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  • Buy All Your Moving Supplies at Your Local Storage Facility
    By jeff on January 25, 2011 | 16 Comments16 Comments  Comments

    Almost every year cities and towns in Minnesota are named some of the best places to raise families and live in the United States.  Minnesota is a place that promotes this, and parents wanting to raise their kids with their values should come here.  Edina, Minnesota with Edina storage can make this transition much easier.

    All sizes are available to the customer and all household goods can fit in the spaces nicely.  A three bedroom home can fit inside a ten by thirty space, which offers plenty of room for all the things needed to be stored.  Big moving trucks can be driven right up to the storage door if desired, or inside spaces can be used too, with little problems.  Climate controlled storage units will keep the space warm if customers feel better about their things inside a controlled temperature space.  Beds and mattresses can be covered up and protected with mattress covers and other valuable things can be protected too with the right products.

    Edina storage has all the right products right there in their showroom and office area.  Wardrobe boxes are great to hang up clothes instead of throwing them any which way in the storage space.  Cushioned products can protect breakable items such as knick-knacks and glass and those favorite toys.  Another good trick is to mark all your boxes such as kitchen or living room or Mom and Dad’s bedroom.  Anything to make moving easy is welcomed, because moving is often dreaded by most that do it.

    It is funny when one starts to get ready to move, on what may happen.  You call friends to help you and they all say yes.  The family is all ready to start, the truck is here, all the stuff is packed, it is early morning and yes, no one shows up to help.  You call them all up on your unpacked cell phone.  Some have forgotten, will not answer phone or have made other plans.  Some are too hung over to come.  Let them stay home.  It is very sad to see people drop and break your stuff because they do not care as much as you do.  The kids can not forget their favorite toys too.

    Double check now, do not forget any boxes in the house.  Rent a dolly and scooters and back braces and everything else to make your moving trip easy.  It will be stressful, especially if you have never driven such a big truck.  One can save a ton of money by driving yourself, but I always preferred the company you work for to pay the moving expenses.  A move could cost up to ten thousand dollars or more, no chump change to be sure.  Moving can also be a very good thing to do.  Meeting new people, new schools, new house and everything else involved too can be fun.  Most people in my experience though find moving very stressful.  That is why you want to choose the best storage facility you can find.  Edina storage is that one, if you are moving there.

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  • The Latest In Self Storage Stores
    By admin on September 3, 2009 | 4 Comments4 Comments  Comments

    You would be surprised at all the different services that you were able to find at a self storage store in your area. You may think that there are only a few things that you will be able to get done at the location, but the list of things that they offer is very long. This is nice because you will not have to make a lot of stops around town if you are going to need a few different services all at once. Not all locations will offer everything that there is to offer, but there are a lot of things that you will be able to find at pretty much any self storage store in your area. You would be wise to call around before you stop by so that you know whether or not you will have to bring certain things with you so that you are not going back and forth for any reason.

    The main thing that a rental store is going to offer you is a place to put some of your things for a little while. You may find all kinds of things that you are able to put in the spaces. The most common things that people put in the units are things like furniture from their home and odds and ends types of things. Usually people are in between homes and are looking for a place to put their things. They also may have recently downsized and are finding that they just do not have the space that they used to and now need extra space to keep some of their belongings. There are also a lot of people that are just trying to clean out their garage to make room for the vehicles that they used to keep in there. There are a lot of people that have a garage but still park their vehicles outside because their garage is filled with junk. By keeping all that stuff in a unit at a self storage store , they would be able to once again use their garage for what it was intended to. They would want to be careful to not let the garage fill up again as happens to a lot of people. There are also people that are looking to find a space for things that a relative that passed away owned. As you can see, there are a lot of reasons that people will be looking for a space to keep some things that they do not know what else to do with.

