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  • RV Storage – Save Your Investment
    By admin on May 14, 2008 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    It is road trip time! Some teenagers cringe when they hear that phrase coming from their parents. No one wants to be stuck in a vehicle for a long time with their parents especially when their parents are not cool. Many families cope with the idea of being with each other for hours at a time by having a couple of different forms of entertainment while traveling. Some families have an awesome method of transportation to get them from home to their destination spot.

    After convincing the kids that this will be coolest family outing they have ever been on you have to get them to pack. You pack food, clothes and do not forget the sun block for when you are on the beach. You start loading your home on wheels and as you look around at your road ship, and you are very content about the road trip you are about to take your family on. Everyone files into the vehicle of entertainment and you go to start the engine. It does not turn. You have a look of bewilderment as you try to struggle to get the engine to turn over to get you and your family on the road. You then realize that maybe the harsh winter season took its toll on vehicle. You investment of thousands of dollars is now without an engine. You sigh and realize you should have used RV storage .

    RV storage gives you a way store your recreational vehicle during times of non-use. You can have your vehicle protected against the elements that can cause major harm to it. There are many different facilities that have this type of service available for you to use. You just have to pick the right one for your needs.

    When you are looking to store, you have to understand that you are looking for a place that can house your large vehicle. So you do not want to have a place that does not have wide aisles for you to drive your vehicle down or an opening in their gate large enough for it pass through. Depending on the area in which you live, you have to determine whether or not you want to store your vehicle with outside parking or inside storing.

    With outside RV storage , your vehicle is still susceptible to the elements. There are some places in the nation in which there are no extreme weather changes and it might be ok to store your vehicle outside. Make you sure you have it completely secure and take anything out of it that has any value.

    With inside RV storage , you have to find a place that has huge spaces. You are looking at a space that should accommodate the full size of your recreational vehicle. Most places recommend you rent a 15×50 space or larger. Once again, the actual size depends on how big your vehicle is. There are some places who even entertain the idea of having a condominium for your vehicle. If you are going to store for a long time and it is worth the price for you to so, that might be a viable option.

    As you can see, there are many different methods to RV storage . There is outside, inside, and permanent condominium storing for your recreational vehicle. Make sure you have your license and registration handy no matter where you store. They will be looking for that.

    Miramar Storage

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  • Why People Need Storage
    By admin on April 14, 2008 | 103 Comments103 Comments  Comments

    It is getting to be that time of the year when the phones will start ringing and ringing at many call centers around the US. These call centers help hundreds and hundreds of people rent self storage. Why do call centers do that? They answer the phone and take calls from people looking for an area to rent. The reasons are wide and varied but some of the common reasons that people call for areas to rent are,

      • Spring cleaning and do not have any more room in the house or attic
      • Relatives are coming to visit and the guest room is full of stuff
      • College student need place to store stuff for the summer so they do not have to take it home
      • Marriage or the combining of two households
      • Divorce
      • Separation
      • New Baby
      • Wedding
      • Purchased an old car and need a place to park it
      • Garage or yard sale
      • Downsizing the current home to a smaller one
      • Moving apartments
      • Going out of the country for an extended length of time
      • Military deployment
      • Renovation
      • Remodeling
      • Fire damage
      • Water damage
      • Storm damage
      • Older parent moving into the home
      • Too many collectables
      • Business
      • Files
      • Merchandise
      • Moving to a new area
      • Pharmaceutical samples

    Call centers get hundreds of reasons why people need to rent self storage and calling into a call center is not the only way to rent a unit.

    Another way to rent a unit is to go online. If you do a search on the Internet you will be bombarded with hits on how to rent a unit. Many companies are jumping on the bandwagon and making sure that they get Internet exposure. Lots of people are taking advantage of the large amount of information available on the Internet. When you find a company that will rent self storage to you, you will find out other interesting things on their website. One thing all rental websites should have is contact information. You can call into the office or on some sites you can rent while online. The website will connect you to a secure page and ask you for some information. This information is then sent to the company and someone there will get in touch with you. Some sites will give you a reference number and you just need to take that to the office to get your unit.

    Another item that all rental websites should have is directions to the facility. This should be very clear and make sense to all who will read it. Some sites will even have a map on the page and show you where they are located. This feature is helpful if you live in the area or are coming from out of town.

