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  • Laurie Cox, Phone Smart Outbound Sales Project Manager speaks out on the importance of follow calls for leads.

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    I have noticed something important

    While I was researching lead-to-rental ratios for some of our call center stores, it came to me that not every manager may be following up on our leads by phone. We have handled follow-up calls for some of our call center clients for over a year now. We have learned that a simple follow-up call from the individual store can be the difference between that store having a 10% rental rate or as high as a 50% rental rate.
    Phone Smart’s outbound department finds leads from various web sources and brings them to our clients. If we determine there is a lead from a potential renter that is looking to store within a 5-mile radius of one of our call center client stores, then we attempt to get them to store with our client. We call and E-mail the potential renter first. Second, if we don’t get them on the phone, we leave a fabulous message promoting the amenities and convenience of our target store. Finally, we forward the potential renter’s information to the target store for the manager to follow up. The idea is to get to them before the competition, something difficult to do this time of year.
    What happens if the store manager is too busy and unable to follow-up? Hmmm…It made me think about building a house on concrete that isn’t dry. Once we lay the foundation we would hope for someone to come behind us and build a solid relationship. The stores with managers who are known for being excellent in following-up in a timely (and somewhat persistent) manner far exceeded the lead-to-rental ratio of the rest.
    Hmmm…Something to think about…We all know (here at Phone Smart) how happy it makes a customer to speak to a live person! I would advise any store manager to simply keep trying to call until you get the chance to speak with your potential renter. It is not only the best chance to build a rapport, it’s your best chance to get to them before the competition.

    In the world of following up, persistence pays!

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