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  • Ideas For Storage At Home
    By admin on December 25, 2008 | 112 Comments112 Comments  Comments

    Nowadays most of people face a common problem. They have too many things but too little space to store them, as majority of them live in small or medium sized homes. It is quite difficult to manage additional storage space within the limited space to keep their things. However, if you can plan out properly, you can manage to find some spaces which might have got unnoticed. With applying some simple but innovative measures you can create extra storing space in unexpected places. Some of these innovative ideas are described below.

    Use furniture which serves double purpose. You can use them as furniture, whereas inside the furniture there are some built in space. As for example, a side table or corner table may be used to create a display case for collectibles or you can put shelves under it to convert it to a small chest. The bed can be converted to a large storage , by covering the lower part. This can be used to store extra bedding and furnishing items. Specially, the sleeper sofa and chair are perfect furniture for storing extra magazines or newspapers. If you can research on this, you can find out more and more innovative designs to build this multi use furniture.

    To keep your kitchen and grocery items more organized, you can use the disposable container of food items used for food storage . You can use the butter and margarine containers to keep small things at your kitchen. These boxes can also be used to store the craft tools or hobby items of your kids. Different type of disposable boxes made of recycled material can be used to store toys, sewing items, paintbrushes, pen, pencils etc. If you can decorate these boxes a little bit by painting or crafting on these, then they will be an added decoration of your home.

    Each time you reorganize your closet, you are going to make out some extra storage space for your clothing. To maximize the real estate space usage within the closet, you can add hooks to the door for hanging belts, ties etc. Using shelf organizers and dividers, you can keep things more organized and neat looking. This will also help you to find an item easily at the time of rush. Use the upper shelves to keep rarely used items or seasonal clothes. Whenever you organize your closet, discard the old dresses to make some space for the new ones.

    You can maximize the unused storage space at your bedroom, by de-cluttering the room. If you have open space under the bed, make use of that space. You can get variety of plastic boxes to fit under the bed. Some of them have wheels attached for easy movement. You can use these boxes to keep anything or everything, other than kitchen items. Use different types of cabinets to improve your kitchen storing. Use of hanging pot racks, grid system or hooks can provide organized storing for various utensils.

    To keep your toiletries organized, you can use different types of bathroom organizers. Use the unused bathroom corner, to keep racks, shelves or cabinet. These racks can be used to keep towels or magazines. Beneath the wash basin, you can put storing racks to keep toilet cleaning items. You can also fit a cabinet on top of the wash basin, to store different type of bathing or shaving materials.

    Climate Controlled Self Storage

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  • Relieve Holiday Stress With Mini Storage
    By admin on December 22, 2008 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    A mini storage is going to meet your storing requirement for comparatively smaller items. The holiday season is coming and you want to renovate your homes. Over the year, you have gathered many little items, which have lost their importance now. These articles are not to be thrown away, as you might have some type of emotional attachment, but they are blocking the storing space of your house. During the holiday season if you can manage to organize your rooms by freeing up the unused space, it will look much beautiful. You can pack smaller containers with these mini items and send them to the warehouse. Having a clean home will relieve holiday stress and you will be pleased with the extra space after the season.

    The best thing at mini storage is that here you can hire the space according to your requirement. You do not have to pay additionally for your unused storing space. You can select the container from a variety of sizes starting with 5 foot by 5 foot space. These small sized containers are best fit for items of one closet. However, the name does not mean that you will always have small container. Large containers are also available to store items of 4 to 5 bedrooms. You can also use this space to store official documents, if you are planning to reorganize your office room.

    Before finalizing on the mini storage , find out information on the security service of the facility. The storing place must follow the normal guidelines to provide total protection to your items. The standard security arrangements include CCTV connection, on site security staff and burglar alarm. The unit must be dust, dirt and humidity free, so that your items remain unaffected from any type of infection. Most of the major centers have supply stores for packing items. Here you will get various types of packing materials and boxes to provide you safe and secured method of packing. At some places, if you notify the center in advance about the size of your storing, then they will keep the boxes ready for you.

    At any mini storage center you get reasonable price. You can rent the space for minimum of one month. For long term storing you might get discounted price. You can rent a trailer for moving your articles from the center. There are some facilities, where they provide this service for free. Generally the rent should be paid in advance, but it does not require any additional deposit to start with. That is why, this option has become very much useful to the students or new professional, as they do not have many things to store and at the same time they always look for most economic storing nearby their place.

