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  • Many Benefits of Mobile Mini Storage
    By admin on December 19, 2008 | 131 Comments131 Comments  Comments

    A mobile mini storage is going to be less expensive than a self storing facility for your residential property management storing. Here you will get same type of services, which are available in a self storing facility. In addition to that, you can keep the unit in front of your house, and take your time for packing the unit. This type of storing process is going to provide you with different types of benefits, which are described below.

    1. Most of the mini storing companies will offer you free delivery of the portable unit at your doorstep. This way, you can save your valuable time, as you do not have to bother with reserving and hiring a truck to move your items to any normal warehouse.

    2. A mobile mini storage will allow you to keep the storing container at your place for quite a few days. At many places this duration is for around 2 weeks. Thus, you can spend your free time to pack the container, which might be during the weekend, or after coming back from work or at your convenience.

    3. The companies supply storing containers having an industry standard size. But, the size is comparatively smaller, as they can be easily packed. Also, this protects the items from getting damaged, which might occur due to jamming many items into one large box.

    4. A mobile mini storage you to load and unload the unit only once. Most of the time, the items get damaged at the time of loading or unloading. In other type of storing system, the items involve multiple times handling, as you have to load them in the truck, unload them at the warehouse and follow the same process while bringing them back to your home. Thus, the chance of getting damaged is increased.

    5. Most of the containers have a ground level entry point which makes them easy to pack with the boxes.

    6. The smaller sized containers are usually of the size of an average car, which can easily fit into your front yard.

    7. Each mobile mini storage boxes are large enough to hold belongings of approximately 1 to 2 rooms. This gives you the opportunity to organize your furniture separately from the household instruments.

    8. The storing companies normally charge the units for a daily basis, so you can avoid paying any additional cost for your unused storing days. Here you pay only for the days you use the facility. However, some of the companies have a minimum period of storing, after which you can take out your belongings at any time you wish.

    9. If you have long term storing plans, then you might avail long term discounts from most of these companies. Many of the companies have different types of special deals associated to the storing.

    10. The mobile mini storage centers do not require you signing any long term contract. Thus you can terminate your storing any time without paying any penalty.

    11. The facilities generally offer you easy access anytime during normal business hours. However, you can also take special permission to visit the warehouse at your convenience.

    12. Most of the storing facilities offer varieties of boxes and packing supplies for your storing process. If you specify in advance, then the companies will send these supplies along with the container to you at the time of delivery.

    Hernando Self Storage

    Kissimmee Self Storage

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  • Wine Storage Factors
    By admin on December 18, 2008 | 140 Comments140 Comments  Comments

    It is a well known fact that wine needs proper storing and the longer you store it, the better you will get the taste. There are many people who prefer to store huge stacks of wine at their apartments or home, but they are unaware of the best ways of wine storing. Their precious drink gets spoiled due to the lack of proper environment. It is important that a wine lover knows the best way to store his favorite drink. There are many warehouses also that specialize in the warehousing of wine. Wine storing needs specific conditions so that the wine remains at its best. Some of the essential elements of wine storage are as follows.


    If you desire to store wine it is important that you know about the different wide band of temperatures that can preserve wine at its best. Wine is stored at its best at eleven degrees centigrade, but you can store wine between nine and fifteen also. You need to see that your location does not have too many fluctuations in temperature, such as fluctuations between day and night, and then there are high chances that the wine will get spoiled. So it is best to get a temperature controlled wine storage that shall suit your wine.


    Humidity is also important for wine storage but it should be seen that there is no excess humidity in the place. It is known that little humidity is essential so that the exposed end of the cork does not dry out in the bottle. This shall not be good for the wine. If this happens the cork will lose its ability to prevent the wine from oxidising as oxygen will creep in the bottle. If you think about the ideal level of humidity, then it is about seventy percent total humidity. If it is lower than this, then there are chances that the cork will dry out. If the cellar becomes too much humid then again there are chances of increased dampness, which may in turn cause the labels of the wine to rot. Thus humidity is also of prime importance so that your evening date is not spoiled.


