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  • Things You Should Never, Ever Do with Your Storage Unit
    By jeff on March 18, 2011 | 20 Comments20 Comments  Comments

    Sunset storage units in sunny Florida have quite a few characters renting space from them.  There was one particular customer who always made us feel a little different when she came to take a look at her storage unit.  We were in Florida for a little while as managers of a self-storage place and a lot of the customers were already in place before we ever got there.  One woman would come on the property once in a while, walk over to her nearby storage splace, peer in, and rumble around in it.  She would pull up in an old station wagon car full of stuff.  We do not know how she even drove the car with all the things she had in it.  Well, it turns out she was living in the car, and sometimes would come to her storage unit just to sleep inside or rest.  She was probably sixty years old, but it was hard to tell because when people lead a very hard life, sometimes it might age them before their time.  We think she was sixty, but maybe she was far younger than that.  She would talk to us sometimes, but other times she would just mumble and leave the office.  One day she saw our cat on the property.  Our cat did not like any people at all, including yours truly and the wife.  The cat would wander the storage property and hide from everybody.  We do not think we even ever petted her; she was so displeased with human beings.  We can not remember how we got her or where she came from, but it was our cat.  Well one day we saw this older woman all dressed up in a black flowing long dress walking by our office.  She saw our black cat and got down on one knee and summoned the cat to her with signs and movements of her body.  To our amazement, the cat went right up to her and she petted it.

    Sunset storage units in sunny Florida had one cat.  This cat purred and cuddled up right to this woman and than the woman went away to her storage unit.  We approached her and told her the whole story of the cat, and people, and being a loner and all of it.  The woman looked at us and said she was a witch and cats were never a problem understanding her.  We went back to the office hoping she would stay away from our cat and us too as a matter of fact.  We saw her many times after that, but tried to keep our distance.  The cat too, would watch her as the cat sat on a fence dividing the parked cars and another parking lot.  She looked like a witch the more we thought of it.

    Sunset storage units in sunny Florida once had a real witch renting space from it.  We were there.  Now, you could say there is no such thing as a witch, but she was not the first witch we ever met.  We had met two more, three if you count the mother of one.  Two were white witches and made good spells on people.  One was a black witch who did evil spells.  Good luck and watch out for witches.

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  • Finding the Right Sized Storage Unit
    By jeff on February 1, 2011 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    When customers call in for Lexington self storage you will need to determine the size that they need. Most callers will just be calling for prices. You need to ask them questions to find out what size they need. If you just start firing away with some question, you may get some resistance because they just want to know the price. You should let them know that you must ask them just a few brief questions to determine the size they need so they do not spend more money than they need to. Most Lexington self storage will then allow you to ask them a little bit about what they are storing. After you determine what they are storing you will know their needs and you can better help them get a space that will be their best solution.

    Callers in Kentucky do not want to spend any more money than they have to so make sure that you offer them the best possible size. Many callers will need to store a whole house. When storing a whole house, there probably is a need for climate controlled storage. If they have a house to store, they will probably have electronics and certain types of furniture that would benefit from a climate controlled space. Not every Lexington self storage will offer these spaces so you may be able to sell your facility just be offering it.

    You need to ask how many bedrooms their house has. It may also be helpful to ask how many rooms they are looking to store. A two bedroom home that is an average size would fit nicely into a ten by twenty space. A larger two bedroom home would be better off in a ten by twenty five. The terms average and large are relative so be careful not to corner them into a certain size. The best thing to do is to offer them a couple of different sizes and invite them into your Lexington self storage property to choose which size would work best for them. A three bedroom house would fit into a ten by thirty most of the time. Most sites in Kentucky will not have spaces larger than this, so it may be necessary to get two spaces for some customers. There are a few Lexington self storage that may have ten by forty spaces or larger.

    Some customers may be storing for a business. This is probably one of the hardest types of storage requests to offer a recommendation for. Luckily, storage is not a new thing to most businesses so they should at least have an idea of where to start. With callers who have not stored in the past, it can be very difficult because they do not know what size area they will need. There are about fifty different sizes to choose from so you must be able to ask great questions to determine the size. Many employees do not pay close enough attention to the caller when they ask them what they are going to store. It may be useful to write down what they are storing as they are telling you so you can take a look and make a recommendation from there. Repeating back to the caller what they are storing will let them know that you are actively listening, as well.

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  • The Solution is Adding Self Storage
    By jeff on November 22, 2010 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    Sometimes it seems that life is as simple as addition and subtraction if you think of it in terms of numbers. Both instances can have their good and their bad points. Here are some ways that subtraction can be both good and bad for our lives.

