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    Whether you are planning a massive home improvement project or if you are considering to relocate, you will definitely need plenty of extra storing space and storing related options. This is where renting a storing warehouse can prove to be a reliable and quite affordable solution for you.

    There is a wide array of benefits that these storerooms have to offer, but it will definitely be a great idea if the storing house could be brought right to your front door. This is quite possible by renting portable units rather than just opting for storing your belongings in warehouses. Mobile units are in fact just the extended versions of public warehouses. It is just that your stuff will be picked right from your home or office and then it will be transported to a storeroom.

    This way, the process becomes quite hassle-free for you, as someone else will be going to and from the warehouse on your behalf. Thus, by renting a warehouse with mobile facility will actually save you a great deal of time, which you can utilize to focus on other core issues of relocation, moving, or home improvements. This is not a new concept, as there are several companies that have been providing these services for over a decade now. However, it is quite recently that people have started recognizing the wide array of benefits they can be getting by renting these units.

    A Hassle-Free Solution  
    The most obvious benefit is that you can reduce hassles by renting a mobile unit for safekeeping. All you have to do is pack. You will not have to drive to and from the warehouse. Whether you want to store your stuffs or want to take it back from the storeroom, the company will take care of the transportation. This way, even if you are busy on a working day and do not have much time to visit the storehouse, you can still access your belongings.

    Affordable Solution  
    The good news is that it does not require you to pay a huge amount to avail this service. However, in comparison to the ordinary storeroom units, you will definitely have to pay a little higher, but still the amount is something that people with different budgets can easily afford. In particular, when you consider the fact that it can save you a lot of time, it is always worth paying that much. What is more, in case of other public storerooms, where you have to pay a set amount of fee for the rented space that you may or may not have to use. But, when you rent a self storage warehouse with mobile ability, you pay for what you use. Depending upon your changing requirements, you may need one unit or two units on different days. You will have to pay for the actual number of units that you rent. You can reserve two units, but if you are using only one, the amount you paid for the other container will be credited to your account.

    Since most of us do not have our own cargo van or pick up truck, we usually have to rent a moving truck, which is obviously quite expensive. A storing warehouse with mobile facility offers a much easier and affordable alternative.

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  • Common Pitfalls I
    By admin on September 26, 2006 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    Written by Ronald Smith, PhoneSmart call center reservations specialist.

    Welcome to the PhoneSmart call center blog, where we offer an insider view of the self storage industry.

    I have taken well over 1000 calls since I have been at the PhoneSmart call center. Since taking calls in the self storage business, I have noticed several trends among callers. I have noticed that callers have several reasons as to why they can’t reserve a unit at the current time.
    The most common reason I found while taking calls is, “I’m checking with my spouse.” Now there is the standard way if working around this objection, which is to ask if they have already discussed storage with their significant other. You can also take the time to re-sell the property. Let them know of the other things such as no deposits, no admin fees something that will set your facility apart from the others.
    The other most common type of caller I found is the one who is shopping around or calling for someone else. They are a little harder to deal with. Now of course you can do the standard rebuttal. “How do we compare so far?” Sometimes they will answer with, “I found a cheaper price.” If they do, make sure to emphasize the benefits of the facility. For example, stress climate control vs. standard or the security features. That would also be a good time to stress comparing the site. Finally, you can also take the chance to kind of bash the competition. Tell the customer to listen for these security features. Tell them if they don’t mention those features, then they don’t have them. These things will help you increase sales and increase traffic flow in your store.

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