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  • Fairfax Storage For Business
    By admin on May 28, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    There are many businesses here in Fairfax, VA 22030 that could benefit greatly from added storage space. Unfortunately, many systems are designed to charge small businesses more for something that is exactly the same as what is being offered to a consumer, raising bottom line operating costs and forcing companies to become less competitive. With a little ingenuity, you can sidestep what would normally be an expensive business amenity and help your business grow.

    First, many businesses have specialty vehicles without a place to put them all. Some own special promotional RVs with their businesses on the side while others own a fleet vehicle or fleet vehicles. If you do not have a warehouse or a massive parking lot, though, it can be troublesome to find a place to put them when they are not being used. Self storage offers a wide range of Fairfax RV storage , car storage, and boat storage to park your companys assets behind a gated wall that offers 24/7 security. Outside of the added storage benefit, the cost is extremely reasonable.

    But many small and medium sized businesses do not have a fleet to secure in its off time. One of the major benefits self storage brings to the business owner is warehousing capability without the added cost. Most Fairfax storage facilities have month to month leases meaning there are no expensive up front and long term lease contracts to sign into. Putting extra items, supplies, or warehoused items into a storage unit allows for maximum efficiency in the work place. Work areas are no longer cluttered with boxes and things that are best suited for storage somewhere else, allowing for better organization and productivity.

    Also, there are a host of other benefits outside of simply moving unnecessary business items off site. Since leases are month to month, available storage space can be upgraded or downsized incredibly easily and without much additional cost. Also, keeping valuable information or products offsite eliminates the possibility of total loss of everything related to your business in the event of a fire. Also, ask your self storage facility if they have any added benefits or incentives for business use. Many will offer shelving for a small price, some include document destruction, shipping and receiving capability, as well as a host of other benefits. In terms of functionality for the price, self storage units are a great business model for small warehousing needs.


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  • Selecting the Best Self Storage
    By admin on December 16, 2008 | 3 Comments3 Comments  Comments

    When people shift from one location to another location they have to face a lot of problems. Nobody wants to change residences just for the fun of it. Many times their employers transfer them to a different city and at times one has to change their residence due to business reasons. If they find that their business has a better opportunity in a different city, they just do not have any other alternative apart from shifting. The pains associated with such relocations are many. They have to find new schools for their kids and they have to rebuild contacts in their new locality. The worst problem one faces while relocating is to find a storeroom to keep their goods while in transit. There are occasions when the new flat is much smaller than the old one and people will not find sufficient space to keep all their goods. It is in these circumstances that people start hunting for the best self storage options.

    While there are many organizations that will take care of your stuff while you are shifting from one place to another, you might be thinking which one of them is right for you? One has to look into every aspect before they decide which is the best self storage option. If you are lucky enough to find a bigger flat then most of your headaches are done away with. Just set up one room for keeping all your unnecessary stuff. For those who were unorganized, this is the opportunity to set things right. Shop around for small cardboard boxes and label them properly.

    These boxes help one to decide their best self storage problems. Since you have to do the packing again, it is high time that you pack your extra stuff in an organized manner. Make out a list of your items and check out those that are required on a frequent basis. In the same manner, check out those that are required infrequently and finally also make a note of the items that you might never require. You can safely discard those that you will not require at all. Once this is done with, you can start stuffing the goods in the proper boxes. The boxes that contain goods, which will be required at frequent intervals, should be stored in the front panel, while keeping the less required goods at the back.

    But if you are not fortunate enough to find a bigger flat, you can take the assistance of many organizations that will help you to keep your goods in their premises for a nominal rent. In this case too you might need to hunt a bit to find the best self storage options. There might be organizations that are willing to give out their cargo space to you at a cheap rate, but are they located close to your residence or office?

    It makes no sense to go for low values when you might have to pay a substantial amount in gas bills to reach that place. The best self storage option should not only offer you the basic amenities but, at the same time, it should be located at a reasonable distance from your residence or from your place of work. You have to keep all these things in mind before selecting one.

    Self Storage Industry

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  • Take Your Time With Portable Mini Storage
    By admin on December 3, 2008 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    Portable mini storage has its huge demands in modern society because of its usability. Like other warehousing facilities it saves both money and space. But unlike other storing the advantage that it has is its flexibility of time. You can pack your thing at any time you choose because it is always ready at your home. Today all people especially the women are busy with both indoor and outdoor work. Naturally they are very fond of portable mini storage as it is very much convenient for them for storing.