    To find out a suitable mini storage center near you, you can search through the internet. Make a list of available rental properties and then do a cost comparison to find out the most reasonable option. It is better to select the facility offering free moving service. This way you can avoid the hassles to move your articles. Location is also another important factor to decide on. The storing unit must be situated at a convenient location, so that you can check out your items at your way to the work. Normally, these types of storing centers do not offer insurance for your items while they are in the stores. So, before moving your articles, arrange proper insurance for them.

    Leesburg Self Storage

    Longwood Self Storage

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  • Living Made Easy With Mini Storage
    By admin on November 17, 2008 | 197 Comments197 Comments  Comments

    You do need storing facilities to store some articles that are not that important and neither fit for throwing away. These articles, if gathered together, generally do not take up much space and hiring warehouse space for the items may be wastage of money. In that case mini storage is the ideal option for you. These facilities are ideal for storing for a short time too as the hiring charges are very low compared to the warehousing charges. Most importantly, you will be able to supervise your storing units personally whenever you wish and access them easily as you will have your own lock and key to lock the unit.

    Mini storage structures are best suited to people who do not have much article to store but need space to store them. The students who leave for their homes during vacations find this type of storing very useful as they do not have to carry all their items to their home and bring them back when the institution re-opens. But, you need not be detailed that the students have very little possession to store and a space of about 30 to 50 square feet is more than sufficient. It is bigger than a locker and much smaller than a regular sized storing unit. So such facilities are a hit with the university towns.

    The people on constant move also find it easier to store their articles in the mini storage places. Since their place of residence does not always come in same sizes at all locations they prefer to use the storing facilities for storing the articles that do not fit into any home. They have the option of using those are suitable and storing the others for a new location. Earlier they had to either hire the costly warehouse services or auction off the extra at dirt cheap rates if they had takers at all. Moreover, the people who are moving about can only bring out the articles if they are sure that they will be settling down at a particular place for a considerable period.

    Mini storage comes in various sizes from as small as 25 square feet to as large as 300 square feet. If you need any sizes larger than that you can always hire more than one unit. For commercial storing purposes of very large capacity you should get warehousing facility. The smallest sizes are the ones that are the most popular with the students. They not only store their goods when they leave the school for holidays but also store their seasonal sporting gears like skis. The householders may need a little more space and sometimes the maximum sizes are big enough to hold a car or a seasonal vehicle along with other household articles.

    The price of mini storage hiring depends on a variety of features. The first is the type of storing you want. The ordinary storing facility is the commonest and most popular for storing the ordinary articles. But sometimes the articles need extra care and climate controlled facilities are needed to store them. It needs no explanation that special facilities demand special prices. The tenure of your hiring and the mode of payment also influence the prices. If you hire a unit for a year or a half, there will be a discount and so will be if you make your payment in a lump. Whatever be the price, it must be acknowledged that this type of storing has made life easier for all.

    Oceanside Self Storage

    Ontario Self Storage

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  • Rent Extra Closet Storage Space
    By admin on October 11, 2008 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    Got a lot of stuff and no place to put it? Is the trunk of your car primarily used as your own personal mini storage , packed to the rim with unused text books, your old CD collection, bags of crumpled clothing and an open box of miscellaneous junk that you have no idea what to do with? Well, while the trunk of your car may be a temporary solution and it seems to be serving your needs, all it takes is one flat tire on a hot Monday afternoon to send you digging deep down into that mess in search of your spare tire and jack, pulling everything out on the side of the highway in order to find what you need.

    Such a scenario would not only be frustrating to deal with, but unsafe for you and other motorists on the road. So, why not invest a few dollars each month to rent a small personal mini storage area that will not only house all of the miscellaneous items that you do not often use, but will also have the benefit of allowing you access to the trunk of your car once more.

    It used to be that if you wanted to rent personal mini storage , there was a one size fits all approach. Even if you did not have enough to fill the standard 5 x 10 sized unit, you still had to pay for it each month. Times have changed, and with them, so have the sizes of personal mini storage that are now available.

    While it it true that some of these units are as large as a two car garage, most individuals do not need that much space. This size is ideal for storing the contents of a four bedroom house, not the miscellaneous furniture and items that one might find in a dorm room, or the trunk of a car.  As the sizes of the units get smaller, so does the monthly fee that one will pay to rent it.

