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  • Over Reactions
    By Joel on July 11, 2011 | 13 Comments13 Comments  Comments

    Self storage does not have to be a difficult or stressful situation. In fact self storage can be an easy solution if you allow it to be. Every now and then a manager at a self storage location will encourage a current tenant who does not fully agree with what the manager told him or what is on their lease. This is one of the reasons that self storage facilities will tell you to sign a lease in order to go back and reference it if need be. In most cases, the manager will be able to diffuse the situation.

    People can often get worked up over small things.  Tenants sometimes call into their self storage facility in order to get a second storage unit, only to find that the rate of said unit was twice the price they are currently paying. They will immediately began ranting and raving and threaten to go to a different facility or even file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Most good managers will allow the customer to let out their steam and then let them calm down. Then the manager will politely explain to them that the price quoted was the current rate for new tenants.  As a current tenant, sometimes the manger can sometimes offer a multiple unit discount, which cuts the cost for multiple spaces owned by the same tenant.

    The attitude of the customer would then change as they realize, they may have over acted. This happens very often in these kinds of situations. Without really knowing the whole story a customer can get extremely upset and sometimes it will be too late in order to reconcile. Always make sure you understand the full situation before going off the handle, even when in need of self storage.


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  • How To Start Your Mini Storage Business
    By admin on December 26, 2008 | 110 Comments110 Comments  Comments

    Day by day storing requirement for the people is increasing. People are going to the storing units to keep different type of articles. This might be the right time to start your own mini storage business . However, before jumping into the endeavor you must consider certain things. You may better take professional help to recommend you the plan for your business, or you can plan the primary business layout and then ask for suggestion from the experts. Also, you need to study the cost effectiveness of your business. Whatever be your investment, you should get a good return out of it. Before going to all these details, you should look into few primary aspects of your business, which are being discussed below.

    1. The first thing to consider for your mini storage business is obviously the location. You must select the proper location to construct your warehouse. If the warehouse is not conveniently located, then people would not think about choosing your facility. However, getting a place at the mid of the city might be difficult and expensive too, if available. At the same time, you could remain assured about the fact, that you would be receiving regular bookings. Otherwise, select a convenient place considering the nature of locality in order to protect the articles and easy accessibility. A safe and secured neighborhood and easy accessibility would also guarantee you for having continuous flow of customers.

    2. The next thing you should keep in mind to plan out your mini storage business is the construction of your warehouse. This is an important aspect, as you must build the warehouse strong and sturdy. For doing this, consider the structure material a durable one. Steel might be a good option, as it neither breakable nor damageable. It will also guarantee you durability for a long period of time. But, again this is costlier than vinyl or wood. Depending upon your financial feasibility you can select the material.

    3. Another important thing to consider for your mini storage business is the layout of the storing place. The variety of sizes or units you keep, you can accommodate a variety or requirements. Actually, the storing requirement varies from person to person. You should be prepared to cater to all sorts of requirement of the customers. At the same time, you must maintain the cleanliness and dryness of the units, by providing proper arrangements. If you could construct a separate climate controlled facility for sensitive articles, then your range of customers will definitely increase.

    4. To improve the reputation of your mini storage business , you must arrange to provide better security to the stored items. This is a major factor, which you should consider with your sincere concern. All kinds of security arrangements must be present at your warehouse. While storing their valuable articles, customers will definitely check out the security factor of the warehouse.

    5. Considering all the above real estate investments , now you should look into the important matter of fixing the rate. You have to offer a reasonable price, other than you will not receive good flow of customers. Before fixing the price, you must research the price offered by your competitors at your locality. If you could manage to offer the lowest price, then you can have guaranteed customer flow, however you must balance it with your investment part.