    Some rental websites will offer special online discounts in either a coupon you can print off or a special to mention when you go into rent. This can be a great way to save some money when you go to rent self storage.

    Many rental places are making sure that they ask each caller and walk in customer about where they heard about the business. This is an important marketing tool that allows the office to track where people are looking for information about rental units. 

    Check around when you are looking to rent self storage, you will find lots of information out there. Now all you have to do is decided which one.

    Self Storage

    New Hampshire Car Storage

    Miami Storage

    August 2007 Total Quality Assurance Service Blog Archive

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  • How To Find Self Storage In Dallas, Texas
    By admin on February 14, 2008 | No Comments  Comments

    Deep in the heart of Texas, there are many different self storage facilities. If you are looking for self storage Dallas, you can find dozens of different ideal facilities. The one that you choose will depend upon what you are seeking in a storage facility and what sort of items you may be storing.

    Some of the options you may consider when investigating self storage Dallas facilities include

    Lease term.  Do you need a storage facility for an indefinite period or just a month?  The price that you pay may be determined by the amount of time you wish to lease the space.  Naturally, if you want to lease your space longer, you can get a better deal on your self storage Dallas unit.  Storage unit rates also rise and fall with the summer and winter, as there is more demand for storage in the spring and summer months.

    Rent terms.  Can you pay your rent monthly or do you have to pay annually?  You should find a storage facility that will accommodate your payment needs.  Most of the self storage Dallas facilities will require you to pay on a monthly basis.  Others will ask that you pay up front for the entire storage lease.  Make sure that you study the rent terms before you sign the rental agreement. Storage facilities also accept various forms of payment, which may include check, money order, cash and even auto-payment options.

    Size of space.  There is quite an assortment of space when it comes to self storage Dallas units.  You can rent a small or large space, depending on your needs.  Some people, naturally, need larger spaces than others.  Most of the self storage Dallas is the size of a one car garage. 

    Use of space.  If you are planning on storing questionable items, such as those that run on gasoline or firearms, make sure that they are not prohibited in your lease.  Study the list of prohibited items before you sign a contract for a self storage Dallas facility. 

    Climate control.  It can get hot in Dallas, especially in the summer.  In order to make sure that your items are kept cool, you will want to look into climate control.  Make sure that your self storage Dallas unit has climate control so that your stored items are not exposed to excessive heat. 

    Safety features.  You will want to make sure that your self storage Dallas unit locks and that you are the only one, besides the facility, who has the key.  You will also want to inquire with regard to the hours of the facility.  Some facilities have a gate and are open all hours.  Others are only open at specified times.  If you are planning on going to your unit in the middle of the night, you will want to make sure that it is safe and that the facility has a gate to keep others who do not belong in the area, out. 

    Insurance.  How safe are your items at your self storage Dallas facility?  Chances are that they are very safe, but you want to be sure that you have some sort of insurance, just in case something goes wrong.  Insurance should cover fire and theft, even though the facility has safety features. 

    Take a look at the many different self storage Dallas facilities before you choose the one that is right for you. 

    Hawaii Storage Units

    StorageMart Mannheim & Belmont Franklin Park, IL 60131

    Automobile Storage

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  • Get Out There With A Conference
    By admin on February 11, 2008 | 3 Comments3 Comments  Comments

    So, it is time to go to a self storage conference again. Traveling to the conventions usually gives one some time to think about business. One thing that seems pretty evident is that the customer service capabilities of most self storage companies are pretty weak. Yes, it is true we are talking about self storage and not heart surgery, so maybe the customer service does not need to be stellar. Yes, many self storage companies have online payment set up or they can do automatic credit card rent payments for customers. Some self storage facilities use a call center to extend the hours when customers can get an answer to a question or new renters can make reservations. But very few pieces of the puzzle work together very well in self storage. Many customer issues cannot be resolved immediately. Many customers have to try several times or go in to the office in person to get something taken care of. And there are many software pieces that do not fit together as far as managing the property, rentals and billing.

    Last week there were terrible storms all across the central and the southern states. Flying from St. Louis through Dallas to get to Las Vegas means when weather is bad in the central states, flights are delayed and cancelled and people often get only half way to where they want to go. Weather can sometimes cause problems for self storage too. If ice and snow are not removed promptly, people have a hard time accessing their units. Storms can cause roofs to leak. Even though self storage facilities do all they can to stay dry, big winds and hard rains can win out over a good roof.

