Finding Memories in Your Storage Unit

  • Every time I go to my Jamaica storage unit, I think about Jamaica.  Not this Jamaica in New York, but the other one in the ocean.

    My wife wanted me to go to storage today to pick up a roaster or something like that.  I know which one it is because I have done this before for her.  I really do not mind going because our Jamaica storage unit is not far away and little fresh air is always nice.  I open the car windows, grab a Coke, start the old car up, and head to the storage.

    I see the welcome sign to Jamaica New York and here they come, the memories from when my wife and I went to Jamaica (the Caribbean island that is).  We took a cruise to a few other places in the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea.  I remembered the code to get into the storage facility and drove up to a spot near the door to the hallway where my little storage unit is located.  It is about halfway down a climate-controlled hallway in a smart looking building.  We keep Christmas stuff there, some tools, and kitchen gadgets.  The wife loves her kitchen gadgets and I love my guitars and tools.  We have had this Jamaica storage unit for about three years now.  That sounds like a long time, but it goes by so fast.

    I climbed up a famous waterfall on the island of Jamaica a long time ago, but I still remember it vividly.  I also remember a lot of people asking me to buy things.  The food was great though, I love jerk chicken and still prefer it today.  The roads were narrow and scary.  One false move and the car we were in would go over the cliffs that were on the driver’s side of the car.  We passed golf courses and the ocean could be seen at times.  We also saw poor people living in shacks along the road right on the beach.

    Here it is, the thing I was looking for.  Picking up this roaster is a common occurrence, so I always leave it near the front of the unit.  All the Christmas stuff is way in the back.  I obviously need that stuff less often.  It is funny how words can affect you and bring up so many memories.  Every time I come here, I think of the waterfall and the ocean and it was the only cruise we ever took.  We need another one I think but there is too much world to see and not enough time to see it.  If I were rich though, I would travel all the time.  I do not need a big house but homes here are smaller than in other places we have lived.  We have a good life though.  Hey, I have been looking for this tool for a long time.  I can not even remember when I bought it but I need it.  Maybe I will stay awhile and look around.  Rearrange things and just look around a bit.  Wait a minute; my wife might need this thing now instead of later.  No time to goof off I guess.

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