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    Some of you are using caller ID systems. Some of you are moving to VOIP services that include caller id and call tracking systems. Here is a note about the missed calls report I just got from a new client with my response.


    These calls were set to forward to our PhoneSmart line and show up on our phone providers report as “missed calls” – I’m not sure what that means — did you receive them you can match the times the calls came in …. let me know.

    Hello ,

    Normally the systems that track missed calls register every call sent to us as “missed” since it was not answered at the property.

    This is a great report for you to have. Once you are staffed to where you can really mine your phone contacts, you can compare this list of missed calls ( they were forwarded to us) to the leads/reservations and messages we send you.

    There are usually about 10% of rental inquiries that do not leave us any information. There is also a small percentage of people who will hang up during the transfer and answer process that we do not get to talk to.

    You can identify which callers from your missed call report did not get to talk to us or chose not to leave a message. Some you will recognize as current tenants and they will appreciate a follow-up call from your staff. Others will be people you don’t recognize and then you can call them and tell them , “Hi, I saw you on my caller ID and I just wanted to make sure you got the help you were looking for”. People love a good follow-up call.

    Our parent company StorageMart has been using a caller ID +/+ system from Client Discovery for a year at all its locations and they are renting to an average of one person a month per store by combing through the caller id info and matching it to PhoneSmart leads/rezes and messages.


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