    • We bring out children into this world and it seems that in no time at all they are crawling, walking, driving, graduating and then moving off to college in just a short period of time. Having one less child in your home can be a big adjustment for most parents. Whether it is their first or last child moving out of the nest it is something that parents have to adjust their lives and sometimes their home around. When you find yourself facing a subtraction of a child from the home after they move out there are some ways that having a self storage unit can help you adjust to the change. When your child moves out you are left with an unused room. What better way of getting over the sad feelings of having your child move out than making a space out of the room that you can enjoy. Depending on where your kid moves when they leave the nest they may or may not take their bedroom furniture with them. If they do leave their furniture behind your vision for the room may not include the lime green walls or the furniture with stickers attached everywhere. To help you turn the space into your dream renovated space utilizing a self storage unit can help you to clear out the space and still hold on to their furniture for them when they have their own apartment. With the self storage unit keeping the room clear for you, you have the opportunity to make the space into what you envisioned it to be.
    • Sometimes a subtraction from the family is not as happy as your child taking an important step in growing up. Sometimes the subtraction from your family comes from the passing of a loved one. During this time you may find yourself with the belongings of your loved one or things that you want to hold on to for sentimental value, but no where to store them in your home. to be able to hold on to your family heirlooms or important possessions to you a self storage unit can help you keep the links to your past in a safe and secure location when you do not have room for these items in your home. Each person grieves in their own way. If you find yourself unable to face going through these possessions you can store them for when your emotions are better under control and you have reached the stage of healing that you need in order to be able to decide what to keep.

    As you can see sometimes the need for storage is a matter of subtraction. When you find yourself in these types of situations where you need space remember that a self storage solution may be the answer that you seek.  Whether you find yourself needing short term or long term storage solutions the answer to your need for space may be as simple as adding a self storage unit.

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  • Forward Thinking With Self Storage
    By admin on February 16, 2010 | 20 Comments20 Comments  Comments

    Are you trying to cut down on the stress that you are going to experience when you move?  If so, then you are moving along the right path.  Certainly, more of us could stand to do a little bit of proactive thinking in this department.  Too many of us wait until the very last minute to even begin planning how we are going to move, and this only leads to massive amounts of stress.  Of course, if you are willing to take a few weeks of your time and plan ahead, then you are not going to have to worry about many things at all when it comes to moving all of your belongings.  You are going to be able to take care of business without creating too much of a stir for yourself or your family.

    First and foremost, here, be sure that you have a clear idea as to how you are going to get your belongings from one place to another.  This, you might guess, is the simplest part of your move.  Are you going to rent a truck?  If so, who are you going to rent it from?  Are you going to rent a trailer for your car?  If so, is your car bulky enough to tow all of your belongings?  How far are you going to travel, and how many days is it going to take for you to get there?  These are questions that you have to ask yourself well before you move is upon you.  Otherwise, you are going to be extremely stressed out when the time comes to actually move your belongings.

    Second of all, you are going to want to be sure that you have a safe way to move all of your belongings from one place to another.  This, of course, means that you are going to have to buy a ton of moving and packing supplies.  Well, all right.  You are going to have to buy enough moving and packing supplies to guarantee that your items are not going to break while they are in tow.  The last thing that you are going to want is to show up at your new house to find that your truck is full of broken stuff.  Just do yourself a favor, here, and plan ahead a little bit.

    Of course, you are also going to want to be sure that you have made certain back up plans, just in case your new home is not ready when you arrive.  Typically speaking, you are going to want to contact the local self storage facilities that are in your local area, checking to be sure that they have vacancies.  If there is any risk of your new home not being ready when you arrive, you are going to want to be sure that you reserve a self storage unit ahead of time so you do not have to worry about tons of late fees from your trucking company.  It always helps to plan ahead, as this is going to really help you out if the unexpected happens.

    As you can see, reader, you are not going to have much trouble when it comes down to moving effectively.  Plan ahead.  That, really, is the name of the game at the end of the day.  Forward thinking.  If you are willing to set aside some of your time to take care of all of your chores, you are not going to have to worry about running into any nasty surprises at the last minute.  If you can pull this off well, then you are not going to find yourself in hot water.  Not in the least.

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  • Self Storage Spaces Keep Your Things Safe – Part Three
    By admin on September 17, 2009 | 3 Comments3 Comments  Comments

    If you are still stuck on the idea thing about this how safe are your valuable things right now Sure they are where you can constantly see them, but what are the chance of an over cluttered shelf falling and destroying something important that cannot be replaced. Self storage space is available in a lot of different sizes. If you have a lot of stuff or just a little, there is a place that will charge you accordingly. Giving your cherished possessions some place where they will remain safe until you need them again is well worth the cost associated with it. If throwing away your things are not an option, then so be it. Just do not let your memories be destroyed because they are cluttered and venerable to the damage that can occur when your home is so packed that you cannot even walk through it.

