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  • How To Find the Right Self Storage
    By admin on September 15, 2008 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    You have to find self storage centers, if you are planning to keep your goods out of your house for a certain time period. The process of finding the right storing center which will fit into your requirement is little bit tricky. First you have to check with all the available places in your locality to know the rates and their terms and conditions. This may vary from place to place. There are certain deals which are not available at every place. So, you have to be very careful while selecting the right one, which is going to be the second home for your articles.

    When you are going to find self storage centers, you should keep in mind few factors. Accessibility is a major concern. The place should be near to your house or office. Security is another important feature to look into. Check that whether you could add your own padlock to the unit in addition to their locking facility. If there is any place with free delivery and pick up service, then it is going to be more hassle free for you. It is very difficult to find out all these factors, by visiting all the sites personally. Also, it is going to take a lot of time and energy and not going to make your storing an easy job.

    To find self storage centers, you might take online help. There are plenty of websites to serve you for this problem. These sites are normally known as storing locator. Here you just provide with your zip code or address and the distance within which you want the center to be located. You will be surprised to find a list of storing facility at your neighborhood. If you are searching for a facility in a different locality, give the zip code of that place and you will find the available storing facilities of that area. Usually these websites maintain a list of large number of storing facilities across the country.

    These websites are designed to be so friendly that it will take a moment to find self storage for you. Once you get the list, you can check their individual websites to find their services, terms and conditions. You can place a quote at these sites, and once you get a feedback compare them to find the most reasonable price with respect to the service provided. Even if you do not get to see the websites of the storing companies, you can collect the contact numbers or e mail address from the list. Then it is simple to make a few phone calls to know about their specifications and rates. You can also ask for to send information at your e mail address.

    If you have any question on the find self storage websites, you can call for help on a toll free number. This number is provided at the website. Some of the websites are 100 per cent fee. They do not charge you for this service. Whereas some of the websites accept a minimum monthly charge to subscribe. However, these sites will provide you with more reliable information to depend upon. You can even specify your size of the storing articles, preferred location, preferred services, and the local storing facilities will be informed immediately to feedback you on their availability. Nothing could be simpler than this type of service which is just a mouse click away.

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  • Convenient Storage
    By admin on September 13, 2008 | 111 Comments111 Comments  Comments

    National self storage places are built to provide you with maximum storing benefits available in all its branches throughout the nation. This could be the optimum solution for your any type of storing requirement. They have many different sizes of self storing units to accommodate your articles. You need not to pay for unused space if you do not require it. Usually the rates are pretty much reasonable and it is always less than market price. The rent is reduced to almost 25 percent in comparison to the normal warehouse facility. It also presents you a clean and secured place to keep your priceless items.

    You will get sufficient of storing units available in these national self storage centers. You will be able to choose from a variety of sizes depending on your volume of materials to be stored. The sizes of the units start from 5 ft by 5 ft to 20 ft by 30 ft. A 10ft by 20 ft storing unit will be sufficient to store a 3 bedroom home. These are perfect for major electrical appliances, king size mattress, furniture or even a small vehicle. These centers also offer variety of services. You can have short term or long term storing period. If you are going to be out of your house for 2 to 3 years, then this is the ultimate solution. All storing units are secured with computer controlled security gates and CCTV surveillance.

    The storing cost depends on the size of the unit and the locality of the national self storage center. You can check the price online at their individual websites by placing a quote. The minimum lease period is for one month. Few of them take the storing fee in advance of one month. A discount can be availed if 6 months charge is paid in advance. They can also arrange for the insurance of your articles, while they are in store. At some centers, a trailer is given without charging any extra cost to bring your things to the unit. Here you have to pay for the fuel only. You can drive straight inside the warehouse to unload your goods.

    Before storing your articles in the national self storage center, plan your storing space appropriately. Thus, you can use the total space accommodating all your items. Use boxes to keep your smaller items. While storing, keep lesser used items at the back side of the space. Place items which you need to use often, at the front of the space. If possible, leave a narrow space for movement to the rear end. Boxes carrying fragile item, should be kept on top. It is better to use uniform sized containers for hassle free loading. In case of mattress, keep them in an inclined position so that they do not bend to be shapeless.

