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  • Following Vehicle Self Storage Rules
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    There are times when you have more vehicles that you can actually store in the available space of your garage. In such a case, the best way to store your cars is to opt for vehicle self storage professionals. You may have a luxury or sports vehicle that remains un-attended for long periods of time. These facilities offer a great solution in this regard.

    These days, there is a storing facility available at almost every nook and corner in every city. Hence, you will not find it very difficult to choose the most suitable car storing unit. However, before you sign up with a store room service to keep your vehicles for a long period of time, it is very important for you to make sure that the facility takes proper measurements to keep the stored vehicle in good condition. Besides that, you will also have to take certain precautions. Following is a brief rundown about the same.

    Basic Rules   
    Every vehicle parking facility requires you to follow some basic rules, such as the following

    1. Your vehicle must be duly registered and insured. The storing manager will ask you to show the relevant documents as a proof of the same.
    2. You cannot use the storing unit as a workshop.
    3. You will also have to make sure that the tires of the stored vehicles are in good shape and properly inflated.
    4. If the vehicles are not in drivable condition, the facility owner will not allow you to store the same.

    Choosing The Right Storing Unit

    There are different types of vehicle self storage spots available. You have to choose the one that best suits your specific requirements. Some of these options include drive up interior space, drive up garage space, and covered outdoor space. The drive up interior space is the most secure option, but at the same time, it is also the most expensive one. If you are looking for the most affordable option, you had better sign up for covered outdoor space. However, it is important for you to understand that this option does not provide good security features. So, you must make your choice very carefully. Your choice should be based on your specific budget and the type of security features you desire.      

    Most vehicle parking facilities charge you on a monthly basis. This means you do not have to make a big investment. That is the reason why these storing rentals have been such a great solution for those who want to store their vehicles during extended periods of travel or during the off-season. However, if you are renting the unit to store a vehicle that you use frequently, it is always wise to choose a unit close to the facility entrance. This will make it easy for you to drive your vehicle in and out of the facility.

    The size of your vehicle is also an important consideration when it comes to choosing the right unit. Some vehicles are too wide or too tall. You will have to choose the vehicle self storage spot accordingly to your vehicles size. If you still have some queries or confusion regarding how to make the best use of the storing unit, you are recommended to consult your facility manager or his staff. These people are expert professionals who can provide you valuable suggestions on how to enjoy better storing service at the least price.  

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  • Tips About Long Term Car Storage
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    When you are leaving your car for a long period of time, you need to take special precautions for your vehicle self storage . As your car is going to be idle during this long period, there is a high chance of breaking down. Particularly, the engine needs to be on in a regular interval of time. If you can find some one, to start the engine on, that will be very much helpful. In case you keep your car in an external storing unit, then you might avail this facility. But, if you have to leave your car in your garage, then it will not be possible. In that situation, you need to follow a strict guideline to prepare your car for storing.

    Some of the important guidelines for your vehicle storing are described below.

    • The gas tank should be filled up to the full with the fuel, to avoid erosion in the inside wall of the tank. Make sure to add additive into the fuel and the engine should run for some time so that the entire fuel system gets filled up with fuel and additive.
    • Fill the cooling system with coolant, to protect and lubricate the system from erosion. If you do not want to waste the coolant, you can mix it with water.
    • Drain out the used engine oil and change it with fresh oil. Used engine oil builds up acid, which can create damage to the bearing and cause rust within the engine.
    • For your long term vehicle parking, you have to fill up the brake and clutch cylinders to the full with fresh brake fluid. This will prevent rusting of the brake and clutch system.
    • To keep the engine area free from rust, you can use lubricant spray to cover all metal surfaces. The spray will put a protective film over the bare parts of the engine.
    • The car should be washed and cleaned thoroughly. You can put a wax on the exterior wall of the car. This protective lining will prevent moisture and dirt to settle down on the surface of the car.
    • In case of the convertible car storing, stretch the convertible top and leave it up with the windows closed. If it is kept folded for a long period of time, the convertible top will develop strong wrinkles. Closing the windows, you can prevent moisture and insects from entering inside car. You can also put dehumidifiers and insect repellants inside the car, to keep the interior climate free from moisture and insects.
    • The boot of the car should be cleaned and dried properly. You should also put insect repellant and dehumidifier inside the boot.
    • After all these preparations, drive your car at least for half an hour. This will dry the moisture within the engine and other parts of the car and fill all the lubricated parts with relevant lubrication.
    • For the long term car parking purpose, park your car putting off the hand brake. The tires could be inflated to the respective limit, so that flat tire does not occur, in your absence.
    • It is advisable to disconnect the battery and keep it in a safe and dry place inside your home.
    • The best thing for the car would be to run the car gently for a short period of time, at least once a month. This arrangement keeps the car in a running condition. If this arrangement can be made, then you should not disconnect the battery.


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  • Customers who know what they DON’T want
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    Angela Perry, seasoned call center rep draws from her personal shopping experiences in this blog about customer service.

    Welcome to the Phone Smart blog and insider view of the self-storage industry.

    I do not want to hear it

    As a customer I am the type that does not want the sales spiel. I want what I want and I try to forewarn the salesperson before they approach me. This happened when I purchased my new vehicle. I went into the office and told the salesman that I was interested in purchasing a vehicle this is very much like the opening statement some of our callers use. The next thing I told him the exact color of car that I DIDN’T want. I specifically said no red, white or black car. Our callers often have a definite size in mind. The majority of the car lot was filled with the colors that I was not interested in as sometimes our storage facilities may have units that the caller does not want. So what to do next? Of course offer what we do have. This is what happened with the car salesman and I. He offered me a maroon, and eggshell color car. This irritated me, but I understood that it was not red or white. I applaud his efforts but I declined.
    This is how our customers relate to us as well. We offer them two sizes to make up the one size that they need to accommodate them even though it is not what they originally asked for. After the color issue was taken care of I went on to tell the salesman that I wanted a CD player, power locks and windows. I also made it clear that I wanted an automatic transmission and not a stick shift. We often get callers like this as well. They know exactly what they want. They know the dimensions of the boxes to the dimensions of the couch and other belongings that are needed. Then we are on the other end as phone representatives waiting for them to take a breath and let us tell them what we can do to help. I am certain that the salesman was the same way with me.
    Although I ended up with everything that I wanted except the power locks and windows, I was a satisfied customer. This is what happens with our customers, we may not be able to meet their EVERY want, when we do our best and they are a satisfied customer driving happily to their new storage unit just as I happily drove away my new vehicle.

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