Preparing for Life After College with Self Storage

  • Kate had been working on getting her teaching degree for the past five years. Since she was a little girl playing in her room lining up her dolls to show them how to read she had wanted to be a teacher. When she graduated high school she entered into one of the top teaching programs in Maryland and began working on getting her degree in child education and getting her teaching certificate. Kate studied hard in college, and was graduating at the top of her class. She already had been on a few interviews and was excited about the prospects that she had for teaching.

    A month after she graduated, and after several more rounds of resumes and interviews, Kate got a job teaching in a school in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. She would start out teaching first grade and she could not have been happier. Kate was introduced to some of the other teachers in her building, and had made a few friends already. The future for Kate was looking bright.

    Kate had been staying with her parents during college so she had saved up some money from summer jobs that she held and she used that money to get an apartment in Anne Arundel County close to the school. With student loans starting to be in repayment and having a teacher’s salary Kate decided that for now she would get a fairly smaller apartment to save on money. The one bedroom space that she was renting was definitely on the small side, but it allowed her to save money each month on her budget. She was having a hard time thinking of life with one closet but she knew that she would find a solution to her lack of space.

    The solution that she found to offset the lack of space that her tiny apartment afforded her she rented a nearby Anne Arundel County self storage unit. With the extra space that she was able to get by having the rental unit at an Anne Arundel County storage facility she could store everything that she was unable to get into her apartment and even begin to store those items that she would find on great sales now and then for a bigger space in the future. Her plan was to live in the smaller apartment until she could pay off some of her student loans and maybe even save some money for a down payment on a house. It would take a few years but it would be worth it in the end.

    The school year was quickly approaching and Kate felt that she was ready. She was a little nervous about teaching her first class on the first day, but this is what she had been working for her whole life. She had spent that last weeks looking through her college books and notes that she still had stored away in her Anne Arundel County, Maryland storage unit. It helped her reinforce her confidence that she was prepared and it even refreshed some of the ideas that she had had over the years about fun things to do with the students.

    Kate’s first day of teaching had its rough patches, just like any first day on the job. Getting to know the students and how best to help each child learn and reach their potential can take time but overall Kate had a great first day.

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