    There are also a lot of properties that will allow tenants to park vehicles on the premises. This can be big money for the properties that decide to do this, because it can be hard to find parking in certain areas and certain facilities. A lot of properties do not like to hassle with the abandoned vehicles that a property will run into when they choose to offer parking at their facility. There are a variety of vehicles that you would be able to park. You would be able to park any car or truck. You could choose from an outside or an inside parking space. The outside space would be more expensive than the inside space, but would also be exposed to the elements. There are a lot of things that you can keep at a self storage store in your area.

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  • 4 Reasons You Must Rent A Self Storage Store
    By admin on March 17, 2009 | 6 Comments6 Comments  Comments

    With the growing demand for self storage store services, it is now not very difficult to find a good storing house. There is a storing room facility available at almost every nook and corner of your city. There is an array of reasons why you must consider renting these units. Convenience and peace of mind are the two biggest benefits that these services offer. You not only get an easy access to your unit, you also get peace of mind, as you know that your belongings are stored in a safe and secure manner.

    Following are a few reasons why you may like to rent a place for safekeeping


    When it comes to moving or relocating to another place, the importance of renting a storeroom just cannot be ignored. If you are moving to a comparatively smaller home with lesser space, you may not be able to keep a few of your belongings at your new home. It can be heavy furniture, piano, or other things that are too priceless for you to be sold in garage sales. What will you do in such a case Will you gift these items to your relatives or friends Probably not If you want to keep such valuable stuff with you, a nice way is to keep it in a storing house rental. It is very convenient and extremely cost – effective way to deal with these situations.  


    If your home is going through some renovation, you may have problem keeping all your possessions at your home. There is always a risk of some of your goods getting damaged because of the renovation. Some of the things that are likely to suffer damage include furniture sets, electronic equipment, documents, precious paintings, and art work. You can provide ultimate protection to these things by storing them in a local self storage store .

    Flexible Options    

    One of the greatest things about these storing facilities is that they provide you flexible services. There is an array of options available to you. For example, the units are available in different sizes, with different features. The charges also vary accordingly. You get the liberty to choose the right size and features that best suit your specific requirements. However, it is important for you to keep in mind that price should not be the only deciding factor. Choosing a smaller unit than required at a much lower price tag may look like a lucrative option, but that way, your goods will be at a high risk of getting damaged. So, you must be very careful while choosing the boxes, packaging materials, and unit sizes.

    Eliminate Clutter       
    Renting a self storage store is not only beneficial for homeowners it also brings a lot of advantages and convenience for your office and business. For example, if you have more stuff at your office than available space for it, it may be affecting your overall productivity. You can reduce or overcome the clutter by storing some of the things that you do not use on a daily basis, at a local storing house. That will free up a lot of space in your office, which you can use more productively.

    What is more, renting a storeroom can also be a great choice for hobbyists and collectors.

    Storage Mart blogs like this can be found at :
    Storage Mart Property Management Blog :

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  • I Can’t Get In
    By admin on October 10, 2006 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    Written by Kay Johnson PhoneSmart call center blog editor and business blog writer.

    Welcome to the PhoneSmart call center blog, a diary of the self storage industry, and self storage trends.