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  • Self Storage Spaces Keep Your Things Safe – Part Two
    By admin on September 17, 2009 | 5 Comments5 Comments  Comments

    Is there an area in your home or your garage that you are not using right now How about an extra room for your children that have grown up and moved out on their own If either of these questions were answered with a yes, your space issues could be a thing of the past.  There is no reason for you to get rid of things that are important to you if there are other options available. One of the options was pointed out in the questions above if you have the space, then why not convert it
    If you have no extra room, that does not mean you are out of the self storage space loop. Open your phone book and browse the yellow pages. Most towns and cities have places such as free standing tin buildings or single unit garages that they will rent to your for a monthly fee. This fee guarantees that your things will be placed in that area and that they will remain unharmed. These buildings also come with the promise that you will have access to them whenever you need to, no matter what time of day or night it may be.

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  • Self Storage Spaces Keep Your Things Safe – Part One
    By admin on September 17, 2009 | 3 Comments3 Comments  Comments

    Self storage space is the one thing that everyone wishes that they had more of. Human beings like to collect things. It is in our blood and can be traced throughout our history. Even in the Dark Age, the cavemen would go out and hunt and gather things.  Knowing that we were but here on the planet from the beginning with the main goal of collecting should tell you how bad our need for space is. How many times have you looked around your home and were astonished by all the things just sitting around If you have self storage space the answer to that question is probably none.

    Now if you have answered that question like most everyone reading this article you have lost track of the times.  Why not throw it all away clearly, if it is collecting dust, there is no reason for you to even have it. While this is a valid argument, it is clearly not a logical one. We keep hold of the things that matter most to us because they make us remember a time or person in our past. No one wants to be forced to give up the things that are important to them. Sadly, if you are dealing with a lack of self storage space you may not have a choice in the matter.

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  • What Makes Safe Self Storage Spaces
    By admin on May 12, 2009 | 159 Comments159 Comments  Comments

    When it comes to renting self storage spaces , there are several security features that you must look out for. However, it is very important for you to understand that some facilities may charge you a much higher amount of rent than others in the name of advanced security options that they have to offer. Therefore, while you are reviewing the security details, you need to make sure that you are not overspending. The idea is to get as much security as you really need. You have to be very careful while doing the comparisons hopping because security features vary widely depending upon the cost charged, facility policy, and geographic locations. Following is a brief rundown about the same.

    Fencing And Lighting

    Perimeter fencing is one of the most common security features that self storage spaces must offer. Therefore, if you are looking for a mini storeroom to keep your business inventory, cars, seasonal items, recreational equipment, antiques, collectibles, office equipment, electronics, extra furniture, or any other such thing, make sure that the facility is thoroughly surrounded by high, top quality fencing. The fencing must also be well maintained. Besides that, it is also very important for you to make sure that both the inside and the outside of the storeroom building are well lit. The lighting system must be in a very good condition too. 

    Unit Lock 

    When you rent a storing unit, you also need to supply your own lock for added security to the goods stored. You are strongly recommended to invest wisely in a high quality lock. You can keep the key with you, but the facilities usually also provide you the option to keep a duplicate key with the facility staff. The duplicate key system for self storage spaces can be advantageous in several situations, such as when your original key is lost or when you are outstation and want someone to get something stored in your unit. 

    Keypad Entry System

    The keypad entry system is also very common. As per this system, the customers get an access code. You need to enter that code using the keypad. If the code is correct, the gate will open for you. If you enter the wrong code, you will not be able to access your unit. Besides that, the keypad system only works within the set operating hours. 
    Video Surveillance

    A good facility must have at least one security camera installed at the main gate. However, most storeroom buildings usually have more than a dozen cameras installed at different spots in the building. Some self storage spaces also keep a record of the individuals who used the keypad entry system to exit or enter the facility. Earlier, VCR tapes were used for this purpose, but now digital technique is used. The digital video surveillance provides a better picture quality.

    Manager On Site

    There are many storerooms where the staff members, owners, or property managers live on site. It is important for you to keep in mind that they are there to provide an additional level of security. However, just because a few individuals are living in those buildings, it does not necessarily mean that your belongings are thoroughly secured. So, make sure that other security features are also available.   

    Some self storage spaces also appoint a manager on duty. It means a staff member will always be present at the facility whenever you want to access your unit.

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  • Before You Select A Self Storage Space
    By admin on March 6, 2009 | 138 Comments138 Comments  Comments

    A self storage space is a paid area that is used for storing articles. Many firms provide areas for storing articles. There are different types of storehouses. Some of them are big and others are small. People hire storehouses of different types and sizes depending upon their requirements. Before selecting a storehouse one should take care of certain factors like these. 

