Floridians Can Rely on Storage

  • Key West storage units hold a lot of interesting things in them.  We used to manage a storage place very near Key West, Florida, and it was a lot fun.  It was the wife and this blogger who did the managing part, as we were a two-man team, or a woman and a man two way team anyway.  Key West is a very cool and unique place in Florida, and maybe the world.  It is a tale of two cities as there are the people who live there, and than there are the tourists.  It is much better to be a person who lives there, because tourists or those who are visiting for a short while will spend a lot more money then others.  You see, in Key West, Florida tourists pay a lot more money then the actual citizens who live there.  How does that happen you may ask, because how could you divide the prices of things or really know who is a tourist and who is not if you run a business.  We were citizens so we received a citizen card with our names on it that we could show anybody on the island and get things ten percent cheaper than a person visiting.  This was very funny to us, but it did come in handy because our favorite places to eat would always give us the ten percent and more.  A lot of places to eat in Key West, Florida would also let your dogs in those same places.  We thought our dog would bark too much so we kept him home instead of letting him go to places to eat or stores.  We did take him to the beaches though, and that was a lot of fun too.

    Key West storage units in sunny Florida flood some times too.  It can rain quite a bit in Key West and the people who were storing stuff were rally quite understanding of the water.  They would put all their stuff on pallets as to try to stop the flooding water from hurting or damaging their things they were storing.  There are not a lot of storage places in Key West so people did not fret too much about a little water, or as a matter of fact, a lot of water.  We actually had a lot of wooden pallets on our property to use for the customers.  People would move out and leave the wooden pallets and we would save them in a different storage unit and let other people use them for their storage units.

    Key West storage units in sunny Florida are always full.  The storage place that we managed for one summer was always over ninety-five percent full and sometimes we took a waiting list for next up to get a storage unit.  People would store boats and cars and everything in between on their journey through life.  There is a kinship with the people who live in Key West because it takes a little bravery you know to live here.  As a matter of fact, just coming here takes some bravery.  It is a long way from the rest of the country and you do feel a little like you are really far away from everybody.

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