    A large number of our “manager” calls late in the evening are from tenants trying to gain access to their self storage unit. Many times the pin pad at the gate will not accept their individual code number. We believe that this may be because their have not paid their bill. There are other possibilities such as mechanical or electrical malfunction. We, of course, have no way to know which is the cause and are not authorized to call emergency numbers at many of the storage facilities even when the manager lives on site. While I can certainly understand that the store managers enjoying an evening off with family, just sitting down to dinner or perhaps sleeping after spending a hectic day on their self storage facility would not be agreeable to leave their home and go to try to solve a billing problem that could be solved when the office opens or to deal with an angry and abusive customer. I can certainly relate to that.
    Many callers who cannot gain entrance will wait and follow another car in. This creates yet another problem as they cannot get out. Sometimes we have tried to reason with them when they could not get in and now when they cannot get out. When they are trying to get in we usually tell them “I am not on site, I am at a sister facility and have no way to reach the manager.” They don’t always take that well. The usual follow up is “What would you do if the building is on fire?” It is generally pointless and counter productive to let yourself be drawn into this argument. It is best to just stick to your script “I am very sorry but the office is closed and I have no way to reach the manager after hours. I will be glad to transfer you to voicemail or you can call tomorrow between the hours of . . .” Many times they are so angry you must repeat this time after time as they are not listening. It is necessary to keep a polite and even tone and not be goaded into anger. When they are inside the gated area because they followed another car in our only advice is for them to call the police non emergency number. It is always possible that this is really a customer who has made an error in judgment or someone who tried to get in to do vandalism or theft and got trapped in. In either case we just have to remain calm and unflustered. They shout, they scream, sometimes they curse and try to make it our fault. All you can do is hold your ground and wait for the nice person who will call next.

    Your local self storage unit provider in 2403 Rangeline, Columbia MO 65202

    Total Quality Assurance Services has quality written all over it.

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  • “Baby, It’s Getting Cold Outside!”
    By admin on October 6, 2006 | No Comments  Comments

    Written by Kay Johnson PhoneSmart call center blog editor, and business blog writer.

    Welcome to the PhoneSmart call center blog an insider view of the self storage industry.

    Well, we have had our first cold snap in central Missouri and people are starting to think about bringing in lawn furniture, birdbaths and the things we love to display in the summer gardens and yards. Lawn mowers will soon need to be run dry to keep them from getting clogged up and the leaves need to be raked.
    After 3 days of near frosty temperatures we are now back to 80 to 90 degree daytime temperatures but they won’t last long. With the weather change people are thinking about bringing out the winter things they put into self storage and getting summer things into storage. Some storage facilities are nearly sold out and others are sold out of the most popular unit sizes.
    Storage facility managers may soon be faced with snow removal and icy sidewalks and lots. The world of work in self storage and at our call center is always changing and evolving. What do you suppose that we could do to help you gain sales increases?
    We offer many opportunities to help you turn your missed calls into profit, call us at 866-639-1715 for information.

    Your local self storage unit provider in 794 Scenic Hwy. Lawrenceville, GA. 30045
    Total Quality Assurance Services has quality written all over it.

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  • Thoroughness, Thoroughness, Thoroughness
    By admin on May 1, 2006 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments
    Wendy Lane, call center evening supervisor gives us a glance into the world of the Phone Smart call center.

    Welcome to our blog, an insider diary of the self-storage industry

    I got a call the other day for a facility that we answer for. This is not uncommon that’s what we do here at Phone Smart!!! While I had the lady on the phone and I was going through the 5 agreements with her and letting her know all the information she would need to rent at that particular facility and she stopped me and asked, “Are you guys under new management?” I told her that I was actually at the reservation center and as far as I knew that the management had not changed. She said, “Well you are just so thorough!” I said well thank you I’m just doing my job!
    It turns out she was a former tenant that had rented at this facility before and said they were never this thorough with her when she rented there previously. I just told her I was relaying the information that I thought she would need to rent storage with us!
    So that tells me that when we are taking calls this busy storage season we need to remember to include every bit of information that the customer needs to know so that there are no surprises when they get to the store. This also ensures that we get to keep all of our reservations!!!

    Property Management Blog

    PhoneSmart Your Offsite Sales Solution

    Total Quality Assurance Services Your all in one Quality Assurance Portal

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  • New Store Opening
    By admin on April 13, 2006 | No Comments  Comments
    I would like to congratulate our new store opening in Hopkins, Minnesota.
    It has all of the great features our other stores have. On site property management, a fenced property. The property is well secured and is located in a convenient location. State of art security, coupled with a brand new site is very exciting.
    The new manager Aaron Whitaker was trained in our home office. He got to sit in on many training sessions. He learned the ins and outs of selling storage, as well as customer service. He previously was in sales before so he comes from a selling background. He will be a great asset to the business and the community.
    Before a storage site can be completed much goes into the preparation of the future site and the services it will provide. It takes a lot of research and time to develope a new site. But in the end the results are worth it. A great site, that provides its clients with a valuable service and great customer service.
    We are now a part of the community. Thank You.