    • The storehouse should be conveniently located. Storehouses that are located far away will be difficult to access. If the items are to be accessed frequently it is better to hire storehouses that are located nearby. If the items are accessed rarely then one can afford to place items in a remotely located storehouse.
    • Before hiring a self storage space one should have a clear idea of the amount of area that he would actually require for accommodating all his articles. If he does not have an accurate estimate, he might end up hiring an area that is too big or too small. By hiring areas that are too big one might end up paying for extra unused place. An area that is too small may not be able to accommodate all the articles that need to be stored. One should take the advice of storehouse experts if he is not able to assess his storehouse requirements accurately.

     Regardless of the size of the hired storehouse, it is important to pack the area in a well organized manner. All the available area should be utilized efficiently. There is no point in hiring a very small self storage space and packing it up to the ceiling, or hiring a very big storing area and leaving a significant portion of it unused. The purpose should be to pack the maximum number of items in a given area in a well organized manner. While packing articles in a storehouse walkways should be left in between rows of items as this will ensure easy accessibility of each and every article placed in the storehouse.

    •  Accessibility timings are very important determinants for selecting a storehouse. Many firms keep their storehouses open for twenty four hour accessibility but many firms have restrictions too. The self storage space should be accessible at a convenient time for the tenant. Otherwise it will become difficult for the tenant of the storehouse to visit the storehouse and handle his belongings. There are some firms that allow one to access storehouses even after the normal hours of access by charging a special fee for that.
    • Security is another feature that should be considered before selecting a storehouse. If one wants to store valuable items he should always opt for storehouses with the latest security features.
    • The self storage space should have special amenities like weather protection and environmental regulation if it is located in a place where there are temperature and humidity extremes. Wooden and metallic furniture when kept in storehouses without environmental regulation will get damaged when exposed to temperature and humidity extremes.
    • The storehouse should be located in an area that is well connected with the rest of the city or town in which it is situated. There are storehouses that are located on highways too but only people who travel in the outskirts of cities can access them easily while those located in the heart of the city cannot.


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  • Hire Self Storage Spaces
    By admin on January 24, 2009 | 198 Comments198 Comments  Comments

    Self storage spaces are places that people hire to store their articles. Some people store items for long periods of time while others store them for short periods of time. Usually people who relocate from one place to another hire the storerooms on a permanent basis while people who are in lack of place in their new homes for storing some extra articles hire the storehouses on a temporary basis till they settle down in their houses and make place for these items in their homes itself. There are many other reasons for hiring paid storehouses and the duration of time they hire for depends upon their personal requirements.

    Items should not be shoved haphazardly into self storage spaces but arranged in a well organized manner in them. These spaces should be accessed easily and the items should be so arranged that accessing each and every item should be fast and convenient. Paid storehouses are hired basically to free up the household or office area from extra clutter. While arranging items in the storehouse one should always try to use the entire available area in the best possible manner. For that one should plan beforehand the best possible way of organizing the items.

    Before packing one should always plan out the items that need to be stored in boxes. It is better to store most of the household articles in boxes and seal the containers, especially delicate items like glassware and antiques should compulsorily be packed in boxes. The boxes containing delicate items should not be stacked as they cannot withstand the extra pressure of weights over them. In self storage spaces only those boxes that contain heavy items should be stacked on the bottom for quality assurance that your things will be safe.

    The boxes that are expected to be accessed less frequently should be placed in the remote corners of the storehouse. Those boxes that are expected to be accessed more frequently should be kept in the front side of the storehouses for easy accessibility. Stacking should be done according to the weight of the stacked boxes. Heavier boxes should be placed at the bottom while lighter boxes should be placed on the top of the stack. Items that are of abnormal shapes and sizes cannot be packed in boxes. While stacking one needs to understand the best ways to arrange these items.

    The self storage spaces should be slightly larger than the size that is required to fit in the articles exactly. One might not want to pay for some extra area but it is always better to arrange the articles with some place in between them so that people can move about freely in between them. This makes accessing the items convenient and fast. Moreover, if one wants to store some more items later on, there will be place readily available for that.

    If one does not know the size of the storehouse that is exactly appropriate for his choice he can always take the advice from storehouse experts and consultants. By coming to know the number, type and sizes of the articles that one needs to store, they can give an accurate estimate of the self storage spaces that are most suited for fulfilling his necessities. There are software applications also that will help out in determining the storehouses of the correct dimensions. While arranging items in storehouses one needs to concentrate on utilizing each and every bit of place available. 

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