    This is known to all that strong or direct light is not good for wine. Thus the wine storage where you are storing your wine should not be exposed to direct light that includes both sunlight as well as artificial lights. As long as the bottles and warehouse is dark the wine will be better. Light usually heats the wine and if the temperature reaches more than 25 degrees centigrade then there are chances that the wine will get spoiled and it wont be fit for consumption.


    As in case of all precious things, you should ensure that your wine storage is adequately secured.  It is believed that wine is worth money and there are many people to whom wine cellars and stores are very easy to steal assets. There is much demand in market of some great wine, so you should always be careful about your drink. All places where wine is stored should be under lock and key which is accessible to very few people. There are many warehouses which have twenty four hours security but all cellars do not have. It is essential that your warehouse is well secured.

    Personal Mini Storage

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  • Self Storage Arrangements
    By admin on December 17, 2008 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    People need to store their belongings and for this purpose they hire self storage places, where separate units are available for warehousing. These units are available in various sizes, types and storing purposes. These storing units are available in different types and some of these have temperature controlled features, so that the goods are not damaged inside. Though these temperature controlled units are little more expensive than the other units, in these units your goods are sure to be protected. Climate controlled places are specially suitable for leather furniture, crystal glassware, different types of cleaning supplies, beautiful pictures and artwork, electronic goods of many types, files and records and also computers and musical instruments that need special temperature. Most of these temperature controlled self storage places have dust filters, which prevents the accumulation and the entering of dust particles in these units. Since these units need to be clean always, such filters help to keep the place neat and clean and in a way prevent pests and insects from gathering in the unit.

    There are many other arrangements made in self storage places for the convenience of the customers. Customers, who desire to hire the places, often enquire about the security and before deciding to hire the place, usually desire to have a look or know about the security of the place, so that they can be assured that their things are in safe hands. The owner or property manager of the places also try to make all security arrangements in the warehouses, so that the guests are assured. There are many kinds of security measures that are available for the self storing places, though they may vary from place to place. There are many kinds of computerized gate controls in these places, where the movement of the gate is controlled by a computer. There are facilities of video monitoring so that all entries and exits at the store are monitored. Cameras are places even inside the places, so that the activities of the customer are also monitored. This is specially done to ensure that no outsider enters the area, without having proper access to the places. There are many self storage places which have high powered lighting and perimeter fencing to prevent unauthorized entry. Many times the warehouses are designed as perimeter walls that safeguard all your goods in a secure way. All this helps in increasing the security of the place.

    Several other arrangements are made in these warehouses for the convenience of the customers. There are many storehouses which have a standing seam roofing system that helps to eliminate the leaks in the warehouse. There are facilities of rolling doors with a reinforced latch. Many storehouses have an overhead insulation that helps in the controlling of condensation. Different self storage houses have different facilities and the facility that you may get will depend on the storehouse that you choose. Do not forget to enquire about the lighting facilities that can be seen after dark, since it may happen that you need to access the place after dark and in such a case, lighting is very essential. This is not only important for customers visiting the place for goods, but it is important for the security also. If the place is dark, it may be used by thieves and other such miscreants. Hence lighting arrangement is very much essential in these units.

    Clermont Self Storage

    Coconut Creek Self Storage

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  • Wine Storage Will Preserve Bottle Integrity
    By admin on December 15, 2008 | 94 Comments94 Comments  Comments

    Wine storage has become a mode of investment in modern times rather than a fashion. Before, only the rich person could afford the luxury of storing the wine. They had their own cellar situated generally in underground. At that time the collection of wine was a matter of display and pride of the host. Those wines were served mainly to the family members and guests. But the picture has changed. People have become eager to invest money on it like shares and stocks. Investments on wine business yield a good return if you invest correctly. Remember that you should have a good knowledge over wine because all wines do not give same return. You have to pick the right one which gives you the maximum return.

    Wine is a very good investment if the wine storage is done properly. If you do not store it properly you will give you back a big zero because without the proper care and atmosphere your wine will turn to acid. Moreover before storing it check what type of it is. Because the high price of the wine depends on the type and region of its origin. The price of the wine depends on another factor too and that is its age. The old it will be, it will yield more profit. That is why when shipwrecks are discovered under the sea the first thing searched is the place where the wine bottles are stored. Most of the time wines are found in excellent condition because under-sea atmosphere provide the right amount of temperature and humidity.

