Self Storage a Handy Option in a Pinch

  • It was perhaps the worst weekend for Ray to try to move into his Gardner, Kansas self storage unit. Perhaps moving in the middle of December in Kansas is not the best time to pack up and move residents but it could not be helped. If there was someway to wait until winter was over to move Ray would have gladly picked that way but it could not be helped. Sometimes in life you don’t get to choose the time that situations arise.

    Ray had met with some difficult financial times. Going from having a full time job with good benefits to being downsized and working a job that pays just barely enough for Ray to make the minimum payments on his bills left him struggling financially and in the end he was left with the foreclosure of his home. He was hoping to get some kind of miracle and avoid loosing his home but the last day to make the house payment came and went and that was simply the end of it.

    Ray had to be out of the house by the end of December and so he found himself packing up all of his belongings and moving them into a Gardner storage unit. In order to save up some money and keep working on finding a full time job again he was going to stay with his sister who was letting him crash on the downstairs couch for a few months. There was no room for him and all of his stuff but he was just grateful to be staying there on her couch while he got his feet back under him.

    The weather man had been calling for snow all week and the morning that Ray was to move into his Gardner storage unit the first flakes began to fall lightly. The wind was relentless and soon Ray and his friends who were helping him move his stuff into his storage unit were frozen. The snow had to pick today to come of course and it made moving a downright terrible time.

    The snow kept coming steadily down the whole afternoon that Ray and his friends spent moving his stuff into the Gardner storage unit. It fell as they were moving some of his clothes into his sisters basement and it continued to snow for the remainder of the weekend.

    As Ray drove to his minimum wage job that weekend through the snow he was thinking how quickly life had changed for him. Just last year he had been enjoying his life. He had a decent job a place to call home and a plan for his future. With one change he lost his job, his home, and now had to replan his future. He was sleeping on his sister’s couch and the contents of his life were in boxes inside of his Gardner storage unit. If life could change so drastically for the worse in such a short amount of time he was hoping that it would also turn good in such a short amount of time as well. If a lucky break was going to come along he could really use one now. Until things got better he would keep trying to pull himself out of debt and keep looking for a better job.

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