    When you are hiring a portable mini storage you can keep it for at least fourteen days and more if you need it. This type of facility gives you mental satisfaction  as well as good mood as there is no hurry and tension for packing and sometimes turns to an enjoyable work if you are accompanied with a cup of tea or coffee while packing. Moreover when you reach a new address you don’t have to dump all the things at the same time in the corner of the room because you can keep your mini-warehouse with you for minimum fourteen days.

    While packing for the portable mini storage there are few tips that can be followed. If it is not winter put your sweater, blankets and other things at the bottom of the portable store and if it is not summertime put all the sports items at the bottom. So always keep all the items at the bottom of the portable store which you need once in a blue moon. But do not forget to keep the necessary items on the top of the pack which you need often. Your daily clothes should be kept on upper side because you need it daily. Documents related to banking and health care should be kept on the upper side so that you get it instantly when you need them.

    Do not keep the brittle items at bottom and arrange same types of articles in the same storing places. Arrange the articles well so that you do not waste any space. If you are storing furniture with drawers, use the space. Do not leave the drawers empty as they will simply waste the space you are paying for. Put small articles inside the drawers or boxes. Take care of your crockery and other brittle things. While packing blankets towels, carpets and other soft things always cover them with plastic to save them from dust because you will not be able to wash them randomly. Keep your chair one after another. It will save space. In one word use your common sense while packing.

    When you hire a portable mini storage it is charged on daily basis. Generally you have to hire it for minimum fourteen days. This minimum period of hiring depends on agency to agency and place to place. When you hire a portable store for long term you may get long term discount. Some of you may not understand at the very beginning how long do you need it. Do not worry. You do not have to sign the long term contact it will do if you inform the company later. Similarly you have the flexibility to terminate the service whenever you may think of it. Your money will be adjusted from the deposited money. For this number of facilities it has become so popular today.

    Sunland Self Storage

    Sunnyvale Self Storage

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  • Convenience of Local Self Storage
    By admin on November 29, 2008 | 3 Comments3 Comments  Comments

    When you are planning to keep some of your important valuable items to any storing facility, the locality is going to be one of the important concerns. A local self storage center will be quite useful solution for you. Actually, a local facility will bring you many advantages at a time.

    1. As it is a local place, you must be very much aware about the reputation of the store. You do not have to bother about the safety and security arrangement of the place.

    2. Another advantage that you can save your moving cost as the place is quite near to your house.

    3. If you require bringing any item from the local self storage , or refill the unit with another item, which is not in use, you can easily do that without any extra transportation cost. If the article is not big enough, you can use your own vehicle for transportation. Otherwise, you might have to consider renting a truck. Even that is going to be cheaper, as the distance is much less.

    4. A local facility will be quite useful to you, as you might check your items in your way to the workplace or back home, whenever you feel like. Visiting the warehouse will not involve any extra expenditure.

    5. In case of a large amount of storing into the local self storage , you can avoid the pain of complete packing up your items and then moving to the warehouse. You can easily pack them up in your leisure time and drop in to the facility to put them in the storing on your way to work.

    6. Finally, if any emergency or natural disaster arises you can immediately reach out to save your items from being damaged. This opportunity will not be available for a place which is distant from your locality. In such a situation, you might not even get sufficient time to remove your items from the stores.

    However, in spite of the above mentioned advantages, a local self storage organization might bring you bad experience. Make sure that the storing facility near to your house provides suitable environment for safe storing of your items. Do not get lured by the benefits, the wellness of your articles must be the most important concern to you. Your items must remain in good shape and condition, while they are in store. The local storing center should maintain standard level of services for the customers by providing dust and dirt free, moisture and humidity free, safe and secured units for storing. The facility must have basic security arrangements like CCTV connection or burglar alarm to provide maximum protection.

    If you are looking for a local self storage to keep your items, then you can go through the local newspapers, fliers or local yellow pages or local cable channels for the advertisement. You can even find some of the warehouses while commuting to your workplace. If possible, inspect each of them to find out their infrastructure and price offers. But, this might be a time consuming job, especially if you are too busy with your profession or family or any other occupation. In that case, you can use specific search websites to list out the available options. These websites accept your zip code to search for the warehouses placed near your locality.


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  • Moving With Mobile Self Storage
    By admin on November 15, 2008 | 16 Comments16 Comments  Comments

    Have you ever thought what would you do with all the furniture dumped around you at a new home that you have just moved into? How can you arrange if all the furniture clog the floor space that you were thinking of utilizing for your arrangement? This was a problem for all the people changing houses and moving to new locations. But the days of sorrow are gone and now mobile self storage has come to the rescue. This is same as self storing that you must have often heard of but with a difference and that is they have the option of the storing following you wherever you go. Whether it is moving to a new house in the same area or moving to another county.

