Keep Following Up

  • If we are to take a sales approach to self storage, then we need to take a sales approach to self storage. Why do you think you see ad after ad for new cars? Because the car companies are following up with you. We all would like a new vehicle. Some of us already know which model we’d like. Even if we just bought the new car we wanted, we are already thinking about the next car we might want. So the car makers have to keep their newest models in front of us so we remember that we want a new car, so that we remember which model we want and that we keep thinking about it. Of course they are all hoping that we will finally decide to buy their model, even if we have been dreaming of a different one. What does any of this have to do with self storage?

    You are leaving a lot of business on the table. Just because someone can’t commit to storing right now, doesn’t mean they won’t store with you sooner or later. You have to keep following up with them. If you get a reservation from your PhoneSmart off-site sales rep confirmed with a $10.00 credit card pre-payment, it is easy to follow up. You assume the person wants to rent so you keep following up until they do rent. But don’t be quick to write off the people who aren’t ready to give a credit card right now. We have been studying best practices in self storage follow-up. We have been doing follow-up ourselves and we have been watching our clients to see what works for them. Here is what I can tell you. You can rent to 30% of your Hot Leads. Those are people who called or visited, but made no credit card confirmed reservation. They left only a name and number. What I am telling you is that consistent and persistent follow-up will give you almost 1 of out three of these people as a customer. Those are great percentages.

    You may have to talk to someone or their voicemail six times before they decide to rent or before they tell you to stop calling. Fine then, call and talk to them or their voicemail six times. Just make sure each time you can plant a little seed that will help to continue to build the need and the urgency to store with you. Mentioning specials and stressing limited availability are always good ways to plant new seeds. I can also tell you that it doesn’t matter if you talk to the person in person or talk to their voicemails. Either way your follow-up call can have impact and cause that person to come to your store or to call you back to make a reservation.

    These people have already identified a need to store and have identified an interest in your storage space. Don’t let them fade away or go somewhere else to rent.

    Bye for now, Tron

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