneSmart sort of newbie (and an undercover pack rat) lists things he might want to store
    Welcome to the PhoneSmart self-storage blog for an inside view of the people who work in the self-storage industry

    8 Things For Which I Need, But Currently Do Not Have, Storage

    1.Magazines – I’ve been obsessed with magazines since I was 7 years old. I meticulously organize and catalog them. My books are haphazardly strewn about on shelves, in piles and in boxes. However, the magazines are carefully organized on shelves, first alphabetically by title, and then chronologically within each title group. Why do I need 3 years of back issues of GQ at my disposal at all times? Because there are recipes, style tips, and other things I may need to reference if I’m debating someone in my apartment. It’s required, and as my collection spills out of the shelves and my closet, I suspect I’ll need a 5×5 for them in the near future.
    2.Records – Climate Controlled storage please! I’m obsessed with vinyl records twice as much as I am with magazines. My mouth waters when I see pictures of massive wall-to-wall record collections, and as far as I’m concerned, the musty smell of a used record shop ranks above any perfume or cologne that could ever be manufactured. I regularly spend 50-75% of my rent on records, and am happy to go a day or two eating canned chili if it means that I can get that Boz Skaggs record I’ve been in search of for the last two months.
    3.Parking Tickets – I get a lot of them. I haven’t paid any of them (yet). They litter the floor of my car, my apartment, and a couple have even been found here in the call center by my fellow employees. If the city would just realize that it’s plain wrong for ticketing me in the parking lot behind my house, this would be a done deal. But until they do this, I’m going to keep getting the tickets and in a couple months I’m going to need a 4x4x4 locker to hold them all.
    4.Hair Products – I get them free from my uncle, who sells them to salons. Once or twice a year I get a huge package full of gel, moose, shampoo and conditioner. It’s all really nice fancy stuff, but I don’t use it as fast as I get it so I have a growing pile of it in my bathroom. I’d say I could fill about three standard file boxes with hair stuff. I imagine I’d put that in the 4x4x4 locker with my parking tickets.
    5.T-Shirts – I have lots of them. For every t-shirt that I wear, I have two others that I never wear. I have the big ones that have been given to me by various people and organizations (including PhoneSmart). I have the really small ones that I wore in high school that I’ve out grown (when you are small and you wear tight clothing, any gain in size eliminates a sizable chunk of your wardrobe). I’ve got two of those plastic bins filled with shirts that I don’t wear, and I could get rid of those pretty easily. Come to think of it, I could also throw in the green and yellow plaid suit that I bought at age 17 (what was I thinking!).
    6.CDs – While I mainly buy vinyl records now, I still purchase cds pretty regularly. But when I buy CDs, I purchase the cd and then rip it onto my computer, where I have it forever. The actual disc gets thrown into a box, never to be seen again. I have 4 boxes of cds, and the collection keeps growing. If I could get all those boxes out of my closet, I could finally turn it into that darkroom I’ve always wanted. This brings me to #7.
    7.Cameras and Photos – I’m a photographer when I’m not selling storage. I’ve amassed a large collection of cameras. I have two main film cameras, as well as a lomo action sampler, a pentax K1000, two holga medium format cameras and then a collection of unused lenses and flashes. In addition to that, there’s all the film negatives and prints that I’ve had since I started photographing things 4 years ago. I’ve switched to digital now (When is StorageMart going to start offering digital storage space? I could use some of that too), but the film negatives and prints are way to important to throw away. For now, I think storage is a good way to go (Climate controlled, obviously) and someday when I’m famous I’ll pull them out of storage and sell the old prints at Sotheby’s, where each blurry photo of flowers will go for several thousand dollars.
    8.Skeletons – We’ve all got secrets. I just don’t want any of them clogging up my valuable closet space. I’m no Tom Delay, so I think a 5×5 should do the job nicely.

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