    The correct temperature of storing wines is 56 to 58 degrees Fahrenheit. Minimum 70 percent humidity level is needed for the preservation of wine. In sufficient humidity the chance of the cork shrinkage becomes less. So the fear of leakage decreases. In case of any cork shrinkage the oxygen in the air slowly leak in to the bottle. This causes oxidation which ultimately turns the wine to acid. The result of oxidation is the bitterness of wine. At the time of wine storage one important thing you should keep in mind is to maintain the ullage, the gap between the cork and the wine bottle. There is a certain measure which should be maintained. Earlier the wine storing system used to need re-corking. But today with the invention of long lasting cork the re-corking is no more needed.

    Label of the wine bottle should be maintained at the time of wine storage because the brand and manufacturing date imprinted on the label is needed at the time of the valuation of that wine. You know that the price of a wine increases with its age. Unlike most of the things the cost increases with its oldness. But to maintain the label in such humid atmosphere is really a tough job. To overcome this most of the wine storage organizations are using plastic protectors to protect the wine.

    Two other factors harmful to storing of wines are light and vibration. Excessive light leakage inside the bottle creates an unpleasant aroma in the wine. So be careful about that. Though the modern bottles have good UV filters, still it is not hundred percent UV proof. A little amount of light still penetrates inside the bottle and makes it light struck. Also avoid any type of vibration of the bottle until it is time to serve.

    Apopka Self Storage

    Boynton Beach Self Storage

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  • Fill Up Space In Self Storage Companies
    By admin on December 12, 2008 | 3 Comments3 Comments  Comments

    Lurking in the corners of dark, musty basements, filling shelves and boxes in garages and closets, spilling out from counter tops and laundry bins everywhere, there is a residential virus that grows in proportion with each passing shopping spree. The seeming uncontrollable and unconscious behavior that allows this virus to take hold can only be described as extreme over purchasing. Living in the most affluent country on the planet has its advantages, not the least of which is the ability that we as consumers have to purchase items that strike our fancy whether or not we actually need them.

    We get excited when we purchase something new. In our quest to experience continuous happy feelings, we tend to buy things, like a new microwave oven, even though the one we have still works just fine. The ease with which people get credit affords just about anyone to immediately experience the gratification of big money purchases like granite counter tops and plasma televisions, even if they end up paying more for them later. The spending helps sustain the businesses that we shop at and helps our national economy, so it is not all purely selfish. Unfortunately the items that we already have need to go somewhere, as they are still perfectly usable. Throwing them in the trash is just plain wasteful.

    Self storage companies have risen to the call, claiming this great need of ours for more space is not so difficult to deal with as it first appears. These facilities have sprung up in every town, like Hialeah self storage companies , and they are never at a loss for business, further giving credence to the fact that people just have too much stuff. There are millions of square feet of empty space located within the concrete walls of these companies across the nation, and it is now estimated that one in every ten families uses such facilities to use items that they no longer have room for in their homes. And the trend seems to be growing.

    Cleaning up the clutter in ones home is certainly not the only reason why people call on self storage companies in their time of need. When living situations require that two households merge into one, such as a couple getting married, or an aging parent moving back in with their grown children, space can be quickly consumed by the personal belongings of both parties if action is not taken to reassess the situation. Keeping unused and inconsequential items off site gives everyone involved more room to move.

    Self storage companies also see great use in the form of a second garage, housing out of season items such as artificial Christmas trees, swimming pools, canoes, small boats and even automobiles. The luxury of having an off site location to keep rarely used items safe, clean and dry is yet another of the benefits of living in a society where we are truly afforded the good things in life. Being grateful for all that we have, even if it ends up being housed by self storage companies because we no longer need to use it, is perhaps the best way to remind us that we really are privileged in America, and rather than mindlessly assuming that what we need is more, more, more, we might want to take stock of what we have and realize that we already have more than most.