    One of the smallest units available is the 25 square foot unit. It is roughly the size of a hall closet. Think of how much stuff we tend to cram into our closets. Basket and bins full of clothes, shoe boxes filled with old bank statements, and whatever else that we can squeeze in there, and that does not even take into consideration the amount of toys that our children can house in their own closets. Knowing how much one can shove into a 5×5 foot closet, imagine how beneficial having an extra closet, off site so as not to clutter your home or apartment, would be.

    There are now personal mini storage companies in just about every neighborhood. Chances are high that there is one within a three mile radius of where you happen to be right now, if you live in the city. Spending a few dollars each month to insure that you have space to store the items that you do not want to look at but have no room to shove up under the bed is an investment in your sanity, if nothing else. Because every time that you open your closet and at least two hats fall down on your head, it begins to make one a bit flustered. Save the mess for your new off site closet. This keeps your wardrobe looking newer, with plenty or growing room on the rack when off season clothing is neatly packed away.

    In addition, having one of these personal mini storage areas available at any time is a wonderful idea when the holidays come around. The kids will never be able to find your stash of presents if it is not even in the house. You do know that they always look, right? Well, this year they can actually be surprised by what they get. In fact, you can be buying gifts and stashing them quietly away all year long, which will help you avoid Christmas burnout towards the end of the year.

    Call around today and see what kind of spaces and rates are available in your neck of the woods. You might be surprised.

    Berkley California Storage

    Local Berkeley California Storage

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  • Boast Storage For Your Watercraft
    By admin on October 10, 2008 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    Who does not want a boat for their country home? Sailing on your boat on a warm sunlight in holidays really gives you the aesthetic joy. But come to the reality. Your holiday is over and you have to go back to your same routine life. Now who will look after your boat? How shall you keep it and where? Will it be safe? Can you again use it when you shall come back again? These thousand questions will haunt your mind and will blot the enjoyment you got so far. For your thousand questions there is one answer, boat storage .

    The random thoughts that a boat owner is haunted by is the boat storage . The boats that you have can be of different sizes. According to the size and your budget there are different types of boat storing facilities Perhaps the cheapest of the methods is store it on a trailer. Keep your boat in the trailer and put it on your backyard or on driveway. If you have small boats then use rack storing utility. In this type your boats are kept in a cradle type covered shed.

    There are few simple tips for your boat storage . First, store the boat in a safe place so that the allured boat thief can not find it but you will definitely find your boat when you come back. The second thing is that when you are leaving your boat for a long time be sure that it is well dried and well cleaned. You should wax your boat before storing it because waxing fights the natural damage to the boat. A good boat cover is necessary whether you are storing it indoor like your home or outdoor like a marina. The quality of a good boat cover is that it should be tight and well-fit so that there will be no low areas for water to enter but be sure that the boat cover is not too tight to allow enough air circulation within it. Be careful about the outboard engine. Protect it from rain and direct sunlight. If your boat is a trailer type take care of the trailer tires, check their pressure and avoid direct sunlight. Check the wheel bearings and grease accordingly. If you keep your boat in a trailer lock it and chain it with a large immobile thing.

    But the owners of the larger boats have to use different boat storage method. These large boat owners and the small boat owners who long for convenience may hire a boat marina slip. In this storing method you do not really have any headache for the maintenance of your boat. The only headache that remains for you is that the payment for the storing facility. The charge of warehousing mainly depends on the length of the boat and the length of the slip you are going to hire. The charges vary from one marina to other. If money is not a matter to you hiring a boat storage place is the most convenient one. Drive straight to the marina with your family from your city home, load the boat in your car, clear the payment and go straight to boating. Similarly when your holiday is over, load the boat in your car, come to the marina, keep it there under their custody and go back to your urban life with no more tension of maintenance.

    Anaheim California Storage

    Local Anaheim California Storage

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  • Self Storage Guidelines
    By admin on October 6, 2008 | 88 Comments88 Comments  Comments

    Self storage is a process that requires careful planning and implementation. It cannot be done in a haphazard manner. One has to be methodical in his approach towards this activity. There are some general tips that can be followed to make the process of packing a fast and convenient one. These are

    • A list of all the items that need to be packed is to be prepared. Along with that the material that is required for packaging should also be listed. Ideally for packing boxes, rope, damp rid, pallets, marking pens, tape and bubble wrap are required.

    • Before moving the items in to the storing spaces it is always a good idea for the owner of the items to visit the storing spaces along with the list of the items that he needs to store. The supervisor of the storing areas will have a good idea regarding the size and type of storing area that is most suited for storing the items. Taking the advice of the supervisor of the self storage spaces is always preferable because the owner of the articles may not have the knowledge or experience to judge the storing spaces that are best suited for him.