    In any national self storage firm, storing is just 3 steps. Pack the boxes. Lock them up and keep the key with you. No one else can enter into your storing unit other than you. Other than your authorization, nobody will be able to enter there. In case of any problem you can always contact the resident store manager. He is always available to help you out in any difficulty. Generally the office is open for the whole day as 7 days a week. If you have any queries, you can easily drop in to have a discussion on your storing.

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  • Self Storage Prices By Location
    By admin on August 25, 2008 | 129 Comments129 Comments  Comments

    Self storage prices are normally lower than the hiring charges of full service storing facilities. It is the pricing that is one of the prime factors that made self storing a successful business investment. Many companies dealing in regular storing services are diversifying into self warehousing business to expand their business base. This competition is resulting in regular reduction in the hiring charges or bringing in many incentives for the customer. In all cases the price fall is benefiting the customers who are a happy lot.

    The self storage prices can depend on a variety of factors mainly centered on the service the companies are providing. Most of the companies have premises that house a number of units having various sizes. Almost all the companies have very small storing spaces of around twenty-five square feet. These are just enough to hold the belongings of half a room. These are priced below forty dollars per month and can be rented on monthly basis. Similarly, the sizes are available to hold all the articles of a room and up to the articles of a house. The largest of the units to house the articles can be of the size of approximately 300 square feet. These are enough to store almost all the furniture of a regular house. These can cost around 250 dollars per month.

    The self storage prices also vary with the facilities they provide. The prices of regular facilities are less than the specialized ones like those having climate control options, those that can be accessed round the clock, round the year to those having special security. The price one pays for availing the special facilities are not always a misuse of money as those who have paid know. Take for example the climate controlled units. The climate controlled units have temperature and humidity control facility. The insulation for the purpose automatically seals off the dust that is always a concern when storing. The price they charge is not much over the traditional storing facilities but the safety and storing quality they offer can make a huge difference on the condition of the goods once they are retrieved after some time.

    The self storage prices also vary from region to region and the prices mentioned above cannot be held as a yardstick all across the country. The incentives on offer can also vary. Many storing facilities are now providing packing boxes and materials on site and also through home delivery. This is outside the price of the hiring. Though you pay the price, you have the convenience of getting the materials at hand instantly. The supply can be bought as individual pieces and also as complete package which have all the paraphernalia associated with packing. Apart from the packing costs and hiring charges, one other expenditure completes the essential expenses of hiring a self storing unit. It is the administrative charge. This is not linked to the hiring charges and covers the costs related to formalities like signing of the agreement and related matters. You might have to pay a refundable security deposit in some cases.

    Do not get fooled by the lucrative self storage prices . Check out all the facilities they are offering or not offering and compare the offers of quite a few companies. Also look for the reputation of the company and take suggestions from those who have used the facility if you can. This gives you a first hand experience and helps to judge better.

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  • Talk About Mobile Self Storage
    By admin on August 5, 2008 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    Many think that mobile self storage is a portion of the storing industry that has not been talked about as much as it could be. There are many companies that offer some type of mobile self storage , but most people are deciding to go with the regular self storing options. Why is that? Why do people want to take the time and do all the work themselves?

    It is funny at times, people are looking for the convenience of things but they do not want to pay for it. Does that make sense? No it does not because if you are really wanting for what you are doing to be convenient, you will most likely have to pay for it. For instance, if you want to have a convenient location, you are going to pay more at that location than the location that is located ten miles outside of the city. If you want to go to a restaurant that is there to take care of all of your needs, you will have to pay for that level of service. You will be completely amazed at the level of that service, but when it is time to pay, you will not be aghast at the price you paid for it. It should be expected.

    So when it comes to mobile self storage the convenience of loading your belongings in the convenience of your driveway or your backyard is very nice. You might not be ready for the moving company to come move your things. You will not always have enough time to load your space.

    Most of the time managers at the self storing facilities talk about how rushed people are when it comes to placing their belongings in their spaces. Think about it for a moment. You as a renter need to find someone to help you move and someone to help you move your belongings to the facility.  It will not always be smooth sailing. The help that you have recruited also have lives, especially if they are family or friends. They want to help you but of course after a while, it gets tedious to them and the efforts start to dwindle. Plus you will eventually have to start rushing and then your idea of having a smaller space to save some money turns into needing a bigger space because you can not fit things as you once thought inside.