    Winter Garden Self Storage

    Winter Park Self Storage

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  • The Booming Self Storage Industry
    By admin on December 23, 2008 | 97 Comments97 Comments  Comments

    The self storage industry all over the world has witnessed a major boom in the recent years. The industry basically caters to two kinds of customers, in the form of business customers and domestic customers. The industry is presently catering to both these customers. Recent trends reveal that the customer base in both the sectors shall increase significantly in the coming years. Such an increase in the customer base is mainly due to the growth in home-offices and also the increase and expansion of commerce. Today, everyone is aware of the importance of online presence and e-commerce in the growth of business. Today the nature of office environment is changing to a large extent. Very few people prefer to have large offices or extra real estate to store goods and spend some additional amount on its maintenance and salaries for the staff that include security agents. The boom in e-commerce in the business has resulted in the demand of more and more storing places. The need to store extra items is increasingly being felt. People prefer to store their goods in warehouses. There are many small retailers who are benefiting from the self storage industry .

    You will find several such retailers approaching such companies who are offering self store facilities. People are aware of the fact that renting such storing units is certainly more cost effective than maintaining one such unit. You not only save in terms of money, but you are also assured that your goods are in safe hands. Most of these warehouses have good security arrangement and proper care is taken for the goods, while they are in the store house. There are many retailers who import one or two containers at a time. These warehouses which are the part of self storage industry are used to store the goods on temporary basis. These small retailers benefit a lot, since they do not have to hire the expensive services of some of the logistic companies.

    Businessmen who have their offices at homes face the common problem of keeping their excess goods. There are several things that are needed on seasonal basis, and the problem arises of keeping these goods. There are many other files and documents of whose hard copies need to be stored. In such cases, the self storage industry is an effective solution. Another important customer for this industry is the domestic customer. People are in need for warehouse due to several reasons. Many people need to move mainly for employment reasons and during this time they need place to store their goods. Others need storing place when their homes are being renovated or reconstructed. The warehousing needs may be long term or short term, and whatever reason it may be the self storage industry is on high demand. Such places are much in demand at all times of the year.

    The self storage industry is the source of employment for several people. There are many people who derive benefits from the industry. In order to meet the growing demand of warehousing, more and more store houses are coming up, with several lucrative offers for the customers. Customers can search about these companies online, where most of the companies advertise their services. You can make a search on the basis of region that helps to narrow down your search. So, before you hire finally, you can check the services offered.

    Self Storage Buildings

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  • A Glimpse Into Self Storage Jobs
    By admin on December 13, 2008 | 128 Comments128 Comments  Comments

    With more and more people opting for storing their possessions in commercial storing spaces, the commercial storing industry has grown in leaps and bounds and is now providing self storage jobs for a lot of people to supervise and maintain the storing activities taking place in the commercial storing locations. Over time the firms providing commercial storing amenities, the industry has evolved from mom and pop ownerships to different kinds of property trusts. Along with growth and specialization the skill sets required by the manpower of industry has also become specialized and diverse.

    When commercial storing was at the early stages of development, the storing spaces were managed by mom and pop owners and they were helped by members of the family in safeguarding the items and maintaining them in good working condition. The self storage jobs during those times were very simple and generalized and did not require any knowledge of sophisticated services. But since the time these special kinds of trusts have taken up the storing business, it has grown rapidly. In fact now it is a major profitable source of income for the property investors. Nowadays many successful management houses, investment firms and individual entrepreneurs have taken up this lucrative business opportunity. 

    Careers in the storing business offer a number of attractive portfolios. There are managers at different levels taking care of the different aspects of the storing business. The site managers usually enjoy a lot of autonomy in their work. Correct usage of this autonomy in the self storage jobs requires the managers to be competent in their area of work. They should have a sound knowledge of business principles as well as sales techniques. However it should be borne in mind that compared to other kinds of businesses, the storing business is less complicated and the salaries of the staff are also lower.

    The next thing that needs to be considered is that if there are any special qualifications required to take up a career in the storing business. Thankfully the storing business does not require any high flying degrees or expertise. Anybody with an intention to succeed and knowledge of the working of the business can apply for self storage jobs with any good firm. The storing industry hires people regardless of their prior experience or field of work. Hence people from any walk of life can try their hand in the storing business. Their aptitude and their commitment for the present work are assessed and they are appointed.

