Meet PhoneSmart’s Favorite Momma

  • In all families, there is a Big Momma or a Mother Hen. At the Phonesmart call center family this is truly our floor supervisor, Dana.  Dana has been with the company as long as the company has been a company.  She is the mother of one adult daughter, Kriste.  Dana will open her doors, arms, and heart to everyone, including her two granddaughters, Kaeleigh and Daejonay, who she is currently raising. 
    We have to be careful with Dana, as she is married to a marine and he will not take any mess from us.  I have had the privilege to work with Dana on Sunday mornings and found out first-hand that she is NOT a monring person!  My funniest memory about Dana is that she tries her hardest not to let her feelings show or wear her heart on her sleeve.  In the attempt not to be rude, she let her body language tell me that she was not a morning person.  I am not sure which sign it was but it was either the way she buried her face into her reading material as I continued speaking to her or that she just nodded her head and never said a word or maybe it was the tight grip that she gave the paper as I kept talking.  Now that I think about it; it was the lack of response from my questions that gave it away. 

    Dana is a caring type of person which makes it easy for her to be our scheduler.  She knows each and every one of us and why we desire the shift that we have and she does her best to accommodate our shifts.  Scheduling is a difficult task but it is second nature for Dana, thus the reason why she is the pro at it.  Can you imagine trying to remember 25 employees’ requested days off?  I can barely remember what I did 25 minutes ago.  So hats off to Dana for the schedule, being a call center floor supervisor and caring!  All of her qualities and characteristics are her strengths and why she is our Mother Hen.

    Written by: Angela Perry, PhoneSmart trainer.

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