    Meriden Self Storage

    Newington Self Storage

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  • Value of Climate Controlled Self Storage
    By admin on December 10, 2008 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    One might think that changing weather patterns may not have all that much to do with the condition of items that are locked within a steel and concrete building for safekeeping. It is this error in thinking that has caused many people a considerable amount of grief and disappointment over the years, especially before the advent and implementation of climate controlled self storage.

    Texas summers are notorious for being sizzling hot. There is an experiment that is tried out every year by many a curious child as a result of the old saying in Texas that in the summer months it becomes hot enough to fry an egg on the concrete. Oftentimes, the experiment turns out to be true. While many Northern states can get by without air conditioning for most, if not all of the year, relying only on fans and open windows simply will not work in places like Texas. The air inside of an enclosed building can become so blazing hot that it can be overwhelming and potentially deadly to any person that enters. While sofas and boxes of toys may not feel the heat as we humans would, they certainly can be affected by the extreme temperatures in ways that will result in damage to them.

    If you are not using climate controlled self storage , it is very likely that the heat and humidity that can build up within a typical unit will be sufficient enough to warp certain items that are made of plastic and even some woods. Humidity is a culprit in itself in many instances. Brought on by rapid changes in temperature, the humidity will secure and encourage the growth of mold and mildew, which can grow on just about any surface within a dark, enclosed unit and can ruin everything that you have gone to the trouble of placing within the room. Once the musty smell of mildew infiltrates a blanket, mattress or box spring, it lingers. 

    Climate controlled self storage all but eradicates the problems and hazards associated with extreme heat and humidity in a dark enclosed unit. The temperature remains within a reasonable range that will not allow the growth of odor causing mold and mildew to live, much less thrive and take over. This is made possible by air vents within the unit that allow temperate air to circulate freely within the unit. The movement of the air also has the added benefit of avoiding the air from remaining stale in the unit.

    Climate controlled self storage works the opposite way, as well. In areas where winter is a bitter frosty nightmare rather than a beautiful snowy dream, the air within a dark, enclosed unit can create humidity that can freeze, causing damage to wood and other surfaces, cracking glass, and when it thaws, causing mold and mildew to accumulate anyway. The temperature controlled heated air that circulates within the unit is enough to avoid the freeze and deter the humidity.

    If you must store belongings in an enclosed unit, it is important to utilize climate controlled self storage , especially if you live in an area of the country where extreme temperatures occur throughout the year. Keeping your belongings safe requires more than a good padlock and a strong and sturdy entry gate. It requires foresight when dealing with Mother Nature, as well.

    Fort Collins Self Storage

    Lone Tree Self Storage

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  • Benefits of Self Service Storage
    By admin on December 9, 2008 | 108 Comments108 Comments  Comments

    Forty years ago, when the self service storage industry was a relatively new phenomenon, it was not something that was used by that many Americans. Considered somewhat of an industrial need, rather than a residential one, the vast majority of consumers saw no reason for such a service, equating it with warehouses, merchandise and equipment space. Fast forward a few decades, and now one in eleven families use some kind of self service storage , whether it is rented for furniture, cars, boats or RVs. Todays consumer even has the option to store wine in specially made, temperature regulated units that are built to specification for such a purpose.

    So, what makes todays industry more appealing to the hundreds of thousands of consumers worldwide who use them? Ease and convenience, for starters. The influx of new companies, the use of modern architecture and the number of units available are astounding. A drive through virtually any neighborhood will turn up a handful of facilities. Today, new companies look for a more residential market, rather than simply exhausting the industrial markets of the past. Facilities are sleeker, more attractive, and blend well with the modern retail shopping centers that are also making their appearance in the suburbs across America. It is easier than ever to find self service storage , and find it close to both home and business.
    The need for places to store unused items has grown with the increase of certain specific possessions that need storing. Recreational vehicles and boats used to be the exception to the rule for homeowners and consumers. But now, more and more people are finding it easier to afford these high ticket items. Even so, homeowners associations are increasingly intolerant of storing such large vehicles on ones property, making the need for appropriate storing options even more pressing for those who choose to own them.
    In todays market, it is much easier to go out and rent a self service storage unit, to hold the abundance of unused material objects that have accumulated in ones possession over the years, than it is to buy a bugger home to keep it in. That being said, many families that bought large homes when the interest rates were low, assuming that they could make large balloon payments years down the road, found that when the time came to make those big payments, there was not enough money in their bank accounts to make them. They ended up having to sell their homes, anyway. Now, hundreds of thousands of families have been forced to move again, downsizing to smaller, less expensive homes.

