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    I have gotten a few calls where I went through the script and the caller has concerns when closing the deal. Sometimes they aren’t the normal concerns that every customer has. They have concerns with the extra fees discussed in the wrap-up portion of the call.
    Some storage facilities may choose not to tell the customer of the extra setup fees that come with setting up a storage facility. These fees could be insurance, processing fees, or even something small such as requiring a lock to be sold at the store. Sometimes these fees are essential to making or breaking a sell. I understand the reasoning behind not telling them about the fees. Things such as processing fees or admin fees are starting to be a part of the decision process for future customers. Some facilities choose to tell the customer about the fees either after they have setup the unit or when the customer calls about extra charges on their bill. I believe it is better to tell the customer about these fees.
    The first reason I would take this approach is it looks good on the company. It gives them the impression that we go the extra mile for the customer and they appreciate that. I have gotten calls where I have given the fees and was thanked for it because other stores had not done that for them. They ended up calling us back because of that very reason. Second, I believe it’s part of having quality customer service. I believe quality customer service is giving the customer all of the information to help them make an informed decision. Quality customer service puts the customer first and gets them involved in the decision making process. These things can help increase your business and generate future business through good word of mouth.

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