• Laurie Cox, Outbound Sales Project Leader shares insight on the topic of convenience.
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    The word is relaxing just to read isn’t it? Could you imagine if our homes were all conveniently located next to our jobs, our daycare, our grocery store, our favorite restaurant/pub, favorite sports arena, and the movie theater? What about your storage facility? Often we forget that having a convenient location is a BIG amenity for any potential storage customer, but many of us forget to mention or ask if we ARE a convenient location.
    “Is this location convenient for you?” That is a question we ask here at Phone Smart within the first 20 seconds of a phone call for many reasons. First, it assures that the caller has actually reached the facility they are looking for. Second, it gives you the opportunity to promote your location:”We are conveniently located off of the ABC freeway and D Street. Are you familiar with this area? O.K., great…”
    The best reason of all to ask the convenience question, is that you can use it as an amenity later on in the call for the “hesitant” caller:”I understand you aren’t quite ready to rent yet, but since we are RIGHT DOWN THE STREET, would you like to stop in for a site visit? When is a CONVENIENT time for you?”

    Our Outbound Department follows up on Internet leads for several companies. When researching leads sent from our web providers we require that the location be within 3-5 miles of the area the storage is being requested. We have learned that anything over is really too far nowadays.

    Why not take advantage of the trend for convenience in America, and use it to sell your store?

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