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  • It is seventy-five degrees, the windows are open, and there is a warm breeze flowing through the house. Spring time is here and as the weather warms, nature takes its course, flowers bloom and people start looking for furniture storage. One may look around and be reminded that the house has been cluttered and crowded for four to six months because of the cold weather. Dust and cobwebs and inhabiting corners and unused items, and one may realize that articles need to be removed from the home, and spring cleaning needs to take place before it gets too warm. This is a perfect time for furniture storage. Spring cleaning is a major part of the springtime for many homeowners and many times they need furniture storage for their items. One can clean and unclutter the house in preparation for the summer and eventually the winter months. Also, many individuals begin to move around this time, because of the weather. During the spring months of April and May storage facilities in college towns fill up with tenants that are not exclusively college students, but also from individuals moving, renovating or just doing some spring cleaning

    While in college, students have a summer break for about three until four months. Most of the time there are specials for college students for furniture storage during the spring, so reservations must be made in advance to ensure that one will have a furniture storage unit for the summer months. Typically, students leave their dorms and apartments and either travel or go home for these months. During this time some students may need furniture storage to house their items. Dormitory living requires minimal furniture, for example a mini fridge, boxes, totes, clothes and maybe a futon or couch. So, on average a college student that lives in a dorm may possibly need either a 5×5 or a 5×10 unit for furniture storage. A student that lives in an apartment or house may also need storage in the summer when their leases expire. Just like any other customer that would need storage for a house or apartment, a students will need a 5×10, 5×15 or maybe even a 10×10 unit for furniture storage.

    Also, springtime is a time for love and marriage. There are many steps in preparation for marriage, the move in and the honeymoon. To prepare for the wedding itself many things must be purchased and rented for the ceremony like chairs, flowers, decoration etc. Using furniture storage would be an excellent idea if they are rented or bought in advance. In preparation for the move in for the bride and groom furniture must be combined, stored or discarded to ensure that the home will not be overcrowded. This too would be a prefect time to rent furniture storage. Finally, the everlasting, romantic getaway for the bride and groom may also be a good time for furniture storage depending on the amount of time they will be away.

    The busy season for self storage continues with tenants from all over until about October when the weather cools off and people are less likely to get out and move. During that time, the storage business tapers off and people begin settling in their homes more and are no longer enjoying the spring and summer weather.

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