    Apparently this whole thing will be difficult to understand because people are used to the fact that the storing companies have storing facilities where they allow the customers to store their goods. The customers are required to take the articles to store and then load them in the units allotted to them. But remember, this storing system has the term mobile attached to it. Mobile self storage is more about storing during transition than storing for lack of space. It is availed when you have to change places with all your belongings and the storing is a temporary affair. To have a closer look you will have to go through the next few lines.

    A container of dimensions of about 5 x 7 x 8 is delivered to your home and unloaded by the company you are hiring. This is your mobile self storage and if you need more the company will deliver more. It will be then left on your property for you to load it at your own free time and will. But here comes the most important part of your packing. Do not leave your packing till the last moment. Always make a plan as to what to store and where to store. Make a catalogue of all the items that you are packing because all the boxes look alike. You can have any formula that suits you but make sure that you know what article is in which box. Once you have loaded the container, you simply need to call the company. They will load the containers on a trailer and take them to their warehouses where they will store your articles till you get to your new location.

    The benefit of mobile self storage is that you need not pack all the items on the day you are leaving, nor do you need to unload them all at once when you reach your destination. Till you are ready to leave the goods will be kept in the company warehouse and when you give them the nod they will deliver the containers to the place. Here again you and take your time to unpack the items according to your choice and plan. You can at ease use up a fortnight to do the whole thing and usually the charges are on daily rates.

    It does not mean that in mobile self storage you will have to store your goods in the company warehouse. You can simple ask the company to deliver the goods to your new location once you have completed packing. This has an advantage over intermediate storing and that is the containers are loaded and unloaded only once. However safe may be the handling of the articles, each time they are loaded or unloaded the chance of breaking increases.


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  • Portable Self Storage Makes Moving Simple
    By admin on November 12, 2008 | 167 Comments167 Comments  Comments

    Think of a situation where you need to move from one town to another for an excellent job offer that you accepted. The very moment you get there you will not be getting a house to hold all the furniture and household articles that you had earlier. So what to do with all those article that will not fit into your home, your temporary residence till you find a house large enough. The solution is called portable self storage . It is self storing facility that will move with you to your new location of residence and keep the goods there till you settle down properly.

    Apart from those who are moving, this form of storing is also convenient for those people who look for the conventional self storing facilities. You must be aware that in a regular self storing facility you will have to transport the articles to the storing location yourself and arrange the goods inside the storing unit. This may be the work of a whole day and you will have to reserve the whole day for this work. In portable self storage the storing unit comes to your house. That is, when you hire a storing company with portable facility, it will deliver the empty storing boxes to your doorstep and you can arrange the article sin your free time. After you have completed your job which may take a few days, you call the company and they come and take away the filled up containers and take away to store them in their storing facility.

    Portable self storage actually involves the use of storing boxes that are just big enough to store the articles of one room. It is ideal to separate the items according to the category of article or if you are moving, separate the items according to rooms. You can hire the number of boxes you need and the companies also deliver you extra boxes in case your calculations were wrong. But they usually do not charge for the unused boxes even if they had delivered them to you. The sizes also enable the boxes to be left on your driveway without blocking the roadside which may cause trouble in the form of displeased neighbors or local authority.

    The boxes for portable self storage are unlike the container trucks where you have to walk up a ramp to load your goods. These are just six inches of the ground and as you can pack or unpack over days, you also need the least help from your friends and neighbors. Once you are over with your job of packing you just need to call the company. They will come with their truck and take away your goods as per the destination. If you are not moving out of your town the boxes will be stored at the local storing center and if your new destination is some other town, the move will take the boxes to that town. The important thing that you need to know in advance is whether the company you are hiring has any facility in that town.

    Portable self storage does not mean that once you lock it up, which you do with your own lock, you will not be able to access your articles. It is like any other storing method and you are free to access your articles with prior appointment with the company. The benefit is that you do not face the hassles of transporting your goods yourself and get engaged in storing for the whole day.

    Lathrop Self Storage

    Loma Linda Self Storage

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  • How To Find Self Storage
    By admin on November 11, 2008 | 4 Comments4 Comments  Comments

    So, you have a ton of stuff that you do not know what to do with and you have decided to find self storage in your area to hold it all? Great choice! Effectively storing your unused items and miscellaneous pieces of furniture is a convenient, low cost way to free up space in your home. It  makes sense because it allows you to hang on to your things rather than sell them or give them away. Our memories are important to us. It is only natural to want to keep them safe, though not necessarily out in plain view.