    With mobile self storage , the company drops off the space at your house and you can still recruit some help, but it is at your leisure. The great thing is that if you and your help are having trouble motivating yourself and your friends to continue loading the space, you can take a step away from the project and then come back to it later. With storing your belongings the conventional way, you have to take everything back and forth to the facility. That can be very taxing on you, your help and your time.

    There are advantages to both types of storing, but you know which option is going to work for you. There are delivery charges and you can not go in and out of your space like you want with mobile self storage but it is convenient. Take some time to think about it and the choice is yours.

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  • How To Find Affordable Self Storage
    By admin on July 19, 2008 | 3 Comments3 Comments  Comments

    Are you in the market for affordable self storage ? You can find exactly what you are looking for, without having to waste the gas to drive all over town, and the best part is that it will not cost you a dime. In fact, you can search from where you are sitting right now, in your pajamas, even!

    The Internet is ripe with search engines, and with over fifty thousand affordable self storage establishments in the United States, and counting, no doubt you can find exactly the space you need at precisely the amount that you can afford to pay, and it will take all of about ten minutes out of your busy life.

    Go to any search bar on your favorite web browser and type in the words affordable self storage along with your zip code and prepare to be blasted with results. Once you have the list in front of you, it is easy to compare and contrast to find the company that best meet your needs. Compare monthly rates at the click of a mouse. In this way you can be sure to find the best bang for your buck.

    You can also choose to take a look at the various security features offered by the companies in your area. Why go with less security when you can get the same size unit at a facility that boasts key-less entry gates and surveillance cameras for just pennies more? Your belongings are important to you, otherwise why would you be holding on to them? Be on the safe side and opt for facilities that offer updated security systems. You will be glad you did.

    You can also access online maps to pinpoint the exact location of the facilities nearest you. The price of fuel keeps going up, with no reprieve in sight. Why drive any farther than you have to get to your things? There are affordable self storage properties in every city and in every town in the U.S. You may not even notice them on your daily commute to and from work or the grocery store, but they do exist, tucked away in various corners of your neighborhood, just waiting to provide you with their exceptional customer service. 

    You say you need a climate controlled unit to insure that your delicate personal items, such as photographs or art pieces, will not be damaged by extreme temperature conditions? Not a problem. One quick search online can bring dozens of temperature controlled possibilities to the screen in front of you. Not only do climate controlled units keep the temperature from going below 55 degrees or above approximately 80 degrees, but they also prevent mold and mildew from accumulating in the unit, since the humidity is kept to a minimum. No matter what you are keeping within the walls of the unit itself, you will want to take that into consideration as you search.

    Finding affordable self storage should not be a difficult endeavor. If you have access to the Internet, and a few minutes to browse and compare, then coming up with a couple of strong candidates whose facilities you can go and check out for yourself should not take that long. While the Internet is a great resource to use in the beginning of your search, it is always a good idea to visit your top two locations in person, just to make sure that the facility lives up to your expectations. In this way, you can be sure to get the quality service that you seek at a price that will make your bank account say aahhh.

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  • Do Your Homework to Choose Self Storage
    By admin on July 10, 2008 | No Comments  Comments

    It pays to do your homework when checking out self storage facilities in which to store your valuable items. Though the industry itself is reputable and highly regarded for the service that it provides consumers, there is a bad, bruised banana in every bunch, so to speak. Self storage facilities are intended for use by people from all walks of life and for many different purposes. Whether you are moving to a smaller location or you need space to store a vehicle, there is plenty of indoor space available for a fee. But before you settle on the first company that you see, do your due diligence to make certain that company is going to meet your needs and live up to your standards of quality.

    Upon entering the lobby or office of one of these establishments, you should be warmly greeted in a friendly tone. It is said that customer service is king. If that is true, than you are no less than royalty in the eyes of the owners and managers of self storage facilities and you should be highly regarded. After all, with over 52 thousand self storage facilities in the United States alone, you could very easily take your esteemed business elsewhere, now, could you not? 

