Storage Systems To Organize A Photography Business

  • Visiting a friends house for the summer, Sarah was fascinated by the pictures that were stacked on the piano, and the stairs, and the mantle, and the end tables, the top of the refrigerator, the coffee table, the corner of the countertops, stuffed in closets, hidden in boxes under the couch, poking out from under the guest bed and toppling off the computer desk. Who on earth took so many pictures and how did they know so many people?

    Her friends mom was a photographer. She took pictures for the local University and was a favorite for senior portraits. She also loved photographing weddings. She absolutely adored taking pictures of new babies in all the cutest places and poses. She had fun with the family pets. There was nothing she would not take a picture of.

    The thing of it was, her hobby was consuming the entire house. The family could not enjoy the beautiful pictures of their own loved ones because of all the clutter of other memorable moments lying around the house, and they did not even know most of the faces in the photos.

    While Sarah was staying there, her friends Mom had an appointment to photograph a Saturday wedding in the park. While Mom was out, she and her friend were watching a movie. The doorbell rang and it was a customer who had photos of her daughter taken last week. She was there to pick up the finished photos.

    As Sarahs friend scrambled through the organized chaos, she was stunned to see that her friend new exactly where to look. It seemed that the previous weeks photos get stacked on the china cabinet. Whatever is left unclaimed or leftover gets moved elsewhere to make room for the next week of photos.

    Sarah could see the honest attempt to keep the photos organized, but there was little room to work with in a house full of antiques. But one would not even notice the lovely furniture hidden under puppies and babies and weddings.

    Inspiration hit Sarah and her friend! They called their local self service storage place and inquired about a climate controlled unit. It was peanuts compared to the fee for taking the photos and the climate controlled environment was perfect for storing photos. They rented the self service storage place and had organized the photos by name. 

    When her friends mom returned, she was nearly brought to tears by the feat they had accomplished. She had put the task of renting a self service storage in the back of her mind, but the thought of organizing all those photos overwhelmed her. If she had known how easy and inexpensive it would have been, she would have done it years ago.

    The team worked together organizing by year and then name. They placed shelves in the self service storage space and stacked the oldest photos on top. Her friends mom promised to remove photos older than 5 years to the recycle bin, after sending out one last reminder to the family that they could still get more copies.

    In no time at all, the impromptu self service storage adventure was over and the photography business was organized and much more prepared to take on new appointments.

    And the family was able to enjoy their space and more importantly, the pictures of their own vacations, graduations and moments together.

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