    There are people who want to take up a career in the storing industry as a part time work opportunity. There also many people who take up work with the storing industry while they are in a transitory phase in their career. There are still others who view Key West self storage jobs and other storing industry jobs as a means to earn some money after retirement. As the work offered by the storing industry is generally flexible and stress free many people opt for it to enjoy some time with their families. In other industries the very heavy work pressure does not give them an opportunity to do so. There are people who are not well employed otherwise and the storing industry not being all that competitive career wise, can give such people a chance to be employed. The storing industry gives one an opportunity to work at his own terms and also to exercise his creativity.

    Self Storage Industry

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  • Self Storage Software and Office Procedures
    By admin on December 11, 2008 | 24 Comments24 Comments  Comments

    Technological advances in the way that businesses record, store and transfer information and data have made significant advancements in every modern industry today. Even in the business of self storage software is now available that updates, automates and simplifies the process of keeping track of virtually every aspect of the organization, from gated access security codes and newly available rental units to employee address changes. What used to be a time consuming quest to save and file away pertinent account information and a tedious engagement of ones time to retrieve it again is now accomplished with a few mouse clicks. This puts the focus of the staff and management back onto their customers, as it should, enabling them to concentrate on the people that keep their business in the black because they keep on coming back, rather than dealing with the minutia of basic record keeping.

    Self storage software comes in many forms and it accomplishes dozens, if not hundreds of tasks in a reliable, fast and accurate way. Different programs offer different benefits and can be used for various aspects of business, from marketing and advertising to record keeping, to security and everything in between. For those who own multiple facilities, these programs can completely standardize all of their business operations and link them to each other so that corporate headquarters is granted access to all information. This is a huge benefit for owners of more than one facility, as it gives each individual store an established plan of action and includes all that information into the larger network database.

    The ease with which self storage software can enable the quick identification of the status of all units is astounding. Color coded maps, in certain programs, create an immediate frame of reference for the owner and staff of the company. Not only is a user able to see which units are currently rented and which are currently vacant, but also which units are paid in full, payment pending, past due and even in collection and lockout procedures. There are even some self storage software programs that enable the management of a facility to automatically restrict entry access to those customers that are involved in lock out or collections procedures from entering through the security gates.

    These programs are also effective when attempting to implement changes simultaneously in more than one facility. Changes in the pricing of units, or in policies, procedures and protocol, can be implemented throughout each of the facilities within a network, taking effect immediately. Many of these programs provide and generate full-scale data and business reports, handle payroll operations as well as all customer data and information, assist with tax forms, newsletters, generate expense reports, budgets and more, and most of these programs will seamlessly run with the most popular office and accounting software that is commonly used.

    Self storage software has changed the way that business is done, and has streamlined the efficiency of the legal aspects of the business as well as the office tasks and business organization that comes with the responsibilities of running a busy company. It is an invaluable resource for anyone who is in the business of storing and renting out units, no matter what branch of the industry you may be coming from. In new facilities, these programs are now considered standard office procedure.

    Self Storage Industry

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  • Learn About Self Storage Insurance
    By admin on November 25, 2008 | 112 Comments112 Comments  Comments

    You take the help of storing your extra articles in the self storing facilities when you find that you are running out of storing space in your house. You also do so when you are moving from one residence to another and take time to arrange your articles the way you like at your new place. The students store their articles in the small units when they find that their hostel room cannot fit in all the articles that they desire. All seems to rely on the storing facility but do they provide the security that you think you get? Why do the companies in the business do not call their facilities warehouses but self storing facilities? The answer is, they do not take the risk of security of your articles that the warehouses are bound to take. To get over the doubt and cover the risk of any damage or loss it is best to go for self storage insurance .