    • Another very helpful hint for making the entire process of storing, packaging and transporting articles is that it is always better to start working on the entire process about one to one and half a months in advance. When there is sufficient time, people can think well about the entire process and do their packaging efficiently. Keeping the things unpacked and waiting for the last moments can result in a lot of wrong moves due to which the packaging will not be done efficiently. With less time in hand, it may be difficult for one to get the desired self storage areas because they stand a chance of being already been booked by other people.

    • When storing areas are hired the person who hires the spaces enters into a contractual agreement with the firm that is providing him the area. The contract will have some terms and conditions that need to be carefully read and understood by the renter before he signs it. Many times the renter ignores clauses that are written in fine print and then comes to realize that these involve some hidden costs or any other clauses that are disadvantageous for the client.

    Important information about the policies of the firm, their leasing terms and any pertinent issues is usually written in the agreement in the fine print. These lines should never be ignored.

    • The renter of the self storage areas should be clear about the transportation amenities that the firm is offering. Some firms offer to transport the items for storing from the house of the renter to the storing areas free of charges. But there are other firms that do not offer these services and they will arrange for these services for a fee. The size of the trucks that they send for moving the items should be known beforehand so that the renter of the storing areas knows the number and size of boxes that can be fit in a single truck and book the correct number of trucks.

    Different types of items can be placed in self storage areas. Furniture, jewelry, clothes, vehicles, wine and food that does not perish easily. But all these items have difierent criteria for preserving them.

    Lake Havasu City Arizona Storage

    Local Lake Havasu City Arizona Storage

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  • Furniture Storage For Space and Cleanliness
    By admin on September 1, 2008 | No Comments  Comments

    Everyone wants a beautiful home and to make it more beautiful we buy items to decorate our house. Today, everybody wants a bigger home, but this is not always possible for all. The rising price of realty makes it difficult for many people who desire to buy a bigger home. The solution for making a small home look and feel bigger is known as the smart use of furniture storage . These will help you arrange your home in a better way and make it look neat and beautiful. Generally we buy a lot of things which we need but later we are not able to arrange them properly, creating a clutter in the house.

    So to free your beautiful home from daily mess you must make proper usage of furniture storage . If we look carefully we will find many unused and forgotten spaces. We ignore places like the space under the stair case, the place beneath the sloping ceiling, the attic and in the garage. If we want to clear out the clutter in our homes we must first make a list of things that need to be done. First of all, go through all your belongings and categorize them according to your needs. Now, you group them together with the help of person who uses it, taking into account the frequency of usage and function of that particular object. Specific characteristics are also an important aspect in this regard.

    When you categorize your belongings always keep in mind that you keep things simple by creating a few categories. In the case of magazines and paper backs that you do not use, you can keep them in furniture storage boxes. These boxes are available in different sizes and colors and also in different materials. You can find lovely colorful paper boxes in stores. These will look pretty even if you keep them in your living room and also in the bedroom. For your laundry room you can use plastic boxes with lids. The cane boxes and the rattan boxes are very elegant and can be used anywhere even under your bed.

    Furniture storage can be in the form of wall units, shelves, cabinets, drawers, chest of drawers and even mini chest of drawers are available. In the bedroom to maximize the space a wardrobe with shelves and drawers are very useful. There are some wardrobes available where you can put inside boxes to store your materials inside. The design of your wardrobe is of course your choice. For you, getting dressed should never become an irritation. Keep a shoe rack at the bottom of your wardrobe. There should be racks to hang your trousers. Also large spacious drawers are good for keeping tops, cardigans and jeans.

    In your basement and garage you can utilize the walls from top to bottom. It is better to use wooden shelves to support heavy things. In your laundry room you can use two different color buckets for washed and unwashed clothes. You can also utilize the space above your washer dryer by putting shelves and racks for hanging clothes. You can even arrange your bathroom area with clever use of space by using drawers and shelves for your towels and toiletries. In your living room you can use a wall cabinet as your furniture storage . All you need is a little imagination and a little innovation to make your house a dream house and these options can certainly enhance the look of your house.

    Furniture Storage in Chicago

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  • Relieve Stress With Personal Mini Storage
    By admin on August 14, 2008 | 100 Comments100 Comments  Comments

    Personal mini storage is a relief for those of you who are getting overwhelmed by the lack of space in your home and finding it difficult to even find moving space. But many of you may have a lot of questions regarding the various things related to mini storing facilities. It is quite natural as you will be storing materials that are not to throw away but you are compelled to store away from your home. These may include some articles you are emotionally attached to or articles that you will need seasonally. So you must be worried about the health of the articles at the time of retrieval.

