Marketing Your Self Storage Business

  • Marketing your Olathe self storage company aggressively may be the most important thing that you do this business year. There are many storage sites in Kansas that are struggling to fill units that do not have to. They are confused as to why they are lagging behind the other Olathe self storage facilities in revenue. Even if you have the best security, the best location, and great customer service, it is not enough. The answer is marketing.

    The first step is to determine what you target market is. A lot of Olathe self storage owners want to target everyone, but you still need to have a target market. There are many things that your site can specialize in. You could focus on boat storage. Some sites in Kansas offer boat storage, but they do not focus on it. They may just offer a few outside parking spaces that customers can put their boats in. There are many ways that you can improve on this. You could offer individual storage units that they could put their boats in. Offer units that have big, wide doors with high clearance. Some people have big boats and eight foot ceiling may not be enough. They would have a hard time finding a space at most Olathe self storage facilities, but you could provide a nice solution and will be able to charge a good amount since they are so hard to find in the area.

    You could also specialize in RV storage. You could focus on both RV and boat storage. They are typically the same type of customer, more concerned with quality as opposed to just price. There are a lot of benefits to specializing in RV and boat storage. You will have fewer customers so you should be able to have a high customer satisfaction rate, which is the key to long term success. You will have fewer people to chase down when rent is due. Plus, these are typically customers that do not have problems paying the bills; otherwise they would not have the boat or RV to begin with. A lot of customers will prepay for the year so you do not have to keep track of month to month rent payments.

    Another approach would be to focus on the Olathe self storage customers who are looking to store a few items for a short period of time. The way to attract these customers is to offer a first month free special on select units even if they are only going to rent for a month or two. The reason that this will be profitable is that many people need storage longer than they plan on. The problem with this approach is that you will have to deal with people who cannot make payments because they did not think they would need it past a month or two. When their situations do not improve, they are stuck with a payment that they cannot afford. You will then have to deal with chasing people and storage auctions. You will get your money, but you will have a lot of backend work to deal with. No matter what your business approach is, you can carve out a nice little niche for your company. You just have to please the customer better than the competitor.

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