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    Written by Kay Johnson PhoneSmart call center blog editor and reservations specialist.

    It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas here in central Missouri. Homes are decorated with red and green and white and gold. In the words of that old song “Silver Bells” “strings of street lights even stop lights blink and bright read and green . . .”
    People are calling for self storage to help them through the season. A man called the other day looking for a place to store the new car that he was giving as a gift; many people rent a 5 x 5 to keep the “Santa” gifts in as children are very enterprising in seeking out what you thought was well hidden.
    When my own sons were little, we had barns and grain bins and many places to hide the special gifts. Even so there were wrapped presents under the tree and they got very clever about “breaking in” Sometimes they would actually open the present and then have to wrap it in different paper. I got just as clever about foiling these attempts. If I found a package disturbed or re wrapped, I would often take away the hot wheels or boy type gift and replace it with a doll that said “mama” Sometimes, I would place a burned out light bulb and a ball bearing or two in a box. It was worth the effort to see their darling little faces when they shook the box hard and heard the breaking glass. (That was a little present just for me. It was almost as good as putting a willow switch in the stockings) but I digress.
    Today many people live in smaller spaces. The 9 room two story farmhouse that my family shared has given way to the economical and streamlined apartment or condo. Many families find it inconvenient even to store their tree and decorations during the rest of the year. We are receiving many self storage calls in the call center for such needs. It is very good and can lad to sales increase for our self storage facilities however we must be strong and courteous as many callers a stressed by the demands of the season and need patience and a kind word. I am happy to offer a bit of sympathy with the price and availability of the storage unit. It is a very valuable sales technique.

    By the way, I would be happy to pay the storage fee if someone would like to buy a car for me.

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