Getting the Most Out of Your Storage Unit

  • Is cleaning and organizing your Frankfort, Kentucky storage unit on your spring cleaning to do list? Many people find that after a while of having their self storage unit and looking through boxes and moving them to get to items that you need or looking for an item that you lost that their self storage unit becomes cluttered, unorganized, and a complete and utter mess. If you are afraid to open your self storage unit door for fear of an avalanche of stuff falling upon you then perhaps these tips can help you get your self storage unit organized and cleaned up once again. Even if your storage unit is not quite that bad having a plan to get your self storage unit more organized can help you when you do need to get something out of storage to know right where it is and not have to search for it.

    • When packing up or repacking the stuff that is already in your Frankfort storage unit using the same size boxes can help you stack the boxes up easier than if they were all different shapes and sizes. While some items like paintings and mirrors need flat space boxes most everything else can be packed in normal boxes. Finding the biggest boxes to pack stuff in is not a great way to go about packing. The boxes will be impossible to move, and it can be impossible to get to the stuff at the bottom of the box. Unless you need to store one huge item in a box you are better off going with standard size boxes to store you belongings.
    • Make sure that you mark the boxes that are fragile so that they do not get stacked at the bottom of the pile. Even though your breakables and glass should be wrapped up and secured with packing filler and bubble wrap you still don’t want the box that holds your great grandmothers oil lamp to be on the bottom of a stack of five or six boxes. It can also help you to get your boxes organized if you mark which boxes are heavy. These boxes that contain your heavier items are best suited for the bottom of the stack if they are items that you don’t need to access on a regular basis. Use colored tape to make the boxes unique or use different colored markers so that it stands out more.
    • Any item or box that you may need to get to on a regular basis should go in your Frankfort storage unit near the door so that you can have easy access and you don’t have to move stuff around to get to it. If you place them in the back you will regret that decision the first time you need those items. Make storage easier and keep these items near the front.
    • Seasonal items or items that are go together but end up in different boxes should be stored in the same area of the storage unit. For example every St. Patricks day that comes along you don’t want to have to search for the two boxes of green decorations that you have in your storage unit. They should be stored together so that no leprechaun gets left behind in your Frankfort storage unit.

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