    PhoneSmart Your offsite sales Solution

    Secret Shopping Blog Your inside peek

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  • Buyers or Shoppers?
    By admin on August 25, 2005 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    Welcome to the self storage blog, our diary of the self storage world.

    Sometimes the biggest thing we can do is to make a minor attitude adjustment or to move our point of view just a degree or two. Taking a slightly different look at a familiar situation sometimes causes a dramatic shift. One slight adjustment in the selling process is to assume the sale. This means that you assume everyone who contacts you is going to rent from you sooner or later. Thinking this way is really powerful. It means that everything you do and say gives your prospect the impression that you believe that he will rent from you. As a prospect, this is an entirely different experience than if you did not assume the sale.

    When you do not assume the sale your prospect gets mixed signals from you. Your unsureness creates anxiety and unsureness in the prospect. The prospect will process these conflicting feelings and will come to some decision as to what this experience means. People do not like to feel unsure of a situation, so they make a decision about the experience. When a prospect deals with an unsure sales person or a customer service rep that lacks confidence in his offering or selling skills, the prospect becomes conflicted. Being in conflict means the prospect needs to find a safe emotional place. That is usually found by hanging up the telephone or leaving your store.

    The prospect doesn’t think “oh, the store manager is not a confident sales person” or “It’s too bad that the store manager isn’t better at asking closing questions”. The prospect thinks instead that you don’t care about his needs, that you are rude and un-helpful, or that you do not know your business. Do you remember when you were an awkward teenager trying to ask out the girl or boy you liked? Because you lacked confidence and didn’t know how to ask someone out, you probably bumbled the whole thing and made the object of your affection think you were a dork. The same thing happens at your store when you make prospects uncomfortable. This probably all sounds like a bunch of amateurish psychological double talk, but your prospects make decisions about you within the first minute of your interaction. Don’t you want them deciding that they want to rent form you?

    Here’s a simple way to avoid the whole problem. Rather than analyzing your confidence and sales ability, just make a minor shift in your thought process and assume that everyone you talk to will rent from you sooner or later. Assume everyone you talk to is a buyer. Do not use the word “shopper.” People call or visit a storage location because they either have an immediate need or anticipate a pending need. These are people who are ready or will soon be ready to rent from someone. Will it be you? Will it be now?

    If you think of people as shoppers, you allow the possibility that they will not make a decision or will decide on another provider than you. You need to block those possibilities out of your head, so you can act with the confidence and the assumptive attitude that will win more prospects to your side. If you consider everyone a buyer then you will act in such a way that the prospect buys from you now whenever possible and buys from you later if it is not possible to buy from you now.

    If you are a fan of fantasy stories and games, you might consider this your spell of invincibility. Because you believe that you only talk to buyers, you will only talk to buyers. If you are helpful, build confidence and ask good closing questions, these buyers will have no reason to look elsewhere for their storage needs. You can also consider this you power of attraction. When you believe all the people you talk to are buyers, than all the people who come to you are buyers. You can tell I watched one of the “Lord of the Rings” movies recently. Seeing all the wizards, witches and elven types is not only amusing, but instructive as well. Do you think the wizards ever doubt their powers? Why should you doubt yours?

    If you have ever read children’s books, you surely have seen The Little Engine That Could. Why did the little engine get up the hill? Because he removed all doubt in his mind that he couldn’t. This allowed him to focus his strength on producing enough power to get up the hill.