    The first thing that you should enquire about the personal mini storage option is the security. Usually the good facilities have high perimeter fences, sometimes with razor wire, twenty four hours surveillance with security cameras and guards to physically patrol the units. This goes for the overall security of the facility. But you need to be worried about the condition of the units where your articles will be stored. It is always good to verify the units physically before actually making the choice.

    The next question that is often asked is what you can store in a personal mini storage option. The answer is you can store anything that you feel safe to store at your house. The list of articles that you cannot store includes any hazardous articles, toxic materials or illegal articles. The law is very strict on these and suppressing the nature of the articles that is not allowed can be punishable by law. If you are storing a vehicle make sure that it is drivable and you hand over a copy of the registration to the facility operator. The operating hours vary from location to location and some facilities even provide twenty-four hour operations. Those which do not do so also allow after hour operation with prior appointment.

    The storing space available in the personal mini storage options vary in size and therefore, is very convenient for the users as they do not need to hire a space that they might not use. the spaces available range starts from as little as twenty-five square feet that can store the articles of a regular closet to large ones that can store entire articles of a four or five bedroom house and can be ideally used for storing articles of an office. Since the goods are not covered by insurance that cover the facility it is advisable to go for insurance if the articles are considered valuable enough.

    The leases of the personal mini storage are made on week per week basis and monthly basis. Usually yearly rentals are not available. The rent usually needs to be paid in advance. The payment can be made through major credit cards and the companies also accept cash and personal checks. The efficient storing needs efficient packing. The packing materials are often supplied by the storing facilities at a cost and they even provide experts who can help you with your packing. The delivery of the articles can be made by you, a trucker hired by you or in some cases the facility has its own service which you can avail by paying for separately. Above all these when you hire a mini storing unit or any unit, you need to pay an administrative fee for processing of the necessary papers and documents.

    RV Storage in Frankfort

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  • Steps To Stress Relief
    By admin on July 5, 2008 | No Comments  Comments

    Bella had heard somewhere that the majority of healthcare issues had the root problem of stress. She knew from personal experience that this was likely to be true, and for a while now she had wanted to do something about it. She decided to take matters into her own hands and start finding ways that she could destress herself and therefore make her life easier.

    Of course she knew there were easy ways to unwind, and she wanted to find these out. But she also knew of one big way that would help her. Her father had left his boat to her when she died, and she had been keeping it in boat storage for a couple of years. She thought now would be the perfect time to get it out of boat storage and take it out on the water. Bella loved being on the water, and she thought it was a waste that the object of her possible unwinding could be sitting in boat storage somewhere instead of out being used. So this is exactly what she did. She went to the boat storage company where it was being kept and took it out on the water. Being alone for such an extended time was therapeutic. Bella found she could think about anything for any amount of time she wanted. She did not have to feel rushed. And she did not return it to boat storage until the end of the day when she was satisfied that it had done her the utmost good.

    Of course, Bella realized that not everyone had the luxury of being a boat owner. There were other ways, of course, to destress. On days when it was too rainy or the weather was clement, Bella found other things she could do to calm herself down from the hubbub of everyday life. She dedicated a room in her house to being simply for quiet time, like a library. No television or radio or phone was allowed in this room. Only books, magazines, and a CD player for quiet and relaxing music. Bella knew that she could personally get a lot of good out of something this simple, and that other people might only have to think a little bit to come up with something just as relaxing for themselves.

    Sometimes, though, Bella felt like something else when she needed to unwind. Sometimes sitting quietly did not seem to do the trick. For these times, she came up with other solutions. Once, she planned a movie night with her girlfriends. This gave her companionship and entertainment, a great way to forget the stresses of work and anything else, and laugh and converse with others.

    Several other times Bella would call up a friend and they would go play tennis, or go to the gym and get out their stress in physical exertion. Bella found that there was nothing as relaxing as being physically tired at the end of the day, and being able to sink gratefully into her bed at night. Physical tiredness forced her body into sleep, making her mind stop whirring and thinking of finances and other issues at night, a problem Bella sometimes had.

    With these and many, many other tips, Bella found that there were unlimited ways to destress yourself in everyday life. Her only problem now was choosing which ones to use, and when.

    Austin Storage

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