Over Reactions

  • Self storage does not have to be a difficult or stressful situation. In fact self storage can be an easy solution if you allow it to be. Every now and then a manager at a self storage location will encourage a current tenant who does not fully agree with what the manager told him or what is on their lease. This is one of the reasons that self storage facilities will tell you to sign a lease in order to go back and reference it if need be. In most cases, the manager will be able to diffuse the situation.

    People can often get worked up over small things.  Tenants sometimes call into their self storage facility in order to get a second storage unit, only to find that the rate of said unit was twice the price they are currently paying. They will immediately began ranting and raving and threaten to go to a different facility or even file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Most good managers will allow the customer to let out their steam and then let them calm down. Then the manager will politely explain to them that the price quoted was the current rate for new tenants.  As a current tenant, sometimes the manger can sometimes offer a multiple unit discount, which cuts the cost for multiple spaces owned by the same tenant.

    The attitude of the customer would then change as they realize, they may have over acted. This happens very often in these kinds of situations. Without really knowing the whole story a customer can get extremely upset and sometimes it will be too late in order to reconcile. Always make sure you understand the full situation before going off the handle, even when in need of self storage.


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