Self Storage is Different

  • Of course not all self storage facilities are created equal. If this were the case, no one would spend as much time and money to make their facility look different than the others. If all facilities were created the same, then it wouldn’t really matter which facility you rented at, because they would all be the same. So then you can just choose which facility is closest to you and rent from there. Unfortunately not all self storage facility have everything in common. Your mission, if you choose to accept it is to find out which facility is unique enough to earn your business.

    When people are calling around looking for storage they are trying to figure out what makes the self storage facility different. If they cannot find something that makes them different they then turn to price. For many customers, the specials really make the deal when shopping for storage units. One site may be cheaper monthly, but a free first month would mean the other may be cheaper. In this instance, what really would make the difference is how long you were planning on renting. In some cases you will be able to use the special in order to make your total payments for how long you are storing, cheaper.

    All facilities will tell you that you need a lock. Locks come in many shapes and sizes. You can get a padlock style lock to meet the requirements or you can get a disc lock for added security. You do not want to get a lock that is easy to cut off because you want your belongings to be safe within your storage unit. Make sure that you do not try to be too cheap here and get the lock that is going to keep your belongings safe.

    If you are looking to sell a lot of items that need to be shipped, you may want to check out the packing supplies available at your local storage facility. If your local facility is a one stop shop when it comes to self storage, then you definitely lucked out. This way if you need anything such as boxes moving supplies or anything of the sort, you do not have to leave the office. When you are calling around looking for the differences between local self storage facilities then you will want to ask about moving and packing supplies.


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