    Just because you want to find self storage for something does not mean that it is junk. On the contrary, if it were junk, then why would you choose to keep it? Your wedding dress and all of its accessories marks a very special moment in your life, but it also takes up a lot of space in a closet that is already too small and crowded. Many people want to keep their belongings in order to pass them on to family members later on down the road. Maybe your girls are too young to appreciate your old costume jewelry and vintage 1960s dresses. In five years or so, however, your daughters will probably fall in love with them just as you once did. Perhaps your son is too small to inherit a soapbox racer made by his older brother, but in a couple of years he will have grown into it. Until then, put it some place where it will be out of the elements and out of your way.

    Now that you have decided upon a plan of action, how do you find self storage that will meet your needs? There are so many different companies and facilities available, how does one choose? The answer lies in doing just a bit of homework before you make your final decision on which company to go with. An Internet search will pull up literally dozens of companies in your general vicinity, allowing you to find self storage that is conveniently located close to home.

    Once you have a list of the companies that are located near you, visit their websites. Having an online presence that grabs your attention goes a long way towards keeping you interested. If their website is unprofessional, out of date or just plain distracting, choose another until you find one that has all of the information that you need to narrow down your choices to just a couple of options.

    Many companies offer virtual tours of their facilities on the Internet. Clicking on one of these virtual tours gives you a chance to see for yourself what the units look like as well as how the access gates are set up. There should be plenty of information in regards to the sizes of the units, as well as an approximation of how much each size will hold. Some companies offer pricing online. Others would rather you call for pricing so that you can remain up to date on any specials or promotions that they have going on.

    At just about any time of the year you can find self storage at a significant discount. Many companies will offer a special where you can receive several months free if you agree to rent for a certain length of time. If you do not find anything within your budget right away, keep looking. There is enough competition out there to insure that you will get a fair deal that will keep your items safe and secure. you do not have to take the first quote that you receive. In fact, when it comes to storing your items off property, it is much better to tour the location in person and make sure that the accommodations are adequate for your needs. These are your mementos and memories, after all. This is your life that you are putting in their care. It is worth taking time and considering all of your options to find self storage that is right for you.


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  • Portable Self Storage Saves The Day
    By admin on October 27, 2008 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    Portable self storage is a present day remedy for shifting items from one place to another in a safe and secure manner. This service is offered by many firms that provide storehouses. In order to use the moveable storehouse efficiently, one needs to do some planning. All the articles that need to be put into the moveable container should be first gathered together at a particular place. Then the best way to arrange the maximum number of items in the minimum number of containers should be planned out.

    The first things that can be easily tucked away in the moveable storehouses are items that are used on a seasonal basis. For example, warm clothing, blankets and golf clubs that are used only during the winter months can be the first items to go into the portable self storage as these items can rarely be accessed at times other than winter. The items that are frequently accessed should always be placed in the front of the container from where they can be accessed pretty easily. For example, it is always better to keep vital documents in the front of the storehouse so that they can be accessed whenever required. Frequently accessed and important items always need to be put at a place where they can be conveniently accessed.

    The aim of packing should always be to economize on the space used. One way of achieving this is by placing items of the same size and shape together. This arrangement will not leave any unused spaces between the items. Another way to utilize the space available in the portable self storage efficiently is to place all small items, like tools, in a box. Placing small tools and accessories individually in the moveable storehouse will clutter up the container and will result in a lot of unutilized areas in it. Moreover, while moving, the loosely placed items might just fall off the container while their ride on the transports or bang against each other in the container itself resulting in their getting damaged. Old household drawers and cartons make good containers for such items.

    The moveable storehouses should always be marked so that it is easier to identify them while loading, unloading and their placement in the storehouses. This is particularly important if the container contains delicate and breakable items, like glassware. Special care should be taken while storing containers containing glassware. It is always better to not stack them with other containers. If such special boxes are not labeled and stacked with others in the portable self storage , there is a chance of them being handled with less care due to which they might break or get damaged. Similarly, items like chemicals etc. should not be stored with all other items. They should be stored with the permission of the store supervisors and if allowed, they should be stored separately. For all these reasons it is always better to label the moveable containers with the names of their contents.

    The labels should be put on all sides of the container. If the label is put only on one side, there is a fair probability of the container being rested on that side due to which the label will go underneath the box. Knowing the contents will also help in arranging the boxes in the storehouse of the firm according to the frequency of usage. The items that are more frequently used can be placed in the front side of the portable self storage and the less frequently used ones behind.

