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  • Cars are one of the most expensive investments that people make in their lifetimes. Hence, it becomes necessary for one to preserve his vehicle in a good condition for a long time. Nowadays, a busy lifestyle means the owners of the vehicle may not be able to devote much time to take care of their cars. Thus these cars should be placed under professional care. There are many firms providing car storage services.

    Some of them have very good experience and hence can be trusted in providing top quality services. They are dedicated to the purpose of providing the best services they can for the four wheeler. They strive to satisfy their customers to the maximum possible extent and they treat the vehicle as though it is one of their personal possessions. They value the hard-earned money of the customer and see to it that they give returns to the best possible extent. But it is not necessary that all firms follow these principals and ethics. Many of them are fraudulent and hence one should agree to place his four wheeler in car storage only when he is totally convinced about the credentials of the firm and the quality of services that they offer.

    It is not that the storing firms just provide enclosures for putting the vehicle and not care for them at all. There are number of services that the firms provide. They perform maintenance tasks on the cars. They regularly clean them and inspect them for any defects and damages. They test drive them at regular intervals to keep them in top condition. They take special care during weather extremities. They are well equipped against high temperatures and humidity. They maintain constant temperature and humidity even during the peak of summer and the lowest temperatures of winter. The firms offering car storage services equip their storing areas with the latest security equipment. They have 24-hour vigilance services and are also armed with the most sophisticated alarm systems available.

    Many of these car storage firms offer service packages that the owner of the car can choose from. He can also request the firms to design a customized package for his car that will include the specific tasks that he desires for the maintenance of his vehicle. These firms maintain a history of each vehicle that is placed under their care so that they refer to the facts recorded and work accordingly in future. Many of these firms are actually certified by quality auditing firms and many of the services that they provide are approved by insurance companies.

    The car storage organizations have a large number of maintenance modules for the cars under their care so that these cars are maintained in top condition. As soon as one drives his vehicle into the premises he can expect it to be first washed and dried. Then the vehicle is subjected to a general inspection that includes testing the lights, checking the state of the window panes, checking the performance of the brakes, and checking the amount of fuel available in the tank and the anti-freeze level. The engine is given a power wash and a special coating is given in the underneath if required. The chrome parts are usually given a protective coating. Generally all the internal parts are dusted, cleaned and kept free of rusting.

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