Monday Monday

  • It felt like rental season yesterday. We broke our y-t-d call volume record by about 20%. That isn’t bad, considering that our y-t-d call volume record was set last Monday on April 25. We had several reps write double digit reservations, too. This is always a good sign.

    Mondays are always good days for rental demand. Mondays in busy season are sweet. First Mondays of the month in busy season are very good. I hope you saw a lot of activity yesterday, yourself. We averaged a little over 2 calls answered per self storage property serviced yesterday. That means we probably paid for our entire month of service for each self storage client in one day of work. That isn’t too shabby.

    Self storage insiders often look at the busy season as a time to hunker down and keep busy. It should also be a time of maximizing demand and maximizing rent rates. Improving sales techniques and using a call center like PhoneSmart should help you rent to more people. This should help you move rental rates forward. Bye for now, Tron

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    Disclamer: This entry is intended to promote our partner StorageMart and some or all participants received compensation.