    Self service storage is a benefit to homeowners, business owners, renters, individuals and families alike. Now, more than ever, the ease, affordability and convenience of storing is a well established fact, and people from all walks of life are apt to take advantage of it no matter what type of possessions or equipment they need to find a place for. Specialty storing has become the name of the game, and everything from documents to furs can now be successfully stored under the same roof as a yacht. Todays companies give value to their service in as many ways as they can, by upgrading security, adding amenities and making it even easier for customers to solve their space issues.


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  • Why to Choose Self Service Storage
    By admin on December 2, 2008 | 3 Comments3 Comments  Comments

    If you are looking for a storing place to keep your items for the time being, you might select a self service storage center to receive variety of benefits. Here are lists of benefits which are available in these storing facilities.

    • These storing companies will offer you lowest prices within your locality. You can compare with the other companies at your locality to check the price. However, these storing facilities will guarantee to offer you the lowest price. Even if you find any place having lower price within 90 days of moving, the company will match that price. There might be certain restrictions for availing this lowest price. You can check with the store manager to find out the details about it.

    • Only in this self service storage centers, you can rent space just according to your requirement. This service is not available in any other type of storing system. Here, you do not have to pay for any extra unused space within your storing unit. This saves quite an amount of money, which was being spent for the empty unused space.

    • These centers have a wide range of storing unit sizes, from which you can choose the best fit size for your articles. The available sizes starts from a closet size for storing items of a closet to home size for storing items of 2 to 3 bedroom homes.

    • The self service storage centers will be able to customize the size of storing units for long term storing of official documents. You can talk to the experienced storing manager for recommendations on your storing requirement.

    • The facilities offer climate controlled atmosphere inside the building to protect you articles from extreme temperatures and humidity.

    • Many of these facilities have advantage of private mail box service. You can use this mailbox as an alternative prestigious business address. You can have your privacy by maintaining this mail box as no one can gain access to it. Forwarding and call in services are available to save your valuable time.

    • The self service storage centers also offer you shipping service. Most of the renowned shipping companies are associated to these storing facilities.

    • All these storing places have sufficient number of on site parking. You do not have to bother about finding a parking place for your transportation on the roadside parking places.

    • You will find different types of packing materials including jiffy mailers, bubble pack, styrofoam and various sizes of boxes, in the packing supply shop built within the storing place.

    • The centers are also equipped with fax machines to send or receive important documents within or out of the country.
    You have to keep your items for a minimum time period in some of these self service storage centers. Most of these centers charge refundable key deposit. Call in service is available at some of these places, in exchange of a fixed charge. Other than this cost, there is no additional charge for security, snow removal or lighting. Normally the buildings are constructed with steel and granite, which make the buildings resistant from fire and theft. The doors of each unit are protected with a burglar alarm. The trained and experienced store manager will attend any type of emergency immediately. As you are going to put your own lock and key, nobody can have unauthorized access to the storing units.


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  • Experience the Best Self Storage
    By admin on November 28, 2008 | 168 Comments168 Comments  Comments

    Quite a few storing companies over the country can be identified as best self storage centers. This is because these facilities offer various useful services for the customer, which makes storing a completely hassle free, easy process. These storing companies have their locations all over the country, so that most of the people can avail their best service. Here storing is as easy, as keeping your goods in your closet. You just store your articles, lock the unit and keep the key with you. At anytime of the day, you can check your articles and remove them or add something extra to the storing unit. These facilities have a large building to cater to a large number of people in the vicinity.

    The best self storage centers will offer you a variety of services. In these facilities, you can have month to month rentals. Thus, you can avoid any long term obligation. If you want to discontinue your agreement, you do not need to go through an elaborate mid term cancellation process. At the end of the month, you can just take out your articles. But if you plan to go for a long term storing, some of these storing centers will offer you a discounted yearly rate. This makes your storing much cheaper. Normally, a self storing facility does not offer you any packing or moving services. However, some of these special storing facilities have on site truck rental. This makes your moving process less agonizing.