    What response strategies and new protocols do self storage owners use? Self storage owners are trying more self service strategies and are looking for ways to improve. But self storage is still very focused on new customer acquisition and is not paying much attention to current self storage customers, even though surveys will typically say that anywhere from 5 to 20 percent of renters come from referrals or previous customers.

    Airlines are making better progress. Yes, they make a lot more money than self storage and airlines depend on repeat business. The airlines also realize that when travel plans go wacko, things can get very ugly for customers. One airline has added a very nice feature to its customer service and reservation system. You can enter your cell phone number into their system so when you call in, you are recognized and your itinerary is referenced without having to go though any steps. So while sitting on the runway hoping to take off, a traveler can easily call in to the reservation center and rebook connecting flights before even taking off. Although this does not cure weather delays, it does make the whole process of rebooking much easier and far less stressful. It makes getting to a self storage conference a lot easier. I realize most self storage operations do not have the capital to invest in this kind of infrastructure. But the cost of technology continues to drop as time goes by. Maybe we are not far away from a time when self storage companies can offer some very easy and very friendly ways for current customers to solve their problems.

    Alabama Storage Units

    StorageMart Eola Rd & New York Aurora, IL 60504

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  • How To Pack Your House In Half The Time
    By admin on January 26, 2008 | 147 Comments147 Comments  Comments

    Mobile mini storage is also commonly referred to as mobile self storage, mobile storage, pod storage, and portable storage, along with many other terms. The idea of mobile mini storage is very similar to that of offsite self storage. Customers can rent extra space to help them during a transition or circumstance in which they find themselves with too many belongings and not enough storage.

    Self storage requires that tenants bring their items to the self storage facility and then place them into a storage unit. They must then retrieve their items as they need them and bring them back to their home. Once it is all said and done, a self storage tenant moves their belongings no less than four times because they first move them from their home into a car or truck. Next, they have to move them out of the car or truck and into a storage unit. To get their items back, they once again have to move them from the storage unit back into a car or truck. Lastly, a customer has to move them out of their vehicle and back into their home. All that unnecessary moving is eliminated by using the conveniences of mobile mini storage.

    Mobile mini storage can cut the labor of moving by half, allowing a customer to move their items just twice. Most mobile mini storage providers deliver a mobile mini storage unit to your driveway or sidewalk outside your home or apartment. Once the mobile mini storage unit, is delivered, a customer can move their items directly into the unit where their belongings will be safely kept. Thus eliminating the packing and unpacking of a car or moving truck. The mobile mini storage unit is then re-delivered to the same address or to the new address of the customer and they can then easily put their belongings back into their home.

    Another benefit of mobile mini storage is that it saves the cost of renting a moving van. However, a customer considering mobile mini storage should ask each storage provider what fees may be associated with the delivery and re-delivery fee. Most mobile storage companies do charge delivery fees in addition to monthly rent. Yet many storage customers find that mobile mini storage is still the most affordable and convenient, especially with the rising gas prices. Renting a moving truck usually requires a deposit, flat rate, mileage rate and returning the truck with a full tank of gas. That can all add up quickly and should be weighed against the cost of mobile mini storage delivery fees.

    Mobile mini storage has some other advantages over self storage. Once a tenant has placed their items in the container, it is returned to a warehouse for safe keeping. Because there is no public access to the property and  mobile containers are stacked two to three high, vandalism and theft are extremely difficult. It is also a standard that the mobile mini storage warehouse provides a climate controlled environment.

    Mobile mini storage does come with some disadvantages that one should consider. For example, a customer needing frequent access to his or her storage unit may find the convenience of self storage because of the extended access hours and freedom of stopping by to shuffle through a few boxes at their leisure. Accessing a mobile storage vault usually requires advanced notice, at least a few hours, so that the staff at the storage facility can pull the vault out of the warehouse. In addition, access may be limited to one or two times per month, which could result in additional fees for customers needing access that is more frequent.

    Canada Storage Units

    Acorn Mini Storage

    StorageMart I-95 & Griffin. Dania Beach, FL

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  • Call Us About Call Center
    By admin on January 15, 2008 | No Comments  Comments

    At the PhoneSmart Call Center our specialized computer program tells us vital information we need to help a future customer rent a self storage unit. We know the price and current specials, as well as the availability of different sized units, boat storage and any basic information about the self storage site that our client wants a caller to know. Another important thing we have access to is the directions to different storage locations. We have directions from major intersections, as well as familiar landmarks in the area. This helps us make sure the customer knows where they are going, and makes sure that it is the location they were looking for. If we answer for multiple properties for the same company, we will have that information at our finger tips also. Many times in the larger cities there will be many self storage locations for company XV, but the caller has called a location that is not as convenient as the other XV location across town.

