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  • Sarah Little, Secret Shop specialist and former call center operator, reflects on jumping in to help out with calls in our busy call center.
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    Hats off to you!

    When I started working in the secret shopping department I transitioned from the call center. It had been about 1-½ years since I’ve spent any quality time in the call center- until today that is.
    I filled in for a bit this morning because we had a high volume of calls coming in. I’ll admit when Tron asked me to help out I was a little anxious because it had been so long. What if I didn’t remember what to do or say? What if I did something wrong??? So I was a little bit nervous.
    After a few calls I was right at home again. In fact, it seemed like the caller’s hadn’t changed a bit. There were still the few trying to pay overdue bills, a few trying to talk to the manager, a few wanting a storage unit 3 weeks from now, but most wanting a storage unit NOW. It reminded me of the importance of listening.
    I find myself sometimes so busy that I don’t really listen to what people are saying to me. The worst time for that is when Tron is telling me about a new project he wants. Then I have to go back and ask questions that he probably explained the first time. Anyway, my point was that taking calls, rather than evaluating them, refreshed my selling senses, the most important of which is listening.
    In the first few calls I took I’m sure I asked the same question twice, so I made a mental note to PAY ATTENTION! After that, my calls were much smoother and I was able to get reservations and appointments.
    Using the caller’s name is a good way to let them know you’re listening, and it makes them feel good. At the end of the call I was able to bring back home the date they needed the unit and then reserve it for them on that day. So listening is key whether you’re selling a toaster or a storage unit.
    I’ll admit that I had become a bit disconnected with the call center and their day-to-day duties. It was fun for me to get back to where I started for a little while. Maybe I’ll go visit them more often.
    And I’d like to tip my hat to all therepresentatives in the Phone Smart call center who sit in their cubicles every day and give our customers great service! Your perseverance is appreciated! “You ROCK!”

    Have you seen this summer’s self storage forcast in Mini Storage Messenger ? Tron Jordheim projects that, “The last weekend of April was quite a bit busier than we anticipated. Already the beginning of May has been stronger than we thought as well. From what we’ve seen from demand, May is going to be gangbusters on a national level. I think we’re going to have a stronger season than we anticipated.” To read more on this subject check out the upcoming issue of Mini Storage Messenger

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