    So why would you allow doubt to enter your mind about prospects? Are you jaded because you have dealt with many people in unfortunate circumstances or because you have dealt with a lot of people with less than wonderful social skills? First of all you are a life saver to people in unfortunate circumstances, so you should be proud that you are there to help when someone gets in a pinch and needs storage. And as far as the other folks, who cares if a few of your customers have less than admirable social skills as long as their payment clears every month?

    Do you lack confidence in your store? Well then you need to find the features and aspects of your store that are appealing and focus on them. Not every store is perfect. Your customers do not expect perfection. They expect to get what you promise them…no less or no more.

    Are you judging the people you talk to based on the way they speak or the way they appear and making assumptions about them? Why would you do that? You know that you rent to every sub segment of every demographic group there is. So who cares which one they belong to? The fact that they have sought you out on the phone or in person means they are buyers. So assume they are going to buy from you and act accordingly.

    Ask your good qualifying questions. Ask your good closing questions and start filling out the lease. Pass them a pen and show them where to sign. If you believe the prospect is buying from you, it won’t take much before the prospect believes it too.

    bye for now, Tron

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  • What are your calls doing?
    By admin on July 25, 2005 | 12 Comments12 Comments  Comments

    Welcome to the world as PhoneSmart sees it on our self storage blog.

    Today I had a customer call with questions about their call activity.

    We answered only 13 calls for them and only generated one lead in June. We also missed 5 calls for the store. These were callers who hung up before we talked to them. But the average time to hang up was only 30 seconds, which is unusually short. Naturally the client wanted to know why there were so few leads generated. Here is part of what I told them.

    “Yes, this is unusual that we would only send one lead out of 13 callers for a newer property. I would have expected more like 4-5 leads out of thirteen calls.

    So far in July, we generated 3 leads out of 11 calls answered. This is still a little low for a new store, but closer to what I might expect.

    I will pull whatever recordings we have for the store from the last few weeks and try to get a feel for the kinds of calls we are taking. It may be we are talking to a lot of current tenants or getting calls from ad sales reps who are trying to get business from the new property. These are likely scenarios.”

    The client asked in return:

    “Thanks, can you also tell me if it is unusual for you to only handle 13 calls when 18 are offered? It indicates 5 are hang-ups but after long waits?”

    After some more investigation I replied:

    “Yes. This is unusually high hang-up or lost call rate. We usually average about 92-94% answer rate. It is also unusual that we would see so many lost calls with such a short “time to abandon”. “Time to abandon” Is the average time someone waits on hold before hanging up. Usually if we see many lost calls, you also see a “time to abandon” of mre like 1 to 1.5 minutes. 30 second average time to abandon, means most people hung up very quickly. Normally when we see a 30 second average time to abandon, you see very few lost calls and an answer rate closer to 94 or 95%.

    We listened to the three calls we had recorded since July 21. In the busy season, we sometimes only keep recordings a week or two to free up recording space. We often handle about a thousand calls a day, which eats a lot of computer storage space. This is usually long enough, as discrepencies normally surface within a few days of a call. Two were rental inquiries and one was a current tenant. This doesn’t tell us much. I will poll call center reps to see if any of them have any impression of your phone calls one way or another. With so few phone calls, no one may have noticed anything unusual.”

    Many times our call center reps get a “feel” for a store based on the types of calls and types of callers they experience. But with 20 plus call reps, it is possible that no one took more than one call a piece for the month of June for this store. That doesn’t give us much to go on.

    It is quite likely that we talked to several ad reps and several current tenants and a rental inquiry or tow who did not think the location was convenient. That would widdle us down to maybe three to four workable inquiries. One lead still doesn’t seem like enough. But if that one lead rents, then we have paid for ourselves for the month.

    It is also possible that since the store is new and the staff is busy putting on the finishing touches, that we talked to more current tenants thatn you might think. Usully about half the people we talk to are rental inquiries. You would think that at a new store it might be higher and closer to 75% rental inquiries, since there are not that many tenants renting yet.