    Even though we try our best, sometimes our directions are not accurate. The name of that grocery store has changed or that restaurant has been torn down. It can be very frustrating for phone reps, and our admin department tries their best to keep everything up to date.

    PhoneSmart is taking the guess work out of dated information with their on line updating service. This website allows each individual self storage site that is our customer to go online and update any information that we are giving to potential self storage callers. Why is this so important? Being up to date in your business information allows PhoneSmart to be able to turn around and relay that information about your self storage facility to the caller. If you only have one 10×10 left then you do not want 3 different callers to want to rent that particular unit. Taking that quick minute will save you the potential confusion with customers when they want that last 10×10 but you rented it two hours ago and did not update your site. This program is also great for updating holidays and unexpected times out of the office, when bad weather may strike or a power outage in the neighborhood.  

    That is one of many reasons it is fun to take a call from someone needing storage in Mid-Missouri, where we are located. We are not only reading local directions off of a computer screen, but we actually know where the local self storage facility is located and the easiest way for a customer to get there. You can even put in some other landmarks that you may know into the conversation to help guide the caller to the appropriate self storage location. And every now and again it turns out we know our caller. My co-worker just had a call from her brother’s next-door neighbor. Talk about a small world!

    If you would like information on how you can turn your missed calls into profit while providing them with the most accurate information about your site, then contact PhoneSmart for information. Call 866-639-1715 today.

    Storage Concierge is your premier Storage, Storage Unit, Car Storage, RV Storage, Furniture Storage, Boat Storage, Yacht Storage, Self Storage finder.

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  • Wacky, Wild Weather And Self Storage
    By admin on January 9, 2008 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    We have had several strange things happen the last couple of weeks while working at the Phone Smart Call Center.  But through thick and thin PhoneSmart deals with adversity to keep our Call Center operating.

    On Sunday, December 9th Mid-Missouri received a blanket of ice causing havoc on power lines and roadways.  Emergency personal requested everyone stay at home and off of the streets so they could get everything back in order.  PhoneSmart complied with this request and unfortunately was forced to close for the day.  Two days later Columbia was again forecasted to receive another terrible snow/ice storm, so Tron went into action.  He found a few volunteers to spend the night in sleeping bags on the PhoneSmart floor so they would be on hand to open the call center in the morning.  Thankfully, this second storm missed us.

    On December 20th about 9am the lights all went out in the PhoneSmart Call Center.  This was not due to Mother Nature, but to the power company having problems with a transformer.  Our emergency generator kicked on so we still had telephones and computers, but we couldn’t see a thing!  Our self storage phone reps were very resourceful and collected flashlights and candles to help everyone see what we were doing.

    Monday was January 7th and Mid-Missouri had tornado warnings.  Now this is a common occurrence in the springtime, but never in the winter. (Never say Never!)  All of the phone reps left their workstations and went to a designated safe area.  After the all-clear was given we simply went back to work, with yet another interesting tale to tell our family and friends

    Working at the PhoneSmart Call Center there is never a dull moment!

    CT Storage Units or DE Storage Units

    Self Storage Article Directory. Visit our Wine Storage section. 

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  • PhoneSmart Had A Record December
    By admin on January 8, 2008 | No Comments  Comments

    PhoneSmart is a Sales Force to be reckoned with!  This December we answered 5,000 more calls in the month of December 2007 than we did last year in December 2006. 

    Since the opening of this business, we have consistently grown in number of employees, departments, clients, callers and stores. You can’t stop us!

    PhoneSmart is not unfamiliar with the self storage business to say the least.  We’ve handled every range of customer service in the self storage business such as the storage reservation, rental, billing or storage process with all of its various situations that come along with it. 

