News for PhoneSmart Clients

  • New “Hold” policy on
    credit card reservations

    PhoneSmart is changing the timeframe for reserving units to help you close more deals.
    We reserve the units based on the number of vacant units you report to us.
    If you update us on the web, you can control how long we hold units by using the following formula.
    If you push us automated updates, we will work off of those reports.

    20 or more of a unit type available = 4 week hold with credit card
    11-19 of a unit type available = 2 week hold with credit card
    5-10 of a unit type available = 1 week hold with credit card
    3 or 4 of a unit type available = 3 day hold with credit card
    1 or 2 of a unit type available = conditional hold with credit card

    (We tell those who do a conditional hold that the unit may have been sold out in the last few minutes… and if it is sold out the store manager will find something that will be suitable at a good rate.)

    We will start the new hold policy on October 15, 2005. We think it will help you rent more units. This time of the year many people have needs that are not immediate and you often have a few units to rent.

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