    This does not mean that the self storing facilities do not take care of your goods. They do but they do not compensate you in case your goods are damaged due to any factors beyond their control like burglar attacks or natural disasters. They make adequate security arrangements like constant vigilance through security cameras, access control at the gates of the facility and also through personnel who make regular supervision of the facility premises. Their responsibility ends there and you have to even attach you own lock to the door of your unit. This is where the self storage insurance policy is useful.

    Your goods are often covered by the homeowners insurance and you may think that this will cover them at the self storing facility too. But you might remember a clause in the policy that the goods in your home will be covered and not those that are outside your home. Self storing facility is a place outside your home and that nullifies your claim for any compensation for damaged or lost goods. Some insurance companies provide this coverage with householders’ policy but the extra premium they charge is often not worth paying. In this case you can easily opt for a self storage insurance policy which is cheaper and covers all the goods stored in the units.

    Self storage insurance exclusively covers all the articles kept in self storing units. They provide insurance cover for damages and losses arising out of actions of burglary, vandalism or riot, accidents like building collapse, fire or smoke and explosion, natural occurrences like lightning, windstorm, hail, earthquake, and water damages with some restrictions. You will find that your goods are not covered by flood insurance and that is because such losses are compensated by the government most of the time.

    Self storage insurance covers almost all the articles that you store in the self storing units. But this actually has some exclusion and they are the articles like papers relating to accounts, deeds, bills, money, notes and currency, or any documents, garments having fur and fur trims, watches and precious stones and also boats and vehicles. Such policies also do not cover antiques and exotic items because the valuation of these items is made differently. If you want to preserve these with self storing facilities and want to insure them you will have to get in touch with the specialized companies who actually evaluate and cover such high value items.


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  • Storage Management Company
    By admin on November 18, 2008 | 97 Comments97 Comments  Comments

    If you have been thinking of starting a self storing business but do not know how to manage it you need not worry anymore. There are professional companies that are providing management services to the self storing business. So you can go ahead and plan your own self storage company . They are the professionals and you must understand that their goodwill lies in your words and references even if they are advertising all over for their services. So a company that is here to do business will never do anything that the customers do not like. This should be enough to attract your confidence and the matter that actually needs discussion is the fees of managing your facility.

    Running a self storage company is not easy as it will deal with clients directly as well as take care of their articles which apart from having physical value, has sentimental values attached to them as well. So a manager who will look after the facility will have to be an expert in handling such situations and also look after the profit of the owner. You must know that the management companies will act as your guide and through their regular visits to your property will ensure that everything is going according to the plan. The companies even undertake to train your employees to achieve positive results in revenue generation, customer satisfaction and other related fields.

    As a self storage company you will get the services of a management firm from the very beginning and that is recruitment and training your staff. The recruitment of the suitable staff is a matter of experience which in a normal case the newcomer to the business will not have. The management of staff does not end with recruitment only but by the performance review. You are paying the staff for their efficiency and you should make regular checks that you are getting the value for money. the management companies will help you by training the staff, improving their sales and marketing skill and also by increasing their accountability.

    Marketing in any business is an important part. Your self storage company is no different. It needs proper marketing to produce revenue and this is done quite well by the management companies who take every road from personal contacts to internet advertising to spread the message that you have opened a self storing facility and your service will be the best in town. This should be if you are trying to venture in an area already having a self warehousing facility. If you are telling that your facility is the best then you should be so and this is done by regular monitoring of your staff and there is another place that you will find the management agencies helpful.

    Finally comes the maintenance of your self storage company . This is a very important aspect of any self storing business as you are promising secure storing sites for your clients and maintaining such security means keeping your facility spic and span. There are some periodic maintenance jobs like fumigation, minor repairs, regular cleaning of the premises, etc. and some major repair and renovation works like renovating the roof or perimeter fences, repairing the rolling shutters of the storing units, etc. these needs the services of the contactors and vendors. The appointment of such people and negotiating the deals is the other help that you get by appointing a managing agency to look after your company.