    Ft. Lauderdale Storage Units

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  • Using Mobile Mini Storage
    By admin on October 21, 2008 | 210 Comments210 Comments  Comments

    Storing items in mobile mini storage has become a popular practice in the present times. The advantage of a portable storehouse is that one can transport his items from one place to another in the best possible condition. He does not have to fear about his articles getting damaged on the way. Hence, for those who relocate, there cannot be a better transportation option than to use portable storing containers. Portable storing service is being provided on a commercial basis by many firms these days. The entire process is made very convenient for the user of the storing services.

    A mobile mini storage can be hired by calling up a firm that has a good reputation for offering these services. The firm should be notified the date on which it needs to send its trucks along with the containers to the house of the renter. The company should be given specific information about the type and size of portable storehouses required. The size of the storehouses required should be correctly estimated. Otherwise this might result in making additional expenditure on these items. One needs to pack up the items that need to be stored in boxes and place them near the parking lot so that it becomes easy to load them onto the trucks when they arrive. After the containers arrive, all the boxes should be placed in them in an organized way.

    The renter of the storehouses need not bother himself with the loading process. The staff that comes along with the mobile mini storage loads the boxes into the portable containers. Of course, if the renter of the containers insists, he can do the loading himself. Many firms provide the loading and unloading services free whereas some provide them at additional charges. Once loaded in the portable containers these items are transported to the storing areas of the firm. It should be ensured that all the containers are sealed properly so that the items do not fall during transportation. It is better to opt for plastic containers as they give good protection against atmospheric humidity and rain. Steel and wooden containers get damaged when exposed to atmospheric moisture and rain.

    The mobile mini storage is given adequate protection in terms of security by good firms. There are store supervisors who take care of the items stored in the storing areas. They provide maintenance services to keep the items in good condition. If the renter desires, the items are taken out of the storing areas, cleaned and kept back in the containers. The store supervisors know the best way to store the items to prevent them from getting damaged for years. Precious items, like jewelry, can be placed in these paid storehouses for good preservation. If the renter is willing to pay a bit more, he can opt for a storehouse that is equipped with good environmental control and security features.  

    Though it is recommended that one place the mobile mini storage in paid storing areas, they can be placed in the premises of the house if feasible. An ideal place to store these portable containers is in the garage or the parking area. As they are small in size they will not occupy much area. The advantage is that one can access the storing areas whenever he wants to.

    Dania Beach Local Storage

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  • Benefits of Mobile Self Storage
    By admin on September 17, 2008 | 137 Comments137 Comments  Comments

    Mobile self storage is the most flexible and cost effective solution for both residential and commercial purpose. The storing company will bring storing containers to your doorstep. These containers are pretty much strong, sturdy and weatherproof. They come in variety of sizes. The main advantage is that you can keep the container at your driveway and fill in at your convenience. Once you are filled up the container, you can keep it to your place or ask the company to keep it into their warehouse or even you can use to transport your goods to some other place, in case you are moving. This is the basic reason behind the increasing popularity of this type of storing procedure among the people.

    Mobile self storage makes your storing job a whole lot simpler. Here you have to do half of your work in comparison to other storing options. In case of normal warehouse, you have to take the pain for renting a truck, pack it with your items, unpack it at the storing end and then again go through the same process when you want your things back. But, here you just pack and unpack, rest is done by the company. This will reward you with a total peace of mind. As your items are getting less handled, there is less chance of damage. You can load the container whenever you have some free time. The door opens at the ground level, which makes it easily accessible to keep the things inside. Also, you do not spend on renting a truck for moving your things.

    Depending on your requirement, you can rent multiple numbers of mobile self storage boxes. For the same delivery charge, you can have more than one containers delivered at your premises. You can have wood or steel containers. Generally wood containers are good for moving, but if you want to keep the container outside of your house, then go for a steel one. The steel containers are made with galvanized steel walls to give better security. These containers are weather protected also. Normally the units can carry a load around 2000 lb. In case it is hard to estimate the number of containers you will require, you can check with the estimator provided at the websites.

    When you are loading multiple mobile self storage boxes, you will face certain advantages. The chance of damage gets minimized as there is less chance of movement of the articles. If you want to keep your sensitive items in a separate place, you can do so by putting them in a separate container. Also, the containers become easy to load and unload. If you do not use a container, you ca give it back to the company and you will not be charged for that. Once you are done with you packing, just give them a call, they will pick up all the containers just in one shot.
    Mobile self storage could be very useful to commercial storing also. If you want to reorganize your office space, then you can rent such containers. The monthly storing fee is very much competitive and reasonable. Here you will always gain, as you are not charged for truck rent and fuel cost. Also, you save your valuable time by not giving multiple trips to the warehouse to keep and bring your articles. This is going to be the easiest, convenient, secured, economical and cost effective storing solution for you.

    Furniture Storage in Basalt

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