    THese are the kinds of exchanges and investigations that go into knowing your business inside and out.

    bye for now, Tron

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  • Closing is the key
    By admin on May 13, 2005 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    Welcome to the self storage blog, PhoneSmart’s storage diary.

    Even your weakest competitor with next to no sales techniques can close the easy ones. Even our weakest call center competitors who are little better than answering services with price lists handy can get the easy ones on the phone to come down to the store. You don’t have to be a self storage insider or have attended the self storage trends workshops at the self storage association conferences to close a rental when the people tell you they want to rent with you now. But what about all those people who are not in the position to make an immediate commitment? What about the people who aren’t 100% sure about your store? What do you do with the people who say they are coming and even make a reservation to make sure they show up?

    Here are some ideas that work:

    Closing more PhoneSmart leads and reservations…

    When a caller is requesting a unit, notice whether the caller needs the unit sooner or later. That will help you decide how to handle the follow up call. It doesn’t matter if the caller made a reservation with a credit card or not. The credit card will tell you that the person has made a greater commitment. But if you assume that every person who has requested a date in the next week or two really needs a unit and really likes your store, you will have the confidence and enthusiasm in your voice that will rent more units.

    Needs the unit soon. Only one of three possibilities exist .

    1. You have several of the size unit the caller requested available.

    2. Availability is very tight and you may not have the unit that was requested very much longer .

    3. The unit type PhoneSmart talked to the caller about is already sold out.

    You call the person as soon as you get our fax and or email. The call goes something like this:

    Scenario 1.
    “ Hi, I’m the manager at StorageMart on Griffin Rd. I understand you talked to Robin, and that you’ll be needing a 5X5 on Saturday…… That’s great. We have a couple of them open. I’ll make sure to be here to show them to you. Did you want to come in the morning or would the afternoon be a better time for you?”

    Whether the person agrees to come down or not, proceed to sell your store’s best features by asking:
    “Did (____name of rep___” tell you about our (whatever the feature is)?

    If the person has decided to store, this will help them feel good about the decision. If there is still some question in the person’s mind, this will help you get to the concern that is making the person hesitate.

    Scenario 2.
    “….We are pretty tight on 5x5s right now. Is there any way you could come down later today or tomorrow to pick your unit? We are open until 6 PM both days. Which might be better for you?

    Sell the best feature

    Scenario 3.
    “….unfortunately I just rented out the last 5×5 last night. However I do have a 5×8 that might work for you. If you could come down in the next couple of days I’d be glad to show it to you to see how well you think you might fit in it? Is Thursday good for you, or is Friday better?

    Sell the best feature.

    Needs the unit later.
    If the hot lead says the caller didn’t need the unit for several weeks try something like:

    “….we are pretty tight on 5x5s right now. I’m not sure we’d have any available on the 30th. Is there any way you could come down in the next few days? I do have a few open now. “

    Sell the best feature.

    This will help you determine how far along the person is in making storage plans, and how much you can help at this point.

    Questions to help you.

    If you feel like you are loosing the person on the phone, you can get the conversation back on track by asking:

    “Are you moving or do you just have some things you need to get out of the way?”

    “How did you find out about us?”

    “Do you know where we are located?” followed by…”and is that a convenient location for you?”

    “Have you ever stored with us before?”

    “Can you give me an idea what you were planning to store with us?”

    All these questions allow the person to fill you in on his or her plans and sate of mind. This will help you rent the unit.

    Save all of the policy information until the end of your call. After you have agreed on a time for the person to come down to the store, decide how much info you need to give . Lock, insurance and admin fees can either be a great way to wrap up a call and help the person figure out exactly what needs to be done to get into your facility…or it can be a turn off. Also, your PhoneSmart rep may have given all this info already. You may find that the person knows all your policies and is ready to rent.

    Good luck and good selling…..

    bye for now, Tron

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