Self Storage Need for Loved One Passing

  • A death in the family is a hard time for everyone involved. Finding a self storage unit is not high on your priority list. Due to that death in the family, there will have to be people to go through the belongings of that person which no one really wants to do. In order to get everything taken care of for the passed loved one, it must happen. Of course you have to deal with the funeral itself and then between some people, then come the hard part, going through someone else’s belongings.  Especially the belongings of someone that you cared about and loved.


    Some family members will tell you that you they do not have time to go through all the belongings. Some will tell you that they just do not want to. At least they are honest. That still does not solve the problem. Someone will need to step up and decide to do it for the loved one who just passed away. It would seem as though the person or people that cared for the passed away family member the most will do what is necessary to help out. On the other hand, there will be people who are obligated to help out. Hopefully they will keep their negativity to their selves.


    One big help that people find is to clear out all the things that will be thrown away and store the rest. Usually the family will have to get everything moved out by a certain time so that the landlord, bank or whoever owns the property can find another person to move in. For the most part you will not be done sorting everything out before it is time to move out.  Until then move everything into a big enough self storage unit so you can sort everything out there. Then you can decide who gets what and the rest can be given away to charity. Do not feel as if you do not have options when you do not know where to put such things until you are able to look through them. Most storage facilities have a month to month lease so you can stay as long as you need in order to everything figured out.


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