Hassle Free Moving Self Storage Supplies

  • When it comes to moving, packing and storing your belongings for storing, you will need to some specific supplies to make things as safe and convenient as possible. Some of the basic supplies that you may need include boxes, locks, bubble wrap, tape, labels and a marker, mattress covers and couch covers as well as other such things. You can purchase them from any professional storing facility, as most of them offer these kinds of storing supplies.


    The best boxes for storing purpose are those that are UPS approved and have double walled construction. These kinds of boxes are sturdier and more suitable for transportation. Besides standard-sized boxes, you can also purchase specialty boxes for special items, such as television, VCRs, and pictures. Other types of boxes may include moving cartons, picture boxes, mirror boxes, china cartons, records boxes, file boxes, appliance boxes, Wardrobe boxes, and even book boxes. If you are not sure which types of boxes are the most suitable for your specific needs, it is always better to ask the store manager and get his or her expert advice. 


    As obvious, you will need tape to pack your stuff in boxes. Depending upon the number and size of boxes you are using, you will first have to get an estimate on how much tape you need. If you are not sure about it, you can always ask the manager. He or she will help you with that. In order to keep things convenient and hassle-free, you are strongly recommended to use tapes that are pre-labeled.      


    Locks are also some of the most important self storage supplies that you would like to invest in. It is true that facilities offer a great level of security for your stuff, but there is nothing wrong in using your own locks, as it will provide additional security to your stored belongings. Disc locks and traditional pad locks are the most common locks that are widely available in facilities. You should look out for disc locks that are case-hardened, as they are strike and pick proof.

    Cushioning Products

    You have to be very careful while moving and storing fragile items. In order to ensure safety for such items, you must provide sufficient cushioning to them. There are different types of cushioning products available in the market, such as foam peanuts, packing paper, and bubble wrap. You can purchase them from any nearby storing facility. These cushioning products will not only protect your delicate stuff, but will also provide oodles of fun even after the move.

    Why You Should Buy Packing Supplies

    Many people in an attempt to save money often prefer to use grocery store boxes instead of new specific self storage supplies . It is very important for you to understand that it is not safe to use them, as they may attract bugs, pests, and other such problems. You are advisable to use only new boxes, especially the ones that are certified bug free. Moreover, if you are using the right types of packing supplies, it will make moving and storing much easier for you. Likewise, when you use uniform sized boxes, stacking and packing becomes much easier.

    If you are running a self storing business, make sure that you offer all these self storage supplies at your facility.

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