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  • More To Know About Furniture Storage
    By admin on November 3, 2008 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    Furniture needs to be stored like any other valuable things. It is not always possible for us, the laymen, to take care of our furniture properly. To save us, lots of companies who deal with furniture storage have come forward. If you go through the internet you will find their addresses. Furniture storage business is getting popular today. When you have to shift from one place to another for any purpose you do not have to face the hazards. Just call them and keep your check ready for the payment.

    Sometimes we have valuable antique furniture in our possession which we might have inherited from our ancestors. They are valuable in two ways, first they are valuable by the literal meaning and secondly they are valuable because they are full of sweet memories. You will not let the piano get destroyed where your grandmother used to play her favorite note or the hat rack where your grandfather used to hang the hat after coming back home from his office. This wood furniture needs special care for preservation.

    When you are doing your own furniture storage few things should be kept in mind. Storing place should always be clean, cool, dark, dust free and dry as much as possible because all these things have a bad effect over the furniture. Moisture destroys both metal and wooden furniture. Humidity creates rust over metal furniture and the wooden furniture gets inflated in the wet weather. Dust creates scratch and damage the smooth finish and polish of the furniture. Both strong light and heat are bad for the furniture. They destroy the polish and color of the furniture. Regulate the use of light. Use dimmed light when needed in your room. Vermin and pests can damage the furniture. Mainly the wooden furniture and the soft portions of sofa, couch and mattress are their target. They create holes and gradually destroy everything. So keep your room pest and vermin free. Spread pesticides as frequently as possible. Varnish and polish your furniture frequently because it increases the life span of the furniture.

    At the time of movement you may damage your furniture in some irreparable way. There are lots of steps that you must follow to ensure the safety of your furniture. If you do not want to get frustrated with all things that you have to keep in mind while getting your furniture ready for moving, get the professionals to do your job. So when shifting your address the most intelligent decision is hiring a furniture storage service. They will do everything for you, from packing of the furniture to unpacking them in the new destination. But one thing you should keep in mind is that while hiring the service, hire the reputed ones though their fees might be high. The big and reputed companies have lots of experience which is necessary in the field of your furniture warehousing.

    Furniture storage service starts with the packing of your furniture from your old destination. They will carry your furniture in a large container to the new address. These containers have every facility that furniture may need. Those containers are dust free, light proof and vermin free. Under their supervision your furniture will be in safe custody and in good condition. Moreover in new address you can keep these containers for some extra days and you are getting chance to make plan over furniture arrangement. Otherwise it is certain that you will be confused a lot with your dumped furniture.

    Bellflower Self Storage

    Belmont Self Storage

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  • Urban Self Storage Rentals
    By admin on October 24, 2008 | 83 Comments83 Comments  Comments

    Self storage rentals are being hired in urban areas where houses being small, cannot accommodate some items. These items, if useful, need to be stored in paid storehouses. The firms providing the storing areas offer a lot of features and services. These are as follows.