    Ask questions about rate plans and unit sizes. Is the person at the desk being forthright and informative? Or do you feel like they would rather be watching the baseball game on the television in the back room? Are they smiling? Do you feel like a valued customer whose business is appreciated? These social cues are important for most people. When we feel honored and valued, we are more likely to want to do business with that organization for the sheer fact that they have great taste!

    It is wise to tour several of the units, and even several different sized units, of the company locations that you are considering. Check for consistency in the cleanliness of the units. They should all be swept and free of dust, mold, cobwebs, spiders and insects of all kinds. If you see rodent droppings at any time, then go store somewhere else. Also, if you happen to see store bought rat traps or insect traps sitting in the corners of the units or in the hallways, do not assume that the company is being proactive in their pest control. On the contrary, assume that there is a problem that they are trying weakly to rid themselves of. Do not take chances when it comes to your belongings. 

    If security measures are important to you, then ask about the methods that the company employs to insure the safety of your items. Some companies have gated keyless entryways, while others have security cameras and closed circuit television. Still other companies offer in-unit security alarms. There are many options available for you when it comes to security. Take your time and choose well.

    When the service, atmosphere, security and price all sound right to you, then and only then should you sign on the dotted line once all of your questions have been thoroughly answered. Read the fine print, get a copy of your lease agreement, and store it in a safe place. When it comes to choosing self storage facilities , choose well and honor your choice. Chances are that with just a bit of legwork and some focused observation, you will be rewarded with a clean, secure and trustworthy solution.

    San Antonio Storage

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  • A Convenient Move
    By admin on June 28, 2008 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    Relocating to a new home is typically seen as a time consuming, energy draining, stressful and expensive experience. Not only do you have to pack up everything you own, which is an ordeal in itself, but then you either have to physically load and unload a moving truck with all of your things or you have to pay good money to have someone do it for you. If you pay the movers, and pay them well, they will driver the truck to your new location. If not, then you get the honor of maneuvering a huge moving truck with everything you own in it. Hit a curb the wrong way and oops! There goes the china! Movers can be expensive, and moving trucks, once gas costs and the hours of back breaking labor are factored in, not to mention the china, can sometimes be just as costly.

    Renting a moving truck or van has always just been one of those expected expenses when you were moving to a new home. In addition to the cost of renting the truck, there was always the concern of having to pick it up and return it at the appropriate time, cleaned out, no less. They truck companies even expected you to sweep the thing out and fill it with gas. What a hassle! You have been up for the last two days moving all of your belongings and your life is in total disarray. The last thing you want to do is sweep out the back of the moving truck, right? But now there is a new way to move from one house to another. Introducing portable mini storage . Portable mini storage is one of the most cost effective and easiest ways to move, or simply store your belongings.

    Times have changed, and moving is a whole lot more convenient than it used to be. Portable mini storage lets you take it slow, pack with care, and then move on to other priorities. You see, the company drops off one or more portable containers in your driveway and you leisurely fill it with your things. Take up to a week, if you need to. Packing smart, filling boxes completely, putting items that you may need sooner at the front of the container, and making sure to protect your fragile items with plenty of bubble packing wrap and foam packing peanuts will insure that you remain calm and your belongings remain safe. Simply load up the containers with your belongings, lock it up with a lock that only you have a key to, and that is it. You are done. The containers are picked up from your driveway and taken right to the door of your new home. No more mileage charges. No more truck rental fees. No more hassle. You pull up to your new home, and all of your things are already there, waiting for you, safe and secure.

    The concept of portable mini storage is truly convenient, and the service that it provides saves you hassle on so many levels. If you have items that you just do not need to take to your new home, with portable mini storage you can simply have the entire container stored at the facility until you are ready to access it again. One phone call is all it takes and your container is brought out, whether you simply need to retrieve something from it, or you need to have it delivered to your door again. This is truly a convenience whose time has come. With portable mini storage , moving and storing your belongings will never be the same again.

