Stop Dreading Moving Day. Use Self Storage.

  • When we got the news we were moving to New York I nearly jumped out of my chair.  Here we are in this tiny town of a few thousand and now we were heading to New York.  The company I work for made the change, and we agreed beforehand wherever they said to go, we would go.  We thought about where it might be for months now.  We had our favorite choices.  Some were not going to happen like Hawaii or Italy or California.  My daughter wanted a beach.  She would settle for Florida, South Beach or Los Angeles or Mexico or anything with a beach.  Even the Jersey shore would be all right.  She might meet the Situation whoever he is.  Is that his real name?  My son wanted no part of that even though he mentioned some strange names he might want to meet.  I guess they looked good.  He is of that age where girls are starting to look good.  My wife likes beaches and water too, but it came down that we would be dropping off our truck and possessions in Bayridge storage in New York.

    Our company sent us professional movers and within a half a day, the truck was loaded.  We did not have too much, we thought, but box after box was filled up in our modest home.  We made three trips to get more boxes and more tape and some were better at packing than others were.  My wife packed the kitchen, I packed the tools and garage stuff, my son and daughter packed their rooms.  My wife supervised all packing as not to break anything.  We watched everything leave our house, beds and couches, my favorite chair and reading lamp and other things.  The movers were fast.  They were big and had muscles my daughter noticed.  My son was uninterested, preferring to play games on his DS or whatever it is called.  One can play these games in any situation it looks like.  I thought I saw him playing a game and filling a box up at the same time.  My young daughter can talk on her cell phone all day it seems.  She can also pack and talk on the phone at the same time.  I try to do one thing at a time.  They say multi tasking is now not good.  It used to be good.  Coffee was bad before too.  Sometimes you are forced to multi task but doing this at a Bayridge storage facility is not a forced activity.  My son is winning though and a short break to kill fifty more soldiers instead of lifting a sofa into the storage space is not multi-tasking in my mind.  Thank goodness, we have no sleeper sofa.  You ever try to move one of them.  Once a friend of mine and I tried to move a sleeper sofa into a second floor apartment for another, older, friend of ours.  We actually had to pick it high enough to lift it over a fence.  I will never do that again.  Going up the stairs too was a headache and that sofa can break your back.  I digress though.  I am in Bayridge storage in New York and I am happy to be here.

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