    We’ve talked with the abused spouses, the newlywed couples who are blending families, the college kids who’ll be away from home for the first time and are excited about starting school, the family who gets evicted and needs family services to assist in the payment and set up of a unit, the woman who was being held captive in a storage unit by her estranged husband.  We’ve dealt with irate customers who’ve paid their bill and can’t get into storage, the customers who were worried about their items after the store caught on fire, the Louisiana residents that stood in line for hours attempting to get a storage unit so they had somewhere safe to put what little they had salvaged from their destroyed-beyond-recognition homes.

    We’ve spoken to the soldiers who were going off to serve in Iraq, the families who didn’t want their loved ones to leave afraid of them not ever returning. We’ve dealt with employees of businesses in which the company needed storage because they were going out of business, the prospective customer who’s sitting in front of the store waiting for the store to open or the manager to come back so they could get the unit. 

    We’ve dealt with the policeman who was called because a tenant was stuck behind the gate, the crowd of customers gathered at the gate that won’t open because the store manager hasn’t arrived at the office yet, the family who has to put their parents in a retirement home and are having a difficult time doing it although they have no other choice to, or the family who has lost a family member and they now have to deal with the emotionally draining process of storing all of their goods into storage because they do not want to let those items go.

    We represent ourselves as professional, friendly, storage guru’s because we know storage!  The number of calls and the types of calls that we handle we do not take lightly, as it helps us to increase our sales techniques.  When you know how to handle the types of situations that we handle, how could you not take advantage and get to know how to handle each one of them in case it comes across your line again. 

    Our average full-time rep handles approximately 80 calls per day.  Our business handles approximately 20,000 or more calls a month!  A Month!  We’ve talked to nearly every possible situation out there that comes up with someone trying to find storage facilities. 

    We’re personable with our callers and sincerely care about what works for them and what doesn’t. Our training is ongoing and always available when someone needs help.  We are reservation commission based.  Which tells you that we know we can get the reservations and we know we can convert those reservations into rentals.  

    We’re not just a Reservation Center or a Call Center.  We represent that particular store that the caller is calling into at that time. We are a Sales Force to be reckoned with! 

    Written by Robin Turner, Call Center Co-Director

    VT Storage Units 

    Self Storage Article Directory. Visit our Boat Storage Section.

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  • Happy New Year
    By admin on December 27, 2007 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    The New Year is coming up and for many resolutions will be made and sadly most will be broken. What does your New Year resoulution have in store for you? Stop smoking, lose weight, exercise more, save money, etc. are just some of the favorite resolutions that are made. What about making the resolution to make more room in your home? It is easy to do, rent a storage unit. Storage units are great for getting items out of your home and into a safe, secure storage facility. Self storage customers have different reasons for needing or wanting self storage. Many times the calls we get in our call center about wanting a self storage rate are not a positive reason. Unfortunately people need storage because of some unwanted circumstance that has put them in a position where they need a place to store their belongings. The seperation, the divorce and  the home accident are just a few reasons why people call about self storage for not good reasons.

    Whatever the reason you may need self storage, you can contact self storage sites in all the states. From Florida to Colorado to Missouri, all of these states and more have self storage units available for rent.

    Written by Natalie Thomas, TQAS agent.

    Self Storage

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  • Help Your Community’s Youth
    By admin on December 11, 2007 | No Comments  Comments

    No one wants to admit that their city or town has an issue with crime, but that is exactly what Geoffrey Canada, the director of the Harlem Children’s Zone wanted some concerned citizens to know during his recent visit to Columbia, Missouri. Mr. Canada is well known for his last ten years of running the Harlem Children’s Zone located in one of the most violent areas of New York City. Mr. Canada has turned this area around and he believes it starts with the children. He currently has programs that start before a baby is even born and continues along till adulthood. He makes his programs and their teachers accountable for the actions in the programs. Mr. Canada’s visit coincided with a recent rash of crimes with young black male suspects and hopes that Columbia will sit up and take notice of the problems now instead of down the line when it could be too late. One of the attendees was Lorenzo Lawson, Director of the Youth Empowerment Zone and past employee of PhoneSmart. Mr. Lawson thinks that Columbia could be better if the established programs could work together in a unified effort to save the youth.

    PhoneSmart is an inbound call center that specializes in taking calls giving self storage rates and making self storage reservations for clients across the US and Canada. We can help your self storage business by taking all the self storage calls that come in or just when your self storage manager cannot come to the phone. Call 866-639-1715 for information.

    See Today’s total quality assurance blog for another article about Lorenzo Lawson. 

    Written by Natalie Thomas, TQAS executive.

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