    Secaucus Boat Storage

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  • Mobile Storage Relieves Aching Gas Price Pain
    By admin on June 12, 2008 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    It is that time of year again! It is once again time to clean out the chaotic garage of yours. Unlike previous years, you have a lot more that you will need to store and your resources are even more limited than before. This year you will not be able to travel to a nice storing facility as much as you would like because of the rising cost of gas prices and your time is more limited because of the need for a second job. Although millions of Americans are experiencing the same financial crunch, you have the inside scoop on mobile self storage which will help you meet your need for a place to store.

    What is Mobile Self Storage ?

    This type of storing can be very easy for consumers that do not want to invest in a shed to put in their backyard. It can also be convenient for those who will need to pack their items and only access them a few times a year. These two aspects are what make mobile self storage appealing to many consumers. This is especially due to our troubled economy. This type of business specializes in providing units for consumers to store their goods in. These mobile units can be various sizes which allow the consumer to choose the size that will best suit their needs. This is common of most facilities. However, the catch is that the company will bring the unit pod to your location. A truck will drive from the facility to your location and one of two things can happen. You can choose to store the unit on site at your home or you can choose to send it back to the facility warehouse where it will be stored in a safe and secure environment. The fact that a consumer can keep the unit on their own land for a time is what is most appealing to customers because it would cut out the need to travel to an actual facility.

    The Convenience

    Now that you realize your need to store is great, it is important to weigh every aspect of mobile self storage . Gas prices alone can affect your decision as to the type of storing you are interested in doing. The cost of mobile self storage can be way less compared to the amount of time and the cost of some traveling to an actual facility. Also, there is usually a small fee associated with the moving of the mobile self storage to and from the warehouse, but this cost would still be lower if you had the unit set up at your house. There would not be a need for travel and the delivery charges would be limited to the drop off and the pick up. If you would only need to access your stuff a few times a year, then the savings would be even greater. These days, convenience is priceless. Why pay more in expenses to travel to a facility if storing with a mobile company will cost less in the long run?

    The Decision

    The decision is yours to make and it would be a great decision to choose a company that offers the mobility you may be seeking. If it is available in your area then save yourself some time and look into the cost. Weigh your options of storing in a stationary facility or using the facility with the option for mobility. Determine how many times you may need to access your unit because this will help you to see how much gas you will actually use if you access a couple of times a week. Do not forget to factor in the access hours at a regular facility and the hours that you will be working now that you have a second job. Time is precious and you want to make sure that you will not over extend yourself by storing at a location that does not work with your schedule. Finally, look at all the factors like the size, security, and pricing for both types of facilities. In the long run, you may agree that in todays changing economy, mobile self storage may be the best choice for you and may save you lots of time, money, and hassle.

    Odenton Storage

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  • Local Self Storage vs. National Self Storage
    By admin on June 6, 2008 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    Many consumers come across the need for space to store extra items of household goods. Although the reasons for this may vary, each consumer goes through just about the same thing when exploring the many different options they have when looking to store. Many simply pick up the phonebook to look in the yellow pages in order to find local facilities that cater to their needs. Some use the Internet as a way to search for a good facility. Despite the method used in the search, the same question can arise. Should the consumer choose to store with a local company or a well established national self storage place and what are the differences?

    For local companies, many consumers use the phonebook as a way to research facilities. The consumer must then go down the list provided by the phonebook. They will then call each facility to determine which places they would be interested in storing and decide which ones they will visit. One should understand that there are many benefits to storing with a locally owned and operated company. The business is smaller and better equipped to handle issues that may come about from day to day operations. The management and owner are local so there are fewer chains of command to go through when trying to inquire about specials and special permission for certain customers as there sometimes can be with national self storage places. These can include extended access hours and specially given discounts. Another benefit of a local company is that the consumer will get the feel of a small town establishment. Many consumers like it when they get that extra special attention because it shows that the business cares about its customers and are willing to show they do at each opportunity.

    Many times a consumer will look online for a listing of the type of facility they are interested in. This can save them time and money as they have a webpage to view that contains a lot of information about the facility. This can be easier than calling every single location and can provide information to the consumer that they did not think to ask about. Like locally owned facilities, there are also many benefits from storing with a national self storage place that exceed those given for the local company. Although it can sometimes be difficult to reach higher levels of management, the goal of the national self storage place is to prevent the need to contact personnel in higher positions of authority. Also, the same care is given to the consumer as with a local company because of the level of competition between the local and national market. Despite these two similarities, many national self storage places have built a solid reputation. This reputation can be an asset because it can prove to new customers that the facility is safe, secure, and a great place to store. It is known that a bad reputation can hurt a business while a good reputation can result in more customers choosing to store with that facility.