    • Many good firms cover the goods in the warehouse under insurance. The renter can expect to get insurance benefits by insuring his items. Items are normally insured against natural and man made hazards like fire, floods and also thefts, burglaries and any other forms of damage.
    • The storehouses are under the constant supervision of the security staff. Apart from that, they are provided with a sophisticated locking mechanism and security alert system.
    • Many of the self storage rentals are pretty affordable. The monthly hire charges are quite within the reach of the renter. Storehouses with special features will definitely cost more than the ones with standard features.
    • The staff members of good firms always strive to provide the best of services to their renters. They provide top quality professional service and assistance to the renter whenever required.
    • Many of the firms have large storehouses that can accommodate about a thousand individual storing enclosures. The individual storing enclosures vary according to their types, sizes and their features.
    • Self storage rentals are being hired not only for domestic purposes but also for official purposes. These days many offices do not have storehouses with adequate room for storing their valuable documents. They leave them all cluttered in their office drawers due to which they get damaged. Arranging these files in a neat and organized manner in storehouses will keep them from getting damaged in the long run. The storehouses also protect the files from getting adversely affected by environmental pollution and dust particles.
    • The firms providing the self storage rentals usually supply the renter packing boxes, tapes and other material. They also provide transportation for moving the vehicles from the house of the renter to the storing areas. They also supply staff that will load and unload the boxes from the truck. Many firms offer these services for free while others offer them at a cost.
    • The storehouses are given adequate protection against security breaches. The premises are usually protected with high fencing that is lined with barbed wires. The premises are well-illuminated at night to easily detect any suspicious activity. Many firms have video surveillance facilities that let the security officers know about each and every activity taking place in each and every corner of the premises.
    • Many self storage rentals are open throughout the week for the renter to access them at his own convenience. This feature is of great help to busy renters who can access the storehouses only at a particular time of the day which may be at odd hours.
    • The storehouses are located on vast areas of land which is usually guarded by electronically operated automatic gates that allow a visitor inside the premises only after strictly checking his identity.

    A prospective renter should search for firms that offer quality services. There are many firms that place attractive advertisements, but only a few of them offer genuine services. One has to correctly assess the genuine firms and proceed forward with the renting process.

    Waldorf Storage

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  • Self Storage Rates
    By admin on October 22, 2008 | 191 Comments191 Comments  Comments

    Whenever there is a scarcity of room for keeping all the household items, the extra items are put in garages, attics or any other area of the household where there is some room for storing these items. Nowadays, the modern day apartments do not even have a little bit of area to accommodate extra articles of the house like an extra bed or a table. People are largely making use of paid storehouses to store their extra items.

    Apart from the shortage of storing spaces, people opt for paid storehouses for a couple of other reasons. The first between these is that, the articles are better maintained in good paid storehouses than household storing areas. The next is that greater security and environmental protection is ensured for items placed in paid storing areas. Owing to these reasons the demand for paid storehouses is very high resulting in the self storage rates being very high.

    Paid storehouses are available in different types and rates in the market. There the small-sized ones to the very big ones. The small-sized ones can accommodate a few furniture and other household items and the larger ones more number of household items. Some of the largest ones accommodate the contents of an entire household. Paid storehouses are not used for accommodating household furniture, but also for storing cars, boats and recreational vehicles amongst other items. The self storage rates depend on the size of the storehouse that a renter wishes to rent.

    Paid storehouses come with a lot of features. There the simple ones that do not have any special features. They just have some area for one to put his items. There are some others that come with a lot of shelves and hooks to organize the items placed in them well. The doors of the storehouses may have an ordinary or a sophisticated locking mechanism. All these and many other features contribute to the hiring charges of the storehouse. The self storage rates vary according to the number and sophistication of the features that are being offered. The greater the number of features and the more sophisticated they are, the higher will be their charge.

    The charges of the paid storehouses also vary according to the services that are provided by the staff of the firm providing the paid storehouses. Some firms just provide storehouses for storing the items whereas others offer to maintain the items in the storehouses as well. They clean the storehouses and the items regularly. Even vehicles, when placed in the storehouses, are checked periodically for their healthy functioning and action taken on the detection of abnormalities. The vehicles are also test driven once in a while to keep the vehicles in good condition. The self storage rates are higher when these   services are availed.

    Apart from these services, environmental regulation is a special feature that is offered in areas, where the temperature and humidity rise and fall to extreme levels. The storehouses provide protection against high temperature and humidity by air conditioning the storehouses and against low temperatures and humidity by heating up the storehouses. They also provide round the clock supervision. All these services cost a lot. The self storage rates vary according to the services taken. One should be able to estimate accurately the services that are most required. There is no point in going for unnecessary services as they will only increase the expenditure and not serve any purpose. For example, opting for temperature and humidity regulation in areas where these environmental factors are moderate is an unnecessary expenditure.

    Dania Beach Furniture Storage

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