    You will find varieties of sizes for the storing units, in any of these best self storage place. The size starts from 5 ft by 5 ft to 10 ft by 30 ft. You can easily choose any best fit size, according to your requirement. These warehouses are fully equipped with arrangements to control the indoor atmosphere. Thus your important valuable items are going to remain in best climatic condition within the storing unit. You can store anything or everything like your furniture and household goods, seasonal items, official documents, your boat or car or rv etc. Some of these storing centers have moving and packing supplies available.

    You can have anytime access to the best self storage , as these facilities are open either for 365 days per year from 6am to 9pm or 24 hours 7 days depending on the location. The storing units have well lightened corridors and the space is kept under constant surveillance using security cameras. The buildings are thoroughly fenced with a single access gate. Entry to the storing units is restricted to everyone. A person must have proper authorization for entering the facility. At most of the facilities the units are built using wall to ceiling metal including metal overhead doors with heavy hasps. Floors are made with cement, and units are separated with steel partitions. This strong, sturdy and anti flammable construction assures you to stay in peace.

    You can avail the advantage of having a well knowledgeable, experienced professional store manager in a best self storage. He will assist you with any type of help you require to store your items. For any critical situation, he will be a right person to guide you with his acquired experience on the industry. These storing centers will always provide the best level of customer service to satisfy your requirement. Price wise, they are not too expensive. However, in these places you will receive a great service and your goods are going to remain intact for the time period.

    Santa Ana Self Storage

    Santa Clarita Self Storage

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  • RV Storage Makes A Difference
    By admin on November 27, 2008 | 89 Comments89 Comments  Comments

    RV or recreational vehicle is an acquisition that everybody cherishes. A weekend of freedom is another name for owning a RV. These weekends are the days of relief from the hectic life and the stress that one suffers these days. So maintaining this means of freedom is of utmost importance. You do not need to get more stressed when you find that the long desired weekend gets jammed in the engine of your RV. It is said, drive your automobile to keep it running. But in real life one cannot go to the office in a RV and office and work are the only regular places for using the automobile. This means you need RV storage , either at your own place or at a storing facility.

    The most important question is where to store this vehicle? The size of the vehicle itself does not fit into the regular garages. The smallest of the RVs is bigger than even your SUV and keeping such a large vehicle standing in front of your house not only does not like good, in most areas it is against the regulations too This means that you will have to get a storing place where such parking is allowed. And this is what RV storage places are all about. You must also understand that keeping your RV out in the open also damages the vehicle and sometimes this damage may prove very costly and instead of the de-stressing that you wished you can more stressed.

    The RV storage places are the best places for keeping your dream vehicle that you spent a lot in furnishing to your hearts content. The facilities will store your vehicle in between the sparing uses that you have and they will protect it from the actions of weather and other elements. Most importantly, the benefit is that you can access it whenever you want. All you will have to do is to drive it to your storing facility and keep it parked at the place assigned. Sometimes the facilities do not provide completely closed areas and instead provide sheds. These are called outdoor RV storing facilities. Some others provide indoor storing where the vehicles are stored inside closed areas.

    The price you pay for RV storage is often justified considering the amount of damage that might have been caused had such costly vehicle lay in the open space. While some facilities offer only storing, some provide added amenities like gas filling, and wash bays and certain other amenities that one associates with the recreational vehicles. Your vehicle needs some pre-storing preparation and these facilities even provide that along with regular cleaning and repair services. It can be said that most of the RV storing facilities provide a complete package where you just pay and drive in or drive out in your RV.

    Without depending on the RV storage you must check some matters before storing the vehicle. The first thing is to make sure that the air inside the RV, when kept closed, can absorb moisture in varying degrees and eventually not only provide a smell that is difficult to banish but can also cause damages to the interiors. You should use dehumidifiers in such cases. The battery is the life source and make sure that you remove it and take separate care for it to reuse it the next time. Finally, if you think of covering the vehicle, make sure you keep some breathing space between the cover and the body of the RV. Make sure that your next freedom run is smooth.


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