    When pondering the question local versus national self storage , a consumer should be informed of the differences. Understanding the differences in quality, customer service, and products can help one to make a better decision for themselves as to where, when, and how long to store their belongings. On conclusion, this question can be better answered by the consumer. Some prefer a small, homey type business while others prefer to store at a place that in nationally known with a good reputation. Ultimately, the consumer will store with the facility that is clean, secure, easy to use, and that offers them a variety of features and benefits.

    Overland Park Boat Storage 

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  • Take Your Self Storage Outdoors
    By admin on June 3, 2008 | No Comments  Comments

    Many people have garages overflowing with stuff. They cannot find their garden tools hidden among all the sports equipment and old furniture. They seem to accumulate junk. When they run out of room, they begin searching for more space. Instead of moving to a larger home why not consider renting one of those outdoor mini self storage rooms?

    These outdoor mini self storage spaces are designed for keeping things outside when not in use. Bicycles, garden tools, lawn mowers, chain saws and other sports equipment. The space is great for organizing your garden and lawn tools for easy access. These mini self storage sheds make good workshops for carpentry or crafts. How about a meditation room where you can relax with a good book? You can even use the space as a playhouse for your kids.

    First you need to determine what you will be using the space for. For moving large equipment in and out, you need to plan on double doors. For a workshop or playhouse, windows and ventilation should be considered. Determine the type of exterior you want. Do you want it to coordinate with your home by adding vinyl siding or paint to match? What size will you need? Be sure to take into consideration future purchases. Say you have a walk behind mower now but plan on purchasing a riding mower next year. Mini self storage should be built to accommodate any new purchases. Of course, this does not mean making the shed three times the size you currently need. You might end up filling it with junk instead of the necessary things.

    Determine where you will locate the shed. For convenience, say for the garden, locate it near the area where the items will most likely be used. It should be on level ground with good drainage. You do not want water to drain into the shed and ruin your stuff. Mini self storage structures can be placed on a foundation if they are to be a permanent building. Other options are to place them on skids for ease of moving.

    Another thing to think about is how you are going to organize the space. Trying to find your planting pots under a pile of deflated swimming toys, bags of fertilizer and that annoying gadget that you have no idea what it is used for can make you grit your teeth in frustration. Mini self storage sheds have reinforced walls for strength. This makes hanging shelves and tools easier and safer. A few tips for organizing are following.

    • Hang shelves, pegboards and other containers to get you organized.

    • Put shelving along the back wall for containers and small items.

    • Install hooks and pegboards on opposite walls and leave an area on the floor for large containers and heavy items such as potting mix or quick mix concrete bags.

    • Keep everything in groups. For example, long garden tools like your hoes or rakes should be hung on the wall together while power tools, extension cords and any gas containers should be stored on shelves in the back.

    • Bicycles can be hung from hooks.

    •  The lawn mower or other power equipment should have free access to the door. You do not want to move everything just to get it out.

    • Have a toolbox to keep all your small tools like screwdrivers, tape measure and hammers handy.

    • Store twine, plant supports and stakes in containers on the shelves. Small jars with lids, old coffee cans with lids and any other container with a lid can be recycled to use as a way to keep small, loose items organized.

    • An old cloth or vinyl shoe rack can be hung over the inside door to hold small hand tools, seed packets and other small stuff.

    • Fertilizers, chemicals and other large bags can be kept on wood pallets in the back or in trash containers. 

    • Label everything! Put labels on containers and above pegs and hooks so everyone who uses the items can return them to their proper place. Especially label items that might be hazardous or dangerous such as weed killer or gas containers.

    • It is also a good idea to keep extra trash bags and containers for new items or when you need to get rid of old stuff.

    Comparing the different types and styles of personal mini self storage sheds available the customer can find one that will fit their needs and match their home style. They will be able to find everything they need easily in a shed and have room for